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Role Of LPG Gas In The Healthcare Sector

The Healthcare sector is just like any other commercial sector, where hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry use LPG gas for a range of applications. High calorific value and ease of installation are some of the several benefits of LPG gas that make it the right choice for rigorous application. One can procure LPG gas from […]

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Facts You Must Know For Auto LPG Cylinder Testing

The catastrophic future that upholds due to global warming and glacier melting is known to everyone. Auto LPG gas is a step toward a greener and more sustainable future. In the process of transitioning from diesel or petrol to Auto LPG, it is important to be aware of LPG Autogas testing from your gas agency. […]

Hydrostatic Testing | LPG Cylinder | Gas Agency in Kolkata

Why Does LPG Cylinder Require Hydrostatic Testing?

With the rapid increase in the usage of LPG cylinder, many LPG gas agency West Bengal is considering hydrostatic testing for quality check. As per Indian Standard IS 3196, part1, there are several tests mentioned in IS 3196, which every organization needs to be conducted on LPG cylinders before introducing them to the market. Among […]

Industrial Uses of LPG Cylinder | Biscuit Baking Industry

How LPG Is Benefitting The Biscuit Baking Industry?

Biscuit baking is an industry that depends completely on LPG for the manufacturing process. So, if you are in the biscuit industry, this blog is an apt read for you! Life before biscuit was without crunch, it is the delicacy that people of every age group love! The process that is involved in biscuit manufacturing […]

Know LPG Cylinders Expiry Date | SHIVGAS

How To Check Your Gas Cylinder Expiry Date

Gas Cylinder Expiration Date: Do you know LPG cylinders have an expiry date? Experts advise stopping the use of the cylinder once this date has been crossed. Well, the technical term as the LPG companies in India say, is the resetting date which many consumers call the expiry date. If you are unaware of the […]

An LPG Cylinder In A Horizontal Position Safe | LPG Gas Agency

Is Keeping An LPG Cylinder In A Horizontal Position Safe?

Are you aware many people in two-tier cities and in villages keep the LPG cylinder in a horizontal position when it is about to get empty? Albeit it has no returning profit, this raises a concern on safety protocols, is it safe to keep the cylinder in a horizontal position? The gas in the LPG […]