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LPG Is An Efficient Versatile Energy Source for Hotels and Restaurants

Before opening a hotel or restaurant one always searches for an LPG gas agency or ‘private LPG gas agency near me’. Hotel or Restaurants solely depends on the hospitability of consumers by providing quick customized services. Yes, we agree there are other factors too such as aesthetics, quality service, and operational efficiency, but if the food is good then other factors can be subdued.

And when we are talking about food, the first thought that comes to mind is cooking. LPG plays a univocal role in this segment, as it is the efficient energy source for hotels or restaurants.

LPG is extremely versatile, providing safe and clean energy to domestic, industrial, and commercial users. The consumer base for LPG and procuring it from the private gas agency in the hospitability business is increasing by virtue of its clean-burning and high calorific value. Today, the need for reliable and unadulterated LPG is immense, this gap is shortening in rural areas and cities because of private gas agencies.


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SHIVGAS has commercial cylinders - Private LPG Gas Agency  

Let's understand why LPG is an efficient source for providing cooking fuel in hostels/ restaurants.

So, Why LPG for Hotels?

High Calorific Value

Traditionally, solid fossil fuels such as coal, coal tar, cow dung, and Kerosene were common in small hotels for cooking. However, it came with a bunch of flaws, one of them was smoke and lower calorific value.

LPG has a quick-burning solution, it's calorific value is 11830Kcal. This has a higher calorific value than other fuels like coal, natural gas, kerosene etc. It enhances productivity, as it helps in faster cooking.


The increase in air pollution has led to drastic climatic changes in the past years. Burning of traditional solid fossil fuels which emit particulate, greenhouse gases, and smoke in the air can degrade the current situation.

To avoid this, hotels and restaurants are using LPG over other fuels. It decreases greenhouse gas emission, and ensure the health of staff and cook won't degrade due to smoke.


A hotel or restaurant is a hospitability industry, in which the cost of the service depends on the expense of the provider. As LPG is a cost-efficient fuel source, it makes the overall cooking process cheaper than other fuels.

The benefits aforementioned, showcase the need for a reliable LPG provider. Like private gas agency near you, SHIVGAS assures you peace of mind as it is the one-stop solution for all LPG needs.

One of the basic requirements of the consumer from the private gas agency is to get the cylinder on time. Be it an emergency requirement in the early morning or a call of duty at night, SHIVGAS ensures it does not degrade your productivity and provides cylinders on time.

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Why Choose SHIVGAS?

Being in the oil and gas industry for 30 years, SHIVGAS, is a gas agency which has a streamlined network of dealers and suppliers to provide LPG gas on time to consumers.

Some of the other features that make it stand out of crowd are:

  • The wide spread franchise network
  • Quality assurance
  • On-time delivery
  • Commitment to safety

SHIVGAS ensures there is no safety risk while using cylinders at hotels or restaurants. This comes with proper safety training for every staff at work. Safety tips and precautionary tips are necessary to learn while working in a hotel.


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SHIVGAS is offering an LPG gas dealership, so more and more hotel/restaurant owners can get access to a ‘private gas agency near me’. SHIVGAS adds value to your business by taking care of quick deliveries and providing LPG without any adulteration of hydrocarbons.

To get a dealership or just a new connection of SHIVGAS for a hotel or restaurant you can fill out the contact form on our website.

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