33 KG Industrial LPG Gas Cylinder

The 33KG LPG gas cylinder from SHIVGAS is widely used as an industrial LPG gas cylinder as it is ideal for industries to efficiently meet high production needs. With the SHIVGAS 33 KG LPG Cylinder, you can serve more customers efficiently and keep them happy. Needless to mention, it is durable, lasts longer, and is easy to obtain.

For a cleaner, safer, and most efficient usage of fuel, convert to SHIVGAS LPG for your manufacturing and processing units. Choose SHIVGAS for the smooth functioning of your business; let us take care of your LPG needs. With our timely service, we ensure that your customers come back again with a smiling faces.

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33 KG Liquid Off Take (LOT) Gas Cylinder

33 KG Liquid Off Take (LOT) Gas Cylinder

SHIV GAS 33 KG Liquid Off Take (LOT) Gas Cylinder provides flexibility and saves.