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Gas Agency | Private Gas Companies

Benefit of Investing in LPG Gas Agency in 2023

The demand for LPG for domestic, commercial, and industrial applications is rising. A clean and safe fuel source, LPG is preferred across industries for the host of advantages they offer. This is clearly reflected in the latest market trends that show — the LPG sector is expected to swell by leaps and bounds. The projected […]

Gas Agency Dealership

LPG in HoReCa: Profitise Commercial Business With SHIVGAS LPG

The HoReCa sector is a booming industry that heavily depends on gas for running more than one function. The sector uses LPG as a source of energy for various purposes. Starting with the preparation of food in commercial kitchens to heating water in hotels and motels – the function of LPG is omnipresent in this […]

LPG In Industries: Difference between LPG and HSD | LPG Gas Agency Dealership

LPG In Industries: Difference Between LPG and HSD

Industries have a wide range of applications for gases that include construction, heating, and other carrying out other production functions. Industries operate on certain key considerations including efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability. Today, Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) is chosen over High-Speed Diesel (HSD) for many of the advantages they are able to cater to. With the […]