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Maximising Construction Efficiency with LPG Fuel

What is one of the most significant parameters of development in a country? Well, construction it is. Not only does construction improve the general living standards but also accounts for a vast majority of employment. Construction is an essential industry that drives economic growth and development worldwide. However, the process may not always benefit the […]

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Is LPG The Future Fuel For Marine Industry?

Will it be a shocker if we told you that the fuel that powers household kitchens is now likely to power large water vessels? Well, that’s the possible future. Liquified Petroleum Gas or LPG is emerging as the best alternative fuel for several industries including marine. But why do we need an alternative fuel for […]

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LPG Testing: Can You Detect Leaks With Soapy Water Test?

Gas cylinders are one of the most common objects in kitchens. Found across Indian households, LPG gas is primarily used for cooking purposes. And now, with the widening scope of the industry, LPG gas is being used in commercial spaces as well as industries. Although LPG is a safe fuel source, it is still flammable. […]