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LPG Myths vs Reality

In recent years, India’s energy mix has transitioned drastically from being dependent on solid fossil fuels to cleaner energy. One such adoption is LPG gas. From cooking in households to utilisation of LPG in commercial and industrial needs, it has been established as a cleaner alternative to traditional fuels. The striking characteristics of LPG are […]

LPG gas storage and handling

Things to Keep in Mind For Storage and Handling of LPG Gas Cylinder

LPG has conveniently entered in residential, industrial and commercial sectors. This versatile fuel has high calorific value and has no residual burning making it a reliable fuel in the HoReCa sector, laundry business, metal melting, agriculture sector and many other sectors. As the application of LPG continues to grow in commercial and especially in the […]

Electricity vs. LPG

Cooking Technology: Can Electricity Replace LPG Gas? A Comprehensive insight

In recent years, the debate for cooking technology has gained momentum, with proponents advocating electric stoves replacing LPG. But is it true? And is it the right thing to do? Well here is a comprehensive insight from Shivgas considering the full spectrum of factors before making the switch. Understanding the differences between LPG vs Electric […]

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Know About The Ins and Outs of LPG Gas Detection in Factory

LPG or liquified petroleum gas, is a versatile and globally used fuel that consists of butane and propane. It is a flammable hydrocarbon gas liquefied by putting pressure for ease of storage, use and transport. LPG is widely derived from petroleum refining and gas processing. Its prevalent use in factories is for heating applications, industrial […]

LPG gas dealership

Becoming an LPG Gas Dealer: Steps to Success

Can you start your own LPG gas dealership easily? The answer is yes you can, but with the help of some steps. With the experience of 30 years in the LPG industry, Shivgas has come a long way while keeping our motto and vision intact. We highly look up to sustainable living and the betterment […]

LPG Gas Booking | Shivgas

Stay Ahead of the Feast: Festive Season LPG Gas Booking Tips

The festive season brings enormous joy, togetherness and of course a table with brimming delicacies. From Samosas to Sweets, festive parties are not lit if the right taste is not added, but in these celebrations, we often overlook the essential element that fuels the culinary endeavours- LPG gas. Whether you are cooking a feast for […]

Greenhouse Gas | Shivgas

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions with SHIVGAS for a Cleaner Tomorrow

Taking precautionary measures to protect our environment is the need of the hour as our planet is on red alert. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions can lead us towards a more sustainable future. In this post, let us discuss how a gas agency like SHIVGAS is taking remarkable steps to curtail toxic gas emissions. At a […]

Gas Appliance Maintenance | Shivgas

Top Tips for Gas Appliance Maintenance: Ensuring Safety and Efficiency

In the effort to ensure carbon-zero emissions, LPG is the key to the transition. The liquified petroleum gas contains butane and propane, which are the by-products released during the processing and refining of crude oil. As propane and butane are non-toxic gases and have clean burning, it makes LPG, a versatile fuel for light, medium […]

Government vs Private LPG Gas | Shivgas

Government vs Private LPG Gas Agencies: Which One is Better?

In recent years, the Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) industry has played a significant role in facilitating the transition to a more sustainable future for India’s energy mix. As the demand for LPG continues to grow, consumers are faced with the decision of choosing between government gas agencies and private LPG gas dealerships. Although both options […]

Gas Stove Problems | Shivgas

3 Common Gas Stove Problems And Ideas How To Fix It

Whether you are using the built-in stove top or store-bought gas stop, it is one of the most essential appliances in a kitchen, and any issue with a gas stove can cause panic, why not you will be unable to cook, or worse it can lead to leakage of gas. So, it is important to […]


Commercial Safety Tips For LPG Gas At Hotels, Restaurants, And Catering Businesses

Paying attention to do’s and don’ts is the first step towards safety checks at hotels and restaurants. Hotels and restaurants are always filled with staff and consumer coming there to eat, hence safety check is a crucial factor in running a smooth business. Private gas agencies conduct safety training for staff and workers, so they […]


Why LPG Is Better Choice Than CNG?

As the government and people are transitioning towards cleaner fuels, they are either choosing LPG or CNG. But according to reports LPG is a much better choice than CNG or natural gas. Why is that? Let’s find out in the blog If we go by definition, LPG stands for “Liquified petroleum gas“, while CNG stands […]

Benefits of LPG Gas in Industries | LPG Gas Agency - SHIVGAS

What Is The Role Of LPG Gas In Shaping The Energy Transition?

LPG gas or liquefied petroleum gas is set to increase in usage in upcoming years as it will be “the bridging fuel” along with natural gas to create a sustainable global energy system. The energy resource on which we are dependent is transient, as it comes from finite and non-renewable resources. This is why, the […]

LPG Gas Installation Rules | Gas Agency West Bengal | SHIVGAS

What Are the Rules You Must Know Before LPG Gas Installed?

India is the second largest consumer of LPG gas, from households to industries LPG is ubiquitous in every sector. Ministry of Commerce and Industries, and OISD-162 for restricted circulation only safety in installation and maintenance of LPG cylinder manifold has some guidelines regarding safety tips and installation process to prevent the hazardous incident. According to […]

Home Sustainable With LPG Powered Appliances | LPG Gas Agency in West Bengal

How To Make Your Home Sustainable With LPG Powered Appliances

The creation of a sustainable home contributes to the improvement of the environment. LPG GAS allows for building a sustainable home, that conserves energy and decreases the dependency on solid fossil fuels. Today, if you want to  make home sustainable, you can pick LPG gas agency like SHIVGAS, to for installation of LPG powered appliance. […]

LPG Gas | Powering India's Agriculture Sector

LPG, Powering India's Agriculture Sector!

The use of LPG gas in the agricultural sector is not new, and it is certainly increasing. LPG gas is beneficial in keeping the farms operating and reducing the operation cost of farms. The LPG gas agency and gas agency dealership ensure to provide low-cost commercial gas cylinders. India is an agrarian economy with a […]

Private LPG Gas Agency

LPG Gas: A Revolution In Textile and Handloom Industry

The handloom and textile industries of India are around 5000 years old! But the methods have changed a lot from olden times, and one of them is the adaptability of LPG gas. The LPG gas company in India plays a vital role in improving the working condition and efficiency of the handloom industry. The domestic […]

LPG Gas Companies in India | SHIVGAS

How SHIVGAS is Fuelling India's Increasing Dependency on LPG Gas?

Today, LPG gas is in use almost in every household. The cost, safety, and clean fuel have become a reliable energy source for cooking, running the heater, and even other appliances. According to data received from LPG Gas Company in India, the demand for LPG is projected to rise 34% up to 2025. This shows […]

Cooking LPG Gas | Domestic LPG and Commercial LPG

Why Rural India Should Inch Towards Cooking LPG Gas?

According to reports, 40% of the poor rural global population rely on traditional fuels for cooking which has pernicious social, economic, environmental, and health outcomes. In the 2014-2015 ACCESS survey, it is found that the use of Cooking LPG Gas remains poor. Most households rely on biomass, coal, dung, and wood to address daily cooking […]


Is It Better To Switch From Diesel To LPG?

We cannot stop the use of fossil fuels, but we can shift to cleaner fuels, that is LPG Gas for the automobile. The forerunners are petrol/diesel in the auto industry, however, LPG is becoming the next big thing for the automobile industry as most auto companies or governments are inclining towards cleaner energy. LPG has […]