• Maximising Construction Efficiency with LPG Fuel

    What is one of the most significant parameters of development in a country? Well, construction it is. Not only does construction improve the general living standards but also accounts for a vast majority of employment. Construction is an essential industry that drives economic growth and development worldwide.

    However, the process may not always benefit the environment. Hence, as the global pollution levels increase on one side, and the natural resources deplete— the efforts to manage and reduce the damage are of main priority. One of the main concerning aspects is the fuel that powers several levels of the construction process.

    Besides automotive solutions, emissions from construction sites are also one of the major contributors to growing pollution levels. However, that can change with a shift to Liquified Petroleum Gas or LPG as the choice of fuel. With the growing LPG gas agency dealerships in India, it is clear that the transition has already started. Here, let’s discover how LPG can be used to maximise efficiency in the construction sector.

    Advantages of Liquified Petroleum Gas

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    Improved Energy Efficiency

    Constructions involve long durations of operating times which can stretch up to 8-12 hours a day, for months at a time. Using traditional fuels such as gasoline, and diesel causes significantly higher levels of emissions when compared to LPG. It is because liquefied petroleum gas is a clean-burning fuel with a blue clear flame.

    Plus, construction companies or builders also benefit from the efficiency of the fuel. LPG offers much more energy when it burns than other conventional fuel options. Liquified Petroleum Gas ranks higher in fuel efficiency, which means that it can provide more power with less fuel. This results in lower fuel costs and increased energy efficiency.


    Shifting to LPG can reduce the added efforts of sourcing different fuels to power different construction equipment. LPG is a versatile fuel that can be used in a range of construction equipment, including generators, forklifts, and others.

    That’s not all—it can also be used to power heating systems, cooking appliances, and lighting fixtures on construction sites. The versatility of LPG makes it a practical and cost-effective fuel option for construction companies and builders.

    Cost Savings

    In addition to its environmental benefits, LPG can also provide cost savings for construction companies. If compared to other alternative fuel options, LPG is often cheaper. Plus, its higher energy efficiency means that less fuel is needed to power equipment, meaning it yields the best value for money. This results in lower fuel costs and reduced operating expenses—contributing to increased profitability for construction companies.

    Reduced Downtime

    Construction companies rely on equipment efficiency to complete projects on time and within budget. Downtime due to equipment failure can be costly and disruptive. Fortunately, LPG can help to reduce downtime by providing a reliable and consistent source of power.

    Unlike other fuels, LPG does not degrade over time. Hence, it can be stored for long periods without losing its quality. This reduces the risk of fuel-related equipment failures, besides ensuring that construction projects remain on track. Furthermore, the increasing number of LPG gas agency dealerships has made LPG easily available, at any place and anytime.

    Enhanced Safety

    There can be a lot of things that can go wrong at a construction site. Especially with fuels present in the periphery, it is important to ensure utmost safety. LPG can help to improve safety on construction sites. Compared to gasoline, diesel, or other fossil fuels, Liquified Petroleum Gas has a higher ignition temperature.

    How does that help because it ultimately burns, right? Yes, but it reduces the chances of accidental fires or explosions by a significant margin. Additionally, LPG tanks are designed to withstand high temperatures and pressures, reducing the risk of leaks.


    Since time and money are of prime importance at construction sites, Liquified Petroleum Gas is clearly emerging as one of the major game changers. While a certain percentage of the industry has already embraced this clean and sustainable fuel, it is only a matter of time before the rest understands LPG’s full potential in bringing together eco-friendly and sustainable together.

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  • Why Rural India Should Inch Towards Cooking LPG Gas?

    According to reports, 40% of the poor rural global population rely on traditional fuels for cooking which has pernicious social, economic, environmental, and health outcomes. In the 2014-2015 ACCESS survey, it is found that the use of Cooking LPG Gas remains poor.

    Most households rely on biomass, coal, dung, and wood to address daily cooking needs. Cooking with solid fossil fuels have serious health hazards, while tuberculosis and pulmonary respiratory diseases remain the most common health risk to women and children. There is enough evidence to prove clean fuels, as opposed to coal or wood-burning cookstoves in rural areas, are necessary to bring down air pollution at the standard recommended level by WHO.

    So, how’s the scenario?

    According to National Family Health Index Survey, West Bengal has 97% of LPG gas connections all over the state. However, this falls to around 40% in terms of usage. The reason behind this disparity is a lack of awareness, a lower number of dealerships that brings a gap in distribution, and a cost hike in subsidy.

    How We Help In Increasing The Use Of LPG in Rural Areas

    Effective Distribution

    LPG stacking is the primary obstacle in rural areas. This happens because the distribution network is not effective. People can’t get LPG gas on time as the amount of LPG is low and the cost of home delivery is high. To vanquish these factors SHIVGAS has an easy application process for LPG gas dealerships. It helps in the improved network, so people do not have to depend on stacking the cylinders.


    Lack of awareness impacts the use of LPG gas. Factors like who is cooking head, cultural and religious beliefs obstruct the use of LPG gas in rural areas. To counter that, SHIVGAS provides complete safety training and helps in spreading awareness among people about why it is important to use LPG.

    Cost Of Cylinder

    The hike in the price of the cylinder has negatively impacted the use of LPG in rural areas. The poor people come under the Ujjwala scheme, however, the middle class is hoping in between coal and LPG. That said, we at SHIVGAS provide a cost-efficient price on the domestic and commercial cylinders.

    Why LPG Adoption Is Important in Rural Areas?

    The burden of disease due to smoke has socio-economic and environmental effects. To decrease the risk of air pollution it is important to transition to cleaner fuels like LPG gas. The subsidy options like Ujjwala, by the Government of India, and the decrease in the cost of LPG subsidy for the poor have a positive impact on the adoption of LPG gas in rural areas.

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    Advantages of LPG gas

    Pollution Free

    Domestic LPG gas is not harmful to the environment. It is a cleaner fuel and does not emit greenhouse gases. While using LPG no smoke production reduces health issues like respiratory diseases and tuberculosis.

    No compromise on performance

    LPG has a high calorific value, this reduces the cost of using gas. Lowers the cooking time and helps in effective cooking.

    Healthier alternative 

    LPG gas does not emit soot, smoke, or particulate matter while burning. This has zero impact on health, it does not promote respiratory issues, which makes it a better alternative to coal or wood.


    Since solid fossil fuels and HAP affects one-third population, it is high time to focus on a single solution to bring HAP below the WHO standard for air pollution. SHIVGAS is helping in providing Domestic and commercial LPG gas cylinders at the best price to every corner of rural India to improve the socio-economic stature of people in rural India.

  • Is It Better To Switch From Diesel To LPG?

    We cannot stop the use of fossil fuels, but we can shift to cleaner fuels, that is LPG Gas for the automobile. The forerunners are petrol/diesel in the auto industry, however, LPG is becoming the next big thing for the automobile industry as most auto companies or governments are inclining towards cleaner energy. LPG has lesser emissions than diesel vehicles, it produces 96% less NOx than diesel and 68% less NOx than petrol.

    LPG Gas is extensively used for domestic fuel purposes, but the introduction of LPG vehicles can make a significant impact on the environment. Being a cleaner fuel, LPG does not produce particulate matter or soot in the air. LPG is recognized as better fuel all over the world and it is used by millions of people worldwide.

    A study published in The Lancet Planetary Health has some shocking findings on India’s air quality Index. There is evidence of the adverse effect of air pollution on health. Around 77% of India’s population is exposed to particulate matter air pollution. While the figures do paint a grim picture, change is the need of the hour, and immediate action is required for bringing improvement in the air quality standards. 

    Why LPG is Better than Diesel

    Less carbon emission

    One of the advantages of using LPG gas, it emits lesser harmful chemicals. LPG gas generates less amount of CO2, NOx, and sulfur into the air. It does not contribute much to air pollution. Moreover, LPG is non-toxic and free of tetra-ethyl lead additives.

    UN international panel has recognized LPG as efficient energy and a better alternative to petrol. It is not only a better alternative to petrol, but also it is even better than CNG.

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    No adulteration

    One of the biggest drawbacks of using petrol in vehicles is adulteration. Diesel is usually adulterated with kerosene which makes it more toxic during combustion and reduces its octane rating, the rating that measures how likely petroleum can self-ignite.

    If you ask could LPG be adulterated? It is almost impossible. It is transported across India in sealed cylinders directly from the filing plants, this ensures there are zero scopes of adulteration.

    Fuel Cost

    The rate of fuel is soaring high. Recently, the price of fuel has gone up to 100rupees per liter. To keep the vehicle and finance on track, LPG is a better alternative. In terms of the cost of fuel, LPG costs little more than half the price of petrol and diesel. This means you can go more miles per gallon. The average price of Auto LPG per year is less than the price of petrol.

    Comparison in Performance

    LPG is good for automobiles. It is a cleaner burner fuel and produces little residue and does not cause any harm to the fuel tank and does not damage the engine. It has a high octane value, it ignites faster implying no knocking for pre-ignition. LPG vehicle ignites faster even when the engine is completely cold.

    Lowers Maintenance Cost

    LPG gas is a cleaner fuel and does not leave any residue in the fuel tank, this reduces the need for servicing. LPG do not leave acid or carbon deposit in the engine. Moreover, LPG is corrosion-free fuel this is why it does not damage the engine, reducing the need for maintenance of the engine.

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    Diesel has a harmful effect on the environment, however, with Auto LPG it can be replaced. In this article we mentioned, why it is better to switch from diesel to LPG, now it’s your turn to take the step and bring change together for a healthier environment.

  • 6 Advantages Of Using LPG For Your Home

    Today, domestic LPG is the basic thing for every home needs. It’s possible to live without an Internet connection, but it is nearly impossible to live without an LPG cylinder. Being an affordable and excellent cooking solution, you can find LPG cylinders in every home. Besides this, there are a bunch of other benefits that come with opting for domestic LPG. But before we unwind the plethora of benefits related to LPG connection, you need to pay close attention to the safety measures too. Please choose the right LPG dealer so that you can rest assured that your health and property are safe from the damages related to it.

    Here are a few benefits related to choosing SHIVGAS for domestic LPG

    Easy To Handle

    The instant-on and off knobs attached will help you to easily handle the flames while cooking. Meaning, you can easily increase or decrease the intensity of blue flames as per your cooking requirements. With the help of a twisting knob, you can alter the intensity of the visible blue flame in domestic LPG.

    Cook Faster

    Another great benefit associated with domestic LPG is that you can cook faster and better with it. This energy-rich fuel is known to have a high calorific or heating value. Additionally, LPG is known to be a more competitive option than natural gas or coal, making it highly efficient for cooking.

    Low Heat Emission

    Domestic LPG stoves are known to emit little or no heat, keeping the overall temperature of the kitchen unaffected. As compared to other cooking devices, LPG is a great option to generate clean power. Lower carbon emissions, zero spills, and less sulfur content present in the LPG gas make it a safer and cleaner option for homes.

    Eco-friendly Option

    In comparison to other cooking devices, domestic LPG is known to be a more environmentally friendly solution. Due to the least greenhouse gas emissions, LPG is a great way to minimize the emissions of carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur emissions to the atmosphere. It can highly lessen environmental pollution and can give humans a great environment to live in. What’s more, LPG is a way to reduce approximately 70% of greenhouse gas emissions.

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    Clean & Safe

    LPG is a safe and convenient option. You don’t have to free up extra space in your kitchen to store it. Just a little space would be sufficient to safely store your domestic LPG. Additionally, it leaves no signs of ash, soot, or smoke, giving your kitchen a healthy atmosphere. Without any hassle or inconvenience, LPG can give you a perfect cooking experience.

    Less Maintenance

    Domestic LPG requires zero to no maintenance. Thus you can save some great bucks by avoiding heavy maintenance costs. Although it is an economical fuel yet, you need to take precautions while storing and using it. First of all, you need to call a trusted dealer and get your hands on the right LPG. Secondly, you need to go for periodic tests and measures to ensure that the cylinder is safe and secure for your home.

    Final Thoughts

    There is no doubt that domestic LPG is increasing in popularity, yet you need to be keener while choosing the LPG supplier. Thorough research beforehand will help to avoid future mishaps. SHIVGAS is the pioneer in the LPG gas supplying industry. If you’re looking to get your hands on the safe LPG gas supply, you’re free to contact them. Being an authorized private gas agency, they will ensure that the supply is adequately installed to avoid future risks associated with it.