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Managing LPG Dealership: Do’s and Dont’s

LPG dealership is a very profitable opportunity for all. Requiring precise planning, well-thought-out decision making and strict compliance with prescribed industry protocols, starting an LPG dealership is easier and more lucrative than poking your head into other businesses.  Due to being the stand-out fuel in all industries, LPG is extensively used: it certainly has the […]

LPG Beyond Cooking and Heating

Roles of LPG Beyond Cooking and Heating

LPG, also known as liquefied petroleum gas, has become a sustainable energy source and a credible alternative to fossil fuels. One myth that many people have is that they limit LPG to cooking and heating. However, this fuel, due to its incredible features and characteristics, has become a versatile solution today, offering solutions in a […]

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LPG Myths vs Reality

In recent years, India’s energy mix has transitioned drastically from being dependent on solid fossil fuels to cleaner energy. One such adoption is LPG gas. From cooking in households to utilisation of LPG in commercial and industrial needs, it has been established as a cleaner alternative to traditional fuels. The striking characteristics of LPG are […]

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Why Does Liquefied Petroleum Gas Freeze?

A widely used source for energy, LPG is known for both its efficiency and versatility. Renowned due to its precise temperature control, LPG supplies heat evenly and immediately for all industrial and household purposes better than petrol or any other fuel oil.  However, despite being an unadulterated fuel that has no scope for spilling, contamination […]

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Benefit of Investing in LPG Gas Agency in 2023

The demand for LPG for domestic, commercial, and industrial applications is rising. A clean and safe fuel source, LPG is preferred across industries for the host of advantages they offer. This is clearly reflected in the latest market trends that show — the LPG sector is expected to swell by leaps and bounds. The projected […]

Commercial LPG | LPG Preferred in Restaurants

Why is LPG Preferred in Restaurants?

Globally, over a million people use LPG as a fuel for commercial use, as it is the most reliable fuel. Any restaurant business needs to ensure foods are prepared quickly, that taste delicious, and do not put a hole in the owner’s pocket. Private LPG gas agency help in providing commercial LPG cylinders to restaurants […]

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LPG, Is a Phenomenal Solution For Agricultural Crop Drying

LPG helps in meeting the challenges of the agricultural sector and helps the farmers to stay updated in this competitive market. Private gas agencies across the nation are helping out farmers in bringing efficiency to the agricultural sector. The agricultural industry is heavily dependent on traditional fossil fuels for crop harvesting, spraying fertilizer, crop drying, […]

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How LPG is an Efficient Source for Steam Generation?

To fuel large steam boilers in industries, it is important to have high heat generating fuel. LPG Gas is the right choice for manufacturing industries to fuel the need for running the steam boilers without stoppage. Steam is an integral part of manufacturing and process industries all over the world. In the manufacturing sector, steam […]

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LPG Is An Efficient Versatile Energy Source for Hotels and Restaurants

Before opening a hotel or restaurant one always searches for an LPG gas agency or ‘private LPG gas agency near me’. Hotel or Restaurants solely depends on the hospitability of consumers by providing quick customized services. Yes, we agree there are other factors too such as aesthetics, quality service, and operational efficiency, but if the […]


Key Differences Between LPG And LNG

Today, we are shifting towards the alternative of traditional fuels. More and more industries are turning to CNG, LPG, and LNG fuels. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions and minimizes expenses that help in increasing productivity in industries and combat global warming. LPG and LNG are two different gases and have different distribution networks, energy content, […]

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Key Differences Between LPG Gas and Natural Gas

Are you confused between LPG gas and Natural gas, which one is better? With the increase in the demand for cleaner fuel, LPG and natural gas have become two reliable alternatives to traditional cooking fuels. However, natural gas and LPG is chemically different gas. LPG is the acronym for liquefied petroleum gas, the chemical formula […]

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10 Best Ways to Save LPG Gas While Cooking

How to save LPG gas? If you are concerned with the recent spike in the price of LPG gas then read along as we are here to help you. The government has put a number on how many subsidized cylinders you can get in a year, which means if you exceed the number, the price […]

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Moving To New Address? Here's How To Transfer Your LPG Connection

Are you planning to move to a new address and worried about how to transfer the LPG Connection? Then, this article is for you. If  You Are Shifting In Same Locality If you are moving out of your house and shifting to the same neighborhood then you don’t have to change your distributor. In this […]