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How To Make Your Home Sustainable With LPG Powered Appliances

The creation of a sustainable home contributes to the improvement of the environment. LPG GAS allows for building a sustainable home, that conserves energy and decreases the dependency on solid fossil fuels. Today, if you want to  make home sustainable, you can pick LPG gas agency like SHIVGAS, to for installation of LPG powered appliance.

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Does LPG Cylinder Require Hydrostatic Testing - SHIVGAS

Why Does LPG Cylinder Require Hydrostatic Testing?

With the rapid increase in the usage of LPG cylinder, many LPG gas agency West Bengal is considering hydrostatic testing for quality check. As per Indian Standard IS 3196, part1, there are several tests mentioned in IS 3196, which every organization needs to be conducted on LPG cylinders before introducing them to the market. Among

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