10 Best Ways to Save LPG Gas While Cooking

How to save LPG gas? If you are concerned with the recent spike in the price of LPG gas then read along as we are here to help you.

The government has put a number on how many subsidized cylinders you can get in a year, which means if you exceed the number, the price can put a burn in your pocket. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of care" goes the cliche, so it's good to adopt some preventive measures for conserving your domestic LPG so it does not take a toll on your monthly expenses.

10 Ways To Save LPG Gas While Cooking

  • Lookout For Leakage

Checking the cylinder at regular intervals is the best way to make sure that there is no amount of gas wasted in any way. Small leaks sometimes get unnoticed but this adds up in your financial budget. To prevent this you should turn off the regulator knob when not in use.

  • Wipe Utensils Before Use

Want to save LPG gas in your home? then, wipe the utensils before you put them on a gas stove. Sometimes utensils have some water droplet that consumes more gas for evaporating. Wiping the utensil before use stops apparent wastage of gas.

  • Do Not Overcook

A large number of cooks do multitask while cooking, which leads to overcooking of food. Keep checking your food, or take note of the time for the dish to be cooked to avoid overcooking.

  • Use Pan That Completely Covers The Stovetop

Instead of a round or oval-shaped utensil use flat-bottom pans. Using flat bottom keeps the flame intact on the surface hence reducing the wastage of gas.

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  •  Reduce The Heat As Much As Possible

Some cooks have a habit of cooking on high flame all the time. Instead, trying to reduce the heat as much as possible can save a significant amount of gas. For instance, if water starts boiling at 100°C then heating the pan in high flame after that will not make the pan hotter rather it will waste the gas.

  • Use Water Moderately

Most people do not measure the amount of water needed to cook. When it becomes too soupy they waste gas to evaporate the unrequited amount of water. Adding a little amount of water at a time can save time and gas consumption.

  • Keep All Raw Materials Collected Before Cooking

Keeping all raw materials stacked in the cooking space can save a lot of gas consumption. Instead hunting for spices while keeping the burner on the flame can lead to LPG gas wastage. It is useful to keep all raw materials stored in one place before you start to cook.

  •  Keep The Stove Burner Clean

During full combustion, the burner emits bright blue color while the sign of incomplete combustion is a yellow or orange flame. An uncleaned burner can lead to partial combustion hence it requires more gas to heat the pan. Open the burner and clean it thoroughly for proper combustion.

  • Store Boiled Water In Thermos Flask

Instead of boiling the water again and again you can boil it once and keep it thermos flask. Use a water filter or purifier instead of boiling water for drinking or cooking purposes.

  • Use A Pressure Cooker

A pressurized cooker cooks food in lesser time than open vessels. Instead of cooking openly use a pressure cooker for speed cooking. Pressure cookers use only 50-70% of the energy as conventional cooking on open vessels.


Hope this article will help you save on LPG gas consumption at home. If you want a reasonable price for LPG gas then contact SHIVGAS,  we offer cost-effective prices for LPG gas cylinders.

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