• What Is The Role Of LPG Gas In Shaping The Energy Transition?

    LPG gas or liquefied petroleum gas is set to increase in usage in upcoming years as it will be “the bridging fuel” along with natural gas to create a sustainable global energy system. The energy resource on which we are dependent is transient, as it comes from finite and non-renewable resources. This is why, the gas agency across the world is equipping itself to sustain the growth in demand of LPG in commercial as well as industrial sectors.

    Empathy towards the environment and understanding the tapestry of energy needs are crucial for the energy transition. LPG Gas is emerging as an alternative that would appear to play a part in the low-carbon energy system of the future.

    LPG is one of the clean fuels that acts on the pressing issue of air pollution. Because LPG reduces PM and NO, it is a suitable alternative fuel for domestic heating, transportation, and industrial applications. We at SHIVGAS are proud to be a private gas agency that is part of this transition.

    Why Is LPG Gas A Wise Choice In The Energy Transition From Solid Fossil Fuel?

    LPG is a fuel type consisting of liquid hydrocarbon. As a result of its butane and propane composition, it has a wide range of uses and can supply energy in many forms. The advantage that LPG provides that are in favor of economic, environmental, and social needs is well discussed in the below section;

    Sectors in Which LPG Gas Which Are In Forefront of Transition


    In the realm of air pollution, vehicular pollutants pose a threat to both quality and length of life. Since the logistics industry is going to increase along with infrastructure, cities and towns will experience higher pollution levels.

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    In the transportation sector diesel is known to be the leading cause behind the emission of NOx. To reduce the emission of NOx it is important to look for cleaner alternatives. A lot of countries are pursuing electric alternatives, however, this is not the solution for heavy or medium-sized vehicles. This is why it is better to shift to LPG which offers low emissions of NOx and GHG and is suited for all types and sizes of vehicles.

    2. Industrial Application

    Another sector that needs decarbonization and energy transition is industries. In India, still, 70% of industrial applications use coal as a primary energy source. The fact that such a high number of industries are still relying on coal allows energy transition to LPG gas in the industries.

    3. Agriculture

    LPG is one of the prominent fuels in use in the agricultural sector. It helps in improving the quality of produce in farms through weed flaming and crop drying. Also, it is useful for heating water and powering farm equipment such as water pumps on dairy and poultry farms.

    Why Do You Need Energy Transition?

    The urgent and primary need for this sustainable change is the impending effect on the environment. As climate and energy changes are inextricably linked, it is important to notice the energy transition to LPG is the wise solution for reducing the ill effects of the heavy pollutant and particulate matter emissions.


    We at SHIVGAS understand the need of the hour, and our products such as industrial LPG, commercial LPG, and domestic LPG cylinders of numerous sizes help create the change. We are offering private gas agency franchisees to increase the distribution network and create minimal dependence on solid fossil fuels in upcoming future years.

    As a gas agency, SHIVGAS is on the forefront of the transition, by providing clean and unadulterated LPG for industrial, commercial and domestic needs.

  • Role Of LPG In the Metal Industry

    The metal industry is one of the most energy-consuming industries. The rise of metal melting is increasing for the lighter metal casing which is useful in automotive, appliances, and aircraft.

    There is no surprise that metal melting industries are looking for an efficient fuel source to reduce cost and increase productivity. You can source LPG gas from a private gas agency to suffice the needs of the metal industry.

    Conventional Fuels in Metal Industry

    1. Light fuel
    2. Light diesel oil
    3. High-speed diesel

    Irrespective of their usefulness, these fuels are not efficient for the metal industry. It leads to several disadvantages.

    Disadvantages of Using Conventional Fuels

    1. Non-uniformity in temperature control
    2. Greenhouse gas emission
    3. Takes a long time for ignition and metal melting, cutting, or molding.


    Many ferrous and non-ferrous metals are treated in metal foundries by diecasting the metal and then injecting it into molds to give it the desired shape.

    In the metal industry, heat treatment involves heating and cooling of metal for making alloys or modifying the physical properties of the alloy. This process is called annealing.


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    Useful In Annealing Process

    The heat treatment of anodizing increases ductility and reduces the hardness of metals. It changes the physical properties of the metal, sometimes chemical properties too.

    Annealing is mostly done in long ovens where temperature control needs to be precise, here LPG is useful in fine temperature control.

    Useful in Metal Cutting

    LPG is mixed with BF (Blast Furnace) gas which has a lower CV value, for cutting steel or any other metal. The melting point of aluminum is 660.3 °C (1200 °F), the melting point of gold is 1064.18° C, and the melting point of tungsten is 3,422 °C, LPG gas is useful in generating high temperatures for cutting metal with a high melting point.

    LPG provides a stable high temperature for making clean cuts. LPG ensures homogenous cutting of metals due to its constant temperature control.

    Heat Treatment

    Heat treatment is one of the essential parts of metal manufacturing. It ensures the metal can withstand wear and tear, making it durable in long run. The meaning of heat treatment is heating and cooling the metal several times until the desired properties are obtained. In this, the shape of the metal remains intact.

    LPG is useful in controlling the right temperatures in the furnaces. The heating process requires a temperature up to 2400 °F. As LPG is a clean fuel and has a high calorific value it can easily burn up to 2400 °F.

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    Advantages of LPG gas in the Metal Industry

    LPG does not produce smoke or any harmful toxic gas while burning. It reduces the emission of toxic gases into the air. Moreover, LPG does not leave a residue of sulfur, carbon, or lead. This ensures there is no scaling on the metal and prevents the metal from overheating during melting or molding.

    LPG private gas agency provides lower-cost commercial gases that are preferable for the metal industry, to reduce the operational costs.


    In today’s business climate, companies that manufacture thermal processing systems must increase productivity, reduce setup costs, improve product quality, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

    We at SHIVGAS, ensure you get on-time delivery of cylinder and get cylinder in bulk. As a private gas agency, our cylinders are cost-efficient, easy to book and come in the industrial cylinder which is easy to maintain.

    Get in touch with our experts to learn more about LPG in the metal industry, call us at 033-4006-6002 or mail us at info@shivgas.com

  • How SHIVGAS is Fuelling India’s Increasing Dependency on LPG Gas?

    Today, LPG gas is in use almost in every household. The cost, safety, and clean fuel have become a reliable energy source for cooking, running the heater, and even other appliances.

    According to data received from LPG Gas Company in India, the demand for LPG is projected to rise 34% up to 2025. This shows in the coming years India will become 2nd largest LPG consumer in the world.

    (Data Source – India becomes world’s 2nd largest LPG consumer after government’s Ujjawla push)

    Now every household depends on LPG gas, and they can’t imagine their life without it. As the numbers are predicted, according to the Indian Government in the coming years every household in India will have a new LPG connection.

    Govt. run oil companies predominantly have a monopoly in providing domestic LPG gas. However, with the inclusion of Private gas companies, the consumer is shifting towards private gas agencies in India.

    Taking a new connection from SHIVGAS comes with perks that outrun the benefits offered by Govt. run companies.

    Know How SHIVGAS is Fuelling the Increasing Dependency on LPG Gas –


    24/7 Customer Service

    SHIVGAS goes the extra mile to provide 24/7 customer service in any situation. We provide safety training to the consumer during the gas leak and help the consumer to handle the situation with conscious decision-making.

    SHIVGAS is a reliable LPG gas company in India that offers a quick solution to consumers. Be it address change, or changing your phone number, to the requirement of assistance in a gas leak. It is an LPG gas company that delivers to the consumer through and through in any dire circumstance.


    Gas Connection Within A Day

    We all know that getting a new connection is a tiresome process, but with a private gas agency you can fill out the contact form, and within 24 hours of depositing security money, you will get a new connection.


    Hassle-free New Connection Process

    SHIVGAS provides a gas connection with minimum documents. If you are tired of producing different photocopies of identity proof, then consult SHIVGAS, as we give you a new connection by producing any government-mandated identity proof.


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    On-time Delivery

    SHIVGAS has a hassle-free process for booking a new cylinder. The cylinders are delivered within a day without any delay. This is because of its wide network of franchises.

    SHIVGAS acquires straight-run LPG which is unadulterated with hydrocarbons and other containment. It always strives to provide the best quality as per se to consumers. Each cylinder goes through stringent testing to assure safety and quality in bottled LPG gas.


    Online Application

    Private LPG gas company in India offers a hassle-free process for new connections and gas dealerships. It streamlines the hectic procedure of submitting all documents. To get a dealership of LPG gas company you can check the eligibility criteria on the site and submit the documents online. If you are eligible for this, you can avail of the services within 24-48 hours of submitting your application approval.


    Affordable Gas Cost

    Commercial gas cylinder prices vary from one state to another. But, it ensures uniformity in the cost of the commercial cylinder for hotels or industries. It has a cylinder capacity of 33 Kg for commercial cylinders and for domestic it comes in sizes of 5 kilos and 14.2 kilos.



    To fuel the burning need for LPG in India requires a proper supply solution. SHIVGAS is one of the best LPG gas companies in India that have numerous transport trucks and delivery vehicles in its fleet.

    With a well-connected franchise in different locations of India, be it rural, urban, or semi-urban cities, it delivers quality service to the consumer. To be part of SHIVGAS, connect with us by filling out this contact form.

  • How To Apply For New LPG Gas Connection

    If you have moved to a new city or are just shifting from traditional fuel to LPG, the first step is to get a gas connection.

    We know getting an LPG gas connection is tough and confusing. Without the proper knowledge, you can go round and round in the same circle to get the connection but you can get through it. We have listed out all the necessary information that you need to get a new LPG commercial gas connection and domestic connection.

    First of all, you need to choose a gas capacity option, every private gas agency offers different capacities for industrial, domestic, and commercial. At SHIVGAS we offer a commercial cylinder capacity of 17kg and 21Kg on which the commercial gas cylinder price depends.  

    Once you make sure about the capacity, here is the process that helps you navigate in this field. In this blog, we will give you thorough information to apply for a new LPG gas connection at SHIVGAS. 

    Applying Online

    To apply for SHIVGAS you can head over to the contact page and fill out the contact details. Once you fill out all information you will be provided with the nearest distributor at the beginning of the process.

    Once you get information regarding the nearest distributor you have to pay a sum of rupees which is essential to start a new connection. A distributor will visit your house and help with the new connection. With SHIVGAS you will be able to track the distributor and delivery of the gas with the help of a reference number.


    Here are some of the documents which you need to present if you are applying for a new connection from a private gas agency.

    For Identification Proof (Any one of them):

    • Aadhar Card
    • Passport(not compulsory)
    • PAN Card
    • Driving Licence (if any)


    For Address Proof (Any one of them) :

    • Electricity bill from the previous three months.
    • Bank’s passbook from the previous three months.
    • Telephone bill from previous three months.
    • Voter’s Identification card
    • Ration card
    • House Rent Receipt
    • Employer’s certificate


    SHIVGAS will get you the new connection within 24 hours of making the payment.

    Documents After New Connection

    Following the connection, you will receive a Subscription Voucher(SV), remember to keep it safe. Next, the distributor will provide you with a booklet which is known as the Domestic Customer Gas Card. In this, all gas transactions will be recorded by the delivery person. In this, the details will be filled only by the distributor. 

    Gas Connection

    Benefit Of Opting For New Connection With SHIVGAS

    • Immediate gas connection is valuable as you get quick service, without running errands for a single connection.
    • It is an easy and quick online process with almost nil paperwork.
    • As a private gas agency in India, SHIVGAS offers 24/7 support to consumers.
    • On-time delivery, no need to book in advance for a refill. 
    • No concession on quality or quantity as it has strict regulatory norms. 
    • All the security deposits will be refunded to you.
    • The cost of a commercial gas cylinder price is lower than other agencies. 


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    How Can I Get a New Connection After Changing Address?

    To change the address you need to provide a document of the new address to the nearest distributor. 

    How Can I Get a Refill after New Connection?

    You can book the LPG gas via the online process or by calling on the designated number.  Call on our toll-free number at 033-4006-6002

    How Long Does It Take To Get a New Connection?

    As stated earlier, once documents are produced and the security deposit is paid, you can avail of the connection within 24 hours of applying.


    SHIVGAS as a private gas agency brings expertise and experience of 30 years. With on-time deliveries and providing a solution to domestic, industrial, and commercial groups, SHIVGAS has become one of the juggernauts of the LPG industry.

    If you are looking for a new gas connection and want expert guidance, click here to fill out the contact form, so our expert can guide you through the seamless process of a new connection.


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  • Important Criteria You Should Match To Get An LPG Gas Dealership

    Do you want a start your own LPG gas dealership, then this is the right time. Indian LPG market is growing exponentially, with the decreasing dependence on solid fossil fuel, be it domestic or industrial usage, there is a shift towards LPG gases.

    According to reports, India is 2nd largest consumer of LPG gas after China. The compound annual growth of the LPG is growing, and this is the business that gives you assured return in long term.

    So, if you are living in an area with gas agencies that are far from your house, then it is time to solve the need for the growing demand for LPG cylinders with the proper setup of SHIVGAS’s franchise.

    If you want to be a part of this demanding industry, then here are the important eligibility criteria that you must look out for to get into an LPG gas dealership.

    Important Criteria of LPG gas Agency are:

    To get the dealership from a reputable gas agency, here are some of the suggestive and mandatory eligibility criteria you need to meet.

    • Individuals must be a resident of India or Indian citizens.
    • The applicant must have qualified 10th standard from a recognized board or equivalent degree from a recognized board. (This criterion is non-mandatory for people belonging to the family of Freedom Fighters)

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    • The candidate should not be less than 21 years and above 60 years on the date of application.
    • The Candidate should not own multiple businesses and should be free to devote full time and energy to the business.
    • The candidate should be eligible to fulfill multiple dealership or distributor norms.
    • The candidate should own a plot for the construction of an LPG godown or should have 20-25 lakh rupees in a bank account.

    Facilities For Operation of LPG dealership

    After checking to list the above eligibility criteria, here are some of the facilities that you must own for setting up the agency.

    • Godown for storage of the cylinders- For operating the LPG distributorship it is important to have storage space licensed by the Chief Controller of Explosive.
    • The area should have space for a showroom which is easily accessible to the public through a suitable approach road.
    • Starting from delivery persons to delivery vehicles all should be maintained by the LPG distributors.

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    SHIVGAS provides complete assistance in the LPG distributorship’s journey. We provide support in selling, branding, marketing, and running a business. So, start your entrepreneurial journey with us today. For the LPG gas agency, the dealership gives us a call on 033-4006-6002 and gets in touch with our experts.

  • LPG Safety Tips- Do’s and Don’ts of LPG Cylinder

    Today, LPG safety is of utmost importance as LPG fuel has gained dominance in households, industrial and commercial sectors. It comes with a range of benefits like high calorific value, affordability, and environmental friendliness. LPG is colorless and odorless fuel during extraction, this makes it difficult to track during leakage. To avoid uncalled accidents Ethyl Mercaptan is added to the fuel for odor while filling the bottles in LPG bottling plants. Therefore it is imperative to know about the dos and don’ts of LPG safety to avoid any unforeseen incidents.

    The safety of employees, staff, and consumers is of utmost importance for any LPG supplier. But, as we know accidents still happen and the main reason behind this is a lack of awareness about safety protocols and tips.

    As the adage goes, “prevention is better than cure”, these safety tips along with do’s and doesn’t help will be quite useful in prevention for hotels, households, and industries.

    Precautionary LPG Safety Tips

    Safety Tips-Do’s and Don’ts for Home


    • You must turn off the regulator first and then the stove knob.
    • The kitchen must have well ventilation for no accumulation of gas in case of leaks.

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    • The kitchen should not be unattended during cooking as overflowing might cause burners to extinguish leading to leaks.
    • Any flammable objects or plastics must be kept far from LPG cylinders.

    Safety Tips for Hotels


    • The cylinder should always be kept in a vertical position.
    • When the cylinder is not in use the adapter’s knob should always be turned off. This is one of the simplest ways to avoid accidents still most people do not pay due attention to this.
    • Keep the cylinder in a hygienic space. Waterlogging is one of the common threats to the cylinder as it leads to wearing out of the cylinder leading to leaks.
    • Restriction of unauthorized personnel. Anyone who has no idea how a burner or stove works can be a threat to the people in the restaurant.
    • In case of leakage take safety precautions like opening the windows, and ventilators, switching off lights and gadgets, and alarming everyone by shouting or raising a fire alarm.


    • Do not store more than 100kg of unconnected cylinders.
    • Don’t keep the cylinder in a hot water bath.
    • Do not smoke near the cylinder or put flammable items near the burner.

    Safety Tips For Industries


    • In any condition, the LPG cylinder should not be heated.
    • It is advisable to keep the twigs and plastics away from the cylinder, so in case of leakage, the nearby items won’t catch fire.
    • Loading or unloading of the cylinder should be done after sunrise till sunset to avoid any chance of any untoward incident.


    • Unauthorized people should not be allowed in LPG storage spaces.
    • In case of leakage don’t try to be a hero, instead, call your gas agency for assistance.


    SHIVGAS ensures safety with the stringent testing of the cylinders to ensure risk-free supply and usage in household, commercial and industrial sectors. Our team provides safety training during the LPG gas installation process. In case of leakage, our fast customer service appoints assistance and works in the eleventh hour to protect employees, staff, and your loved ones.

  • Moving To New Address? Here’s How To Transfer Your LPG Connection

    Are you planning to move to a new address and worried about how to transfer the LPG Connection? Then, this article is for you.

    If  You Are Shifting In Same Locality

    If you are moving out of your house and shifting to the same neighborhood then you don’t have to change your distributor. In this case, you need to submit “new address proof” to ensure the delivery does not get misplaced.

    This is an offline process so you have to submit an application along with supporting documents like Aadhar with new address proof. You can either write an application to the distributor or download the application form and fill out the necessary detail and attach supporting documents.

    If You Are Shifting Out Of Town/ New Distributor’s Area

    If you are moving into a different locality or new city in India then here are four simple steps you need to follow.

    Step 1: Visit The Distributor’s Office

    To transfer the connection, visit your LPG distributor office in which you are registered at. Submit the gas cylinder and regulator to get the remaining credit from the distributor.

    Step 2: Collect e-Customer Transfer Advice (e-CTA)

    After submitting the cylinder and regulator they will provide you with e-Customer Transfer Advice(e-CTA). The e-CTA is an authorization code that is provided. This helps in the production of a Subscription Voucher(SV). It is applicable if you are moving to the same city. In case of moving to a new city, the distributor will provide you a Termination Voucher(TV).

    Step 3: Visit New Distributor’s Office

    Visit the new distributor’s office which provides gas at your new locality. Submit address proof, identity proof, SV (in case of the same city), and TV (if shifted to a new city) to the news agency.

    Step 4: Submit the Money Mentioned In the Transfer Voucher

    For the new connection, deposit the amount mentioned in the transfer voucher (TV). Collect your new subscription voucher from a new private gas agency and get the LPG connection issued in your name.


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    Documents Required For Transfer Of LPG Connection

    • Proof of identity (Aadhar/voted ID)
    • Proof of address
    • Gas book
    • Gas regulator
    • Gas connection voucher


    How To Become Eligible For Subsidy Transfer?

    While changing address you may come across subsidy transfer. In case you already have a subsidy and linked your Aadhar card with a gas connection and the bank then you can opt out of this part. However, if you don’t have a subsidized connection and want to have one then here is the process for subsidy transfer.

    • Direct benefit transfer for people who have Aadhar card linked with LPG account.
    • If you don’t have an Aadhar card then log in to mylpg [dot]in
    • Select your LPG distributor and service provider
    • Click on the DBT link to join the service provider portal
    • Click on the option that says “if you don’t have an Aadhar Number click here to join DBTL”
    • Submit details in ‘Form 4’ to the LPG distributor or ‘Form 3’ to
    • You can also access the PAHAL form instead of Form 3 or Form 4. The PAHAL form is for both Aadhar and Non-Aadhar consumers.



    SHIVGAS provides a clean and efficient LPG connection. If you are looking for easy transfer while changing address then opts for SHIVGAS. You can contact them and they will help you with an easy LPG connection from one address to another.


  • 6 Advantages Of Using LPG For Your Home

    Today, domestic LPG is the basic thing for every home needs. It’s possible to live without an Internet connection, but it is nearly impossible to live without an LPG cylinder. Being an affordable and excellent cooking solution, you can find LPG cylinders in every home. Besides this, there are a bunch of other benefits that come with opting for domestic LPG. But before we unwind the plethora of benefits related to LPG connection, you need to pay close attention to the safety measures too. Please choose the right LPG dealer so that you can rest assured that your health and property are safe from the damages related to it.

    Here are a few benefits related to choosing SHIVGAS for domestic LPG

    Easy To Handle

    The instant-on and off knobs attached will help you to easily handle the flames while cooking. Meaning, you can easily increase or decrease the intensity of blue flames as per your cooking requirements. With the help of a twisting knob, you can alter the intensity of the visible blue flame in domestic LPG.

    Cook Faster

    Another great benefit associated with domestic LPG is that you can cook faster and better with it. This energy-rich fuel is known to have a high calorific or heating value. Additionally, LPG is known to be a more competitive option than natural gas or coal, making it highly efficient for cooking.

    Low Heat Emission

    Domestic LPG stoves are known to emit little or no heat, keeping the overall temperature of the kitchen unaffected. As compared to other cooking devices, LPG is a great option to generate clean power. Lower carbon emissions, zero spills, and less sulfur content present in the LPG gas make it a safer and cleaner option for homes.

    Eco-friendly Option

    In comparison to other cooking devices, domestic LPG is known to be a more environmentally friendly solution. Due to the least greenhouse gas emissions, LPG is a great way to minimize the emissions of carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur emissions to the atmosphere. It can highly lessen environmental pollution and can give humans a great environment to live in. What’s more, LPG is a way to reduce approximately 70% of greenhouse gas emissions.

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    Clean & Safe

    LPG is a safe and convenient option. You don’t have to free up extra space in your kitchen to store it. Just a little space would be sufficient to safely store your domestic LPG. Additionally, it leaves no signs of ash, soot, or smoke, giving your kitchen a healthy atmosphere. Without any hassle or inconvenience, LPG can give you a perfect cooking experience.

    Less Maintenance

    Domestic LPG requires zero to no maintenance. Thus you can save some great bucks by avoiding heavy maintenance costs. Although it is an economical fuel yet, you need to take precautions while storing and using it. First of all, you need to call a trusted dealer and get your hands on the right LPG. Secondly, you need to go for periodic tests and measures to ensure that the cylinder is safe and secure for your home.

    Final Thoughts

    There is no doubt that domestic LPG is increasing in popularity, yet you need to be keener while choosing the LPG supplier. Thorough research beforehand will help to avoid future mishaps. SHIVGAS is the pioneer in the LPG gas supplying industry. If you’re looking to get your hands on the safe LPG gas supply, you’re free to contact them. Being an authorized private gas agency, they will ensure that the supply is adequately installed to avoid future risks associated with it.

  • Must-Know Safety and Maintenance Tips When Buying Domestic LPG Cylinders

    It’s pretty common today to see LPG being used in almost every industry, household, and so on for obvious reasons, such as its affordability, utility, ecological friendliness, and it’s less perilous compared to other fuel options.

    However, it is not uncommon for us to see several cases of LPG cylinder explosions that have caused irreparable injury to individuals and even fatalities.

    Catastrophes involving LPG gas cylinders are definitely not sporadic but are normally the result of negligent handling versus the volatility of LPG. Given that over 80% of homes use LPG, awareness about dealing with them responsibly is imperative to avert any unforeseen circumstances.

    In light of this, let’s get to the point and explore the easy-to-follow safety tips that can make all the difference in the world.

    Safety tips to follow when buying:

    • Verify that the safety cap and seal are intact. If the seal on the cylinder has been tampered with, don’t accept it.
    • Located on the inside of the cylinder stay plate, you will find the testing due date. Each due date is marked with an alphabet representing the quarterly month (A – March, B – June, C – September, D – December) and the year of testing. If the DFT indicates A-22, then the cylinder needs to be tested by March 2022. Upon receiving the cylinder after its due date, don’t accept it.
    • Considering the large black market out there, duplicate cylinders are a no-brainer. Be sure to purchase your gas cylinders from an authorized private gas agency or government-owned distributor and ensure that they bear the ISI marking.
    • The cylinder must be carried in an upright position to the destination and should not be rolled, dropped, or dragged as it may damage the cylinder.
    • Be aware that the pressure regulators issued by government-owned gas companies differ in size from those issued by private gas agencies; they cannot, therefore, be interchanged.
    • Before putting the new cylinder for use, apply soap solution to cylinder joints and Suraksha pipes to check for gas leaks. If bubbly substances are formed, then there is evidence of a gas leak. However, refrain from using open flames such as matchstick or lighter for leak detection.


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    Safety Tips to follow when maintaining and storing:


    • Never mess with the hose, pin, or regulator.
    • Make sure that no electric appliances or cables are near the stove. Heat/sparks are released continuously from most appliances, which can be dangerous if kept nearby a burner.
    • Regularly inspect the LPG hose for signs of wear and tear, and change the Suraksha rubber tube once every six months.
    • It is recommended that you place the LPG cylinder vertically on a stable surface in a well-ventilated area away from sunlight. It is important not to enclose the cylinder in a cabinet, as gas leaks may concentrate in one place. Additionally, it should not be placed at the same height as the gas stove.
    • Since the contents of the cylinder are flammable, it is important to keep it away from heat sources and other flammable substances. We have observed that some people keep kerosene and the cylinder together. This is a big no-no.
    • Disconnect the LPG regulator and secure a safety cap with the nylon thread attached to it over the cylinder if your cylinder will not be in use for quite some time.


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    Wrapping Up

    We hope after reading this blog you will be able to appreciate LPG for all its convenience, and reliability without having anxiety about cooking and possibly suffering an accident.

    Even though several private gas agencies have implemented safety protocols aimed at reducing incidents, they can emerge at any time, but the onus is on us to prevent one.

    In conclusion, the most important thing to take away from this blog will be seeking the help of the serviceman or delivery personnel to correctly affix the gas cylinder.