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Industrial LPG by SHIVGAS

LPG for Industrial

LPG helps in fueling industries for applications like metal melting, powder coating, heat treatment, steam generation, crop dying, weed flaming, etc. LPG caters to the demand of small, medium size, and large manufacturing facilities for a range of applications. We take interest in your energy requirements and provide the right energy solutions that extend beyond ordinary consumption.

Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) is cost-efficient, and safe making it a reliable choice for industries. SHIVGAS not only provides energy solutions for versatile applications in industries but also provides technical support during installation and after installation.

Our Industrial cylinder sizes include:

  • 33Kg LOT
  • 33Kg VOT
  • 425Kg




425 KG LPG

The 425 KG LPG cylinder by SHIVGAS is ideal for industrial applications where there is a constant requirement for gas supply.

33 KG Liquid Off Take (LOT) Gas Cylinder

33 KG Liquid Off Take (LOT) Gas Cylinder

SHIV GAS 33 KG Liquid Off Take (LOT) Gas Cylinder provides flexibility and saves.

33 KG LPG Industrial LPG Gas Cylinder by SHIVGAS

33 KG Industrial LPG Gas Cylinder

The 33KG LPG gas cylinder from SHIVGAS is widely used as an industrial LPG gas.