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How LPG is an Efficient Source for Steam Generation?

To fuel large steam boilers in industries, it is important to have high heat generating fuel. LPG Gas is the right choice for manufacturing industries to fuel the need for running the steam boilers without stoppage.

Steam is an integral part of manufacturing and process industries all over the world. In the manufacturing sector, steam boilers and other related aggregate products have proved to be an essential asset for high-quality manufacturing.

A private LPG gas agency in West Bengal helps in the smooth delivery of LPG for steam generation. Steam is an important factor in numerous industries for a range of applications.

Application of Steam in processing plants:


Process heating is one of the main applications of a steam generator. These are useful for both direct and indirect heating for the manufacturing of products such as paper or ceramic materials.

Direct heating:

In direct heating, the steam is directly applied to the product which needs to be heated. It requires precision in temperature control to ensure uniform heating. The use of LPG gas for direct heating is better than other fuels as it has a high calorific value that helps in maintaining precision in temperature. Pharmaceuticals and the food industry are prime examples where direct heating is applied.

Indirect heating:

Indirect heating is the process of heating the products indirectly, it does not include products where there is direct contact. LPG is connected to heat exchangers or jacketed fuels for producing enough heat to enhance productivity in the industry.

Steam for Power Generation

Steam helps in powering electricity, it is installed in power plants to work with them and harness electricity. The superheated steam is transported to the steam turbine, which generates electricity by driving steam from the rotating turbine.

The reason that is responsible for increasing the popularity of LPG in steam generation is low fuel cost, higher productivity, low carbon footprint, and maintaining a precise temperature.

To delve deeper into the matter, here is a better understanding of the benefits of using LPG in steam boilers and steam generators.

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The benefit of LPG in Industries

Reduces Carbon Footprint

Sustainability is not an option, it is the need of the hour. The usage of LPG gas in the industrial sector reduces the carbon footprint in the environment. LPG does not contain hydrocarbon that lowers greenhouse gas emissions into the environment and does not have residue while burning.

Commitment to safety

Steam generation is useful in large industries where safety is the priority. SHIVGAS conducts safety training for staff and people working in the factory or at any job site where steam generators are in use. It helps them to act up with the right solution during difficult times.

Low maintenance

The fuelling of large equipment such as steam generators requires a big setup for the installation and proper maintenance. However, with LPG gas, one does not need that big set up a lot of maintenance. The steam generators are connected to LPG main pipelines which are made of reinforced steel, ensuring, there is not much leakage or cracks.

One of the major suppliers of LPG in West Bengal is SHIVGAS. The benefit of opting for SHIVGAS for LPG sourcing for steam generation are:

  • Round-the-clock support
  • Easy installation and storage solution
  • Safety training along with audits.
  • On-time delivery
  • Online booking
  • Conversion assistance

SHIVGAS LPG is an alternative fuel option that allows the consumer to select eco-friendly gas over solid fossil fuels. Steam generation requires high heating and a lot of energy for constant usage, opting for LPG for steam generators reduces the emission of greenhouse gases.

Using LPG, we can deliver a cleaner and brighter future. A gas agency dealership for LPG gas agency West Bengal is offered by SHIVGAS to increase demand and supply. Get more information by calling 033-4006-6002.

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