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How SHIVGAS is Fuelling India's Increasing Dependency on LPG Gas?

Today, LPG gas is in use almost in every household. The cost, safety, and clean fuel have become a reliable energy source for cooking, running the heater, and even other appliances.

According to data received from LPG Gas Company in India, the demand for LPG is projected to rise 34% up to 2025. This shows in the coming years India will become 2nd largest LPG consumer in the world.

(Data Source - India becomes world's 2nd largest LPG consumer after government's Ujjawla push)

Now every household depends on LPG gas, and they can't imagine their life without it. As the numbers are predicted, according to the Indian Government in the coming years every household in India will have a new LPG connection.

Govt. run oil companies predominantly have a monopoly in providing domestic LPG gas. However, with the inclusion of Private gas companies, the consumer is shifting towards private gas agencies in India.

Taking a new connection from SHIVGAS comes with perks that outrun the benefits offered by Govt. run companies.

Know How SHIVGAS is Fuelling the Increasing Dependency on LPG Gas -

  24/7 Customer Service

SHIVGAS goes the extra mile to provide 24/7 customer service in any situation. We provide safety training to the consumer during the gas leak and help the consumer to handle the situation with conscious decision-making.

SHIVGAS is a reliable LPG gas company in India that offers a quick solution to consumers. Be it address change, or changing your phone number, to the requirement of assistance in a gas leak. It is an LPG gas company that delivers to the consumer through and through in any dire circumstance.

  Gas Connection Within A Day

We all know that getting a new connection is a tiresome process, but with a private gas agency you can fill out the contact form, and within 24 hours of depositing security money, you will get a new connection.

  Hassle-free New Connection Process

SHIVGAS provides a gas connection with minimum documents. If you are tired of producing different photocopies of identity proof, then consult SHIVGAS, as we give you a new connection by producing any government-mandated identity proof.


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  On-time Delivery

SHIVGAS has a hassle-free process for booking a new cylinder. The cylinders are delivered within a day without any delay. This is because of its wide network of franchises.

SHIVGAS acquires straight-run LPG which is unadulterated with hydrocarbons and other containment. It always strives to provide the best quality as per se to consumers. Each cylinder goes through stringent testing to assure safety and quality in bottled LPG gas.

  Online Application

Private LPG gas company in India offers a hassle-free process for new connections and gas dealerships. It streamlines the hectic procedure of submitting all documents. To get a dealership of LPG gas company you can check the eligibility criteria on the site and submit the documents online. If you are eligible for this, you can avail of the services within 24-48 hours of submitting your application approval.


Affordable Gas Cost

Commercial gas cylinder prices vary from one state to another. But, it ensures uniformity in the cost of the commercial cylinder for hotels or industries. It has a cylinder capacity of 33 Kg for commercial cylinders and for domestic it comes in sizes of 5 kilos and 14.2 kilos.



To fuel the burning need for LPG in India requires a proper supply solution. SHIVGAS is one of the best LPG gas companies in India that have numerous transport trucks and delivery vehicles in its fleet.

With a well-connected franchise in different locations of India, be it rural, urban, or semi-urban cities, it delivers quality service to the consumer. To be part of SHIVGAS, connect with us by filling out this contact form.

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