Rules for LPG Gas Installation - Aus

What Are the Rules You Must Know Before LPG Gas Installed?

India is the second largest consumer of LPG gas, from households to industries LPG is ubiquitous in every sector. Ministry of Commerce and Industries, and OISD-162 for restricted circulation only safety in installation and maintenance of LPG cylinder manifold has some guidelines regarding safety tips and installation process to prevent the hazardous incident. According to

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LPG Powered Appliances

How To Make Your Home Sustainable With LPG Powered Appliances

The creation of a sustainable home contributes to the improvement of the environment. LPG GAS allows for building a sustainable home, that conserves energy and decreases the dependency on solid fossil fuels. Today, if you want to  make home sustainable, you can pick LPG gas agency like SHIVGAS, to for installation of LPG powered appliance.

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License For LPG Installation | SHIVGAS

Do Industries Require License For LPG Installation?

Since the liberalization and deregulation of the Indian economy in 1991, industries are exempt from obtaining an industrial license to start manufacturing in India. The growth of industries in India has led to a revolution in the economy and made-in-India products. To overcome the growing pollution through industries, the government has advised them to use

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Does LPG Cylinder Require Hydrostatic Testing - SHIVGAS

Why Does LPG Cylinder Require Hydrostatic Testing?

With the rapid increase in the usage of LPG cylinder, many LPG gas agency West Bengal is considering hydrostatic testing for quality check. As per Indian Standard IS 3196, part1, there are several tests mentioned in IS 3196, which every organization needs to be conducted on LPG cylinders before introducing them to the market. Among

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LPG is an Efficient Source for Steam Generation

How LPG is an Efficient Source for Steam Generation?

To fuel large steam boilers in industries, it is important to have high heat generating fuel. LPG Gas is the right choice for manufacturing industries to fuel the need for running the steam boilers without stoppage. Steam is an integral part of manufacturing and process industries all over the world. In the manufacturing sector, steam

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How LPG Is Benefitting The Biscuit Baking Industry

How LPG Is Benefitting The Biscuit Baking Industry?

Biscuit baking is an industry that depends completely on LPG for the manufacturing process. So, if you are in the biscuit industry, this blog is an apt read for you! Life before biscuit was without crunch, it is the delicacy that people of every age group love! The process that is involved in biscuit manufacturing

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