LPG GAS Changes Rural Lives in India

How is Humble LPG GAS Changing the Lives Of Rural People in India?

Access to modern energy is essential to stimulate economic development and reducing poverty which leads to the improvement of health, air quality, comfort and hardship for women and children. Today, the modern energy we are talking about is LP Gas, also known as Liquified Petroleum Gas. Because it is portable, clean, safe, and produces efficient […]

Safety and Maintenance Tips | Private Gas Agency

Must-Know Safety and Maintenance Tips When Buying Domestic LPG Cylinders

It’s pretty common today to see LPG being used in almost every industry, household, and so on for obvious reasons, such as its affordability, utility, ecological friendliness, and it’s less perilous compared to other fuel options. However, it is not uncommon for us to see several cases of LPG cylinder explosions that have caused irreparable […]