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LPG for Commercial

LPG is commercially used in HoReCa Sector. HoReCa is a syllabic abbreviation of Hotel/Restaurant/Cafe, and the industry uses LPG for various applications. Whether you are relishing dinner at a restaurant, having spicy food at a hotel, or grabbing a quick bite at the cafe, LPG is undoubtedly the best cooking fuel.

SHIVGAS commits to the transition to net zero by offering propane-rich LPG, quick and hassle-free service, and an easy onboarding process. We are committed to working for commercial businesses and supporting services in conjecture with a balance of quality, quantity, and affordability.

Our Commercial LPG cylinder sizes  include:

  • 17Kg
  • 21Kg

21 KG LPG Gas Cylinder

21 KG LPG Gas Cylinder

Ideal for large hotels, restaurants, and small factories, the 21 KG commercial LPG...

17 KG LPG Gas Cylinder

To start with, the 17 KG commercial LPG gas cylinder from SHIVGAS is durable.