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With a wealth of 30 years of experience in the LPG industry, SHIVGAS has stood out to be one of the best private LPG gas companies in India. We ensure to provide unmatched services and innovative solutions as per the needs of our customers. LPG being a clean fuel that burns with a blue smokeless flame ensures sustainable operation in the industrial, commercial, and domestic sectors.


Private Gas Company, LPG GAS Suppliers
Private Gas Company, LPG GAS Suppliers
Private Gas Company, LPG GAS Suppliers

Our Motto

It’s no secret that timeliness in customer service is quite important to keep the customers satisfied and associated with the company. Being one of the best private LPG gas companies in India, we firmly believe that that there is no service if it is not a timely service. We make sure that the customers don’t lose time through a lack of information or lag in customer service responsiveness. Our 30 years of expertise & our motto of quality & quantity meet right at the customer satisfaction benchmark.


Our Vision

It is needless to mention the fact that there are multiple benefits such as reduced climate change impact, reduced air pollution, improved health, etc. Our Vision is to offer efficient energy solutions keeping in mind Mother Earth, its citizens & their future generations, thereby offering LPG in a sustainable manner.



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In the early 2000s, SHIVGAS started the journey by introducing of 4.5 kg, 8.5 kg, 12 kg, 13.5 kg, and 15 kg and 33Kg VOT cylinders


The year embarked on the introduction of  33 kg LOT cylinders, which is mostly used for industrial purposes.


We introduced a 17KG cylinder, which catered to small-scale industries, commercial needs, and domestic purposes. The cylinder is easier to store and serves the masses’ diverse needs.


We introduced a new cylinder of 21 kg for all consumer segments. The affordable cylinder is easily available from the nearest gas agency dealership.


Our client and consumer base is grown in districts like Asansol, Bardhman, Kharagpur, and Purulia in West Bengal.

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