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Know How to Take LPG Gas Agency Dealership

Looking for LPG Gas Agency Dealership? In this ever-growing demand for franchises, SHIVGAS, the leading private gas company in West Bengal is inviting individuals for gas agency dealerships with entrepreneurial skills. The LPG gas franchise options are available for domestic (Domestic LPG) and commercial segments (Commercial LPG).

Our expert team will provide full-fledged assistance so you can thrive in sales and marketing. As an LPG gas company, we assist in safety and training programs for LPG dealerships so you can progress with our partnership.

LPG Gas Dealership With Shivgas

Endeavour in the journey of stable and profitable business with Shivgas LPG gas dealership opportunity.

Join us in the journey to create a sustainable environment for the future by choosing LPG. Become the bridge between manufacturer and end-consumer by becoming our company’s “vitrak” or LPG gas distributor. We provide sustainable propane-rich LPG for industrial, commercial and domestic segments. 

Gas Agency Dealership | Design Shape LPG Gas Agency Dealership | Blue Design Shape
LPG Gas Dealership

Eligibility Criteria for LPG Gas Agency Distributorship

The eligibility criteria are suggestive only not mandatory

  • Should be a local resident with a wide business contact
  • Should be financially sound and willing to invest in the business
  • For Cylinders: Rs. 20-25* Lakhs (excluding land)
  • Should be able to devote full time and energy to this business
  • Preferably a graduate from a known university
  • Prior business experience is preferable

Existing business interests as below are an added advantage:

  • Association with Hotels-Restaurants-Caterers
  • Presence in retailing, FMCG, industrial gases, mineral water, soft beverages, etc

Benefits of Taking SHIVGAS Franchisee

  • It has been of the most renowned LPG gas agencies for 30 years
  • Trusted and reliable, one of the leading private gas agencies in India
  • Proactive business growth, highly efficient infrastructure, and dedicated team
  • Taking an LPG gas agency dealership from a top private LPG gas company like SHIVGAS provides you with a support team that helps in selling, branding to lead the business
  • Workshop and training for staff, customers, delivery salesperson, and franchise partners. It has a strong network
  • SHIVGAS ensures timely supply and safety
Gas Agency Dealership | Design Shape LPG Gas Agency Dealership | Blue Design Shape
LPG Gas Dealership


What are the requirements for becoming a Shivgas LPG gas agency dealership?

The eligibility criteria for Shivgas LPG gas dealership is that one must be a local resident of India, and also the location where they are applying. LPG dealerships need initial investment, which is why a financially sound individual who has the ability to invest in a business is preferable. Additionally, ownership of land and 10+2 qualification from any recognised university is recommended.

How much does it cost to start a Shivgas LPG Gas agency dealership?

The cost of starting a Shivgas LPG gas dealership varies depending on the size and location of the dealership. However, the initial investment can be anywhere from 20-25 Lakh INR is required.

What kind of support does Shivgas provide to its dealers?

Shivgas is a leading private LPG gas company that helps set up your dealership and provides support in each step of the process. Our support extends to training on all aspects of the business, and assistance with obtaining the necessary licenses and permits. Shivgas provides complete assistance and support in the promotion and marketing of the dealership, along with after-sales support to the customers.

What are the benefits of becoming a Shivgas LPG gas agency dealer?

With Shivgas you get brand recognition, a steady stream of income, and assistance and support to grow your dealership.

How can I apply for an LPG distributorship?

Fill out the Form to learn how you can become a partner with SHIVGAS and start a profitable and sustainable business in the LPG industry.