• What Makes LPG Gas The Right Choice in Industries?

    In the era of technological breakthroughs and the increase in industries, the looming environmental concerns precipitated the choice of fuel. Today, LPG is emerging as an alternative industrial fuel and its range of advantages ensures the selection is apt for industries. Private LPG gas agency is fueling the application of LPG in industries, due to its host of benefits.

    The fuel choice depends on various parameters so, the industries gain huge benefits. One of the parameters for selection is calorific value, the fuel that tops the chart in calorific value is LPG. LPG is extracted during oil refining, it comes as a byproduct and contains propane and butane.

    Benefits of LPG Gas in Industries

    1.    Easy To Transport

    Out of numerous reasons, one that makes it a preferred choice among industries is it is easy to transport. Unlike other fuels it doesn’t need a designated pipeline for transportation, rather it can be supplied from one corner to another in sealed cylinders. The cylinders are transported through trucks or shipping containers with ease.

    1.    Environment-Friendly Option

    To curb the increasing pollution and to act on increasing levels of toxic gas emissions, industries need to shift towards a sustainable solution. As mentioned, LPG is an eco-friendly gas and does not emit hydrocarbons into the environment.

    In addition to that, increasing dependency on LPG helps in the reduction of the usage of wood, which not only leads to heavy smoke but also promotes deforestation. Along with that, coal is another primary fossil fuel that is used in industry in blasting furnaces, reduction of the application of coal can reduce the production of heavy smoke in the air and decrease the emission of greenhouse gasses into the air.

    2.    Low Maintenance

    As LPG is easy to transport, store and handle it hardly requires maintenance, unlike other traditional fuels. As LPG is clean burning fuel it does not require frequent maintenance in the combustion system, which helps in improving the quality of products along with increasing the productivity in industries.

    Application of LPG in Industries

    1.    As a Refrigerant

    LPG is not only used as heating fuel but also as a refrigerant in many industries. CFC or ChloroFluoroCarbon became widely popular in the 20th century as a refrigerant or coolant, but later it was replaced as CFC was the leading cause of depletion of the ozone layer.

    2.    Use in Chemical Industry

    LPG draws more attention than basic industrial fuel in the chemical industry. The fuel can be turned into ethylene, butylene, propylene, butadiene, etc, through a separation process. The separation is done to utilize the fuel for producing synthetic plastic, rubber, or fiber for numerous applications in pharmaceutical, explosive, and dying industries.

    3.    Seed Drying Industry

    Be it organic farming or hybrid farming, high-quality seeds produce a better yield. The process starts by preserving the seeds extracted from fresh produce, which are dried for preservation. The seed drying industry uses LPG as a dehumidifier and for steam generation, to dry the seeds and other materials.

    4.    Manufacturing Industry

    LPG gas has high calorific value, one of the features that make it a preferable choice in the manufacturing industry. The large supply of heat creates an appropriate environment in the metal melting, glass, and ceramic industry, as the production line in these industries is temperature sensitive.


    SHIVGAS is a private LPG gas agency that provides unadulterated LPG to industries of all sectors. We at SHIVGAS are helping to streamline the demand and supply of LPG gas through our easy-to-book process and one-day delivery.

    Our assistance consists of 24×7 customer service and safety training in industries. Consult experts at SHIVGAS to get LPG connections in your industry.

  • Indian Auto LPG: An alternative to diesel and Petrol

    As concerns over smog and dense pollution reappear with the approaching winter, the government is encouraging Auto LPG. As a part to improve the air quality, the shift from petrol or diesel to Auto LPG to curb air pollution.

    The transport sector is responsible for 14% of CO2 emissions, out of which 60% is greenhouse gas. The fuel combustion in India from 181MT in 1971 has risen to 2,066MT in 2015, which is a 1041% increase.

    LPG stands as a viable alternative that has the capability of cleaning the high pollution emission in the transport sector. When LPG is used in the motor combustion of a vehicle, it is known as Auto LPG. LPG consists of propane and butane, and it is extracted as a by-product during oil refining. Currently, all over the world, LPG powers over 27 million vehicles.

    It has several benefits over conventional fuel such as petrol or diesel. In India, only a handful of companies manufacture Auto LPG, however, the vehicle can be easily converted into an LPG variant with a few tweaks in the engine.

    So, let’s discuss why Auto LPG is better

    Let’s face it, the need for sustainable fuel is the need of the hour. As LPG gas has zero global warming potential, it is a cost-effective transition. Here are a few benefits that make Auto LPG the right choice over diesel or petrol.

    Lower Harmful Impact on the Environment

    We all are aware that LPG has environmental benefits. But are you aware that LPG in combustion engines can reduce global warming?

    Yes, that’s right! LPG is the only fuel that has been assigned global warming potential (GWP) zero by the UN international panel for climate change. The reports of tests conducted to compare the level of emission of toxic gases between petrol and LPG shows, LPG contributed 52% lesser carbon monoxide, while 47% less hydrocarbon than petrol.


    As the prices of petrol and diesel are shooting high, a lot of consumers are looking for cheaper alternative fuels today. LPG gas from SHIVGAS is half the cost of petrol and diesel, in terms of cost it is around 40% cheaper than petrol.

    It Is Better For Your Engine

    Do you know LPG can enhance the engine’s life? Yeah, that’s the truth. Petrol/diesel is a liquid fuel, which can lead to oxidation and eventually rusting of parts. It mainly occurs due to the presence of sulfur in the oil.

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    Another reason that makes LPG the better choice for a vehicle, is the clean combustion if compared to its counterparts. As the engine is protected from potential damage it ought to last longer and help in reducing the frequency of serving of the engine.

    Things To Consider During Conversion To LPG Gas

    Even though you are aware of all the advantages of LPG gas, you must take care of a few things before switching to auto LPG.

    LPG Conversion Kit

    Vehicles in India are not manufactured with LPG engines, which is why an LPG conversion kit is important. Installing of LPG kit is important, and the products which are available off the market for installation can have questionable safety. It is advisable to reach out professional to get assistance with installation.

    Boot Space

    The LPG fuel tank is placed in the boot. So, while transitioning from liquid fuel to LPG, you need enough space in the boot to keep the LPG tank. The bigger the tank, the longer it runs. So, the best is to choose the right size, you need to select the right balance in size and space of the tank and the boot.


    As the government’s scheme and initiative are supporting LPG autos and cars, the transition will be widely visible in the upcoming years. To meet the needs of growing demand, SHIVGAS is offering private LPG gas agency dealerships, to provide cylinders in bulk.

  • How is Humble LPG GAS Changing the Lives Of Rural People in India?

    According to reports from 2021, 64.61% of the country falls under rural India. The majority of the population lives in rural areas, so it is important to consider growth in areas where LPG awareness is still low.

    As rural areas are growing with small industries such as handloom, textile, pottery, and agriculture, it is important to use energy that is sustainable and easily accessible. As the business in rural areas is gaining momentum, LPG gas is becoming a reliable energy source to sustain production. Private gas cylinder price is cost-efficient which is why it is better to procure a cylinder from a nearby LPG gas agency dealership.

    The utilization of LPG is low in rural areas, mostly due to the logistical difficulty of refilling cylinders. Refilling the cylinders used to be a challenge itself, starting from picking and dropping cylinders in bulk to shop and collecting new ones is time-consuming and expensive.

    Our vision is to create awareness in rural areas to make customer journeys hassle-free with LPG gas, so it can help in building change in the lives of rural people in India.

    Benefits of LPG Gas

    • High Calorific Value
    • Environment friendly
    • Does not produce shoot or particulate matter
    • Cost-friendly

    Benefit Of LPG on Rural Women

    According to a survey conducted by NITI Aayog, women in rural areas can save up to 1.5 hours a day, just by shifting from coal or wood to LPG gas. It allows them time for education, self-employment, and participation in other community activities.

    Apart from that, it has been reported around four million people die prematurely because of pollution from fire sources such as coal or wood. The impact is much larger on women as they are in close contact with firewood, hence they are susceptible to heart disease, lung cancer, and tuberculosis.

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    Women in rural areas are benefitted from LPG gas, as it not only saves time to collect firewood and coal but also protects the, from the hazardous ill-effect of traditional fuels.

    Benefits of LPG in Agriculture

    The primary source of income in any rural area is agriculture. The application of traditional fossil fuels such as diesel, or coal can harm crops and people utilizing them. Shifting from traditional fossil fuels to LPG gas host of benefits. Some of the applications of LPG in rural areas are:

    • Crop Drying and Crop Protecting
    • Hot Water System for dairy farmers
    • Heating greenhouse sustainably
    • The faster weed removal system

    Benefits of  LPG in industries

    As mentioned in an earlier section of the blog, LPG in rural areas is not limited to the household application but is also enormously utilized for industrial purposes. Some of the industries in rural where LPG is more effective than other fuels are:

    • Brick industry
    • Glass industry
    • Leather Industry
    • Textile industry
    • Concrete industry

    How SHIVGAS is lending a Helping Hand In Changing Rural Lives?

    As we understand the need for LPG in rural areas, it is important to understand the cause behind the hindrance in the shift from wood or coal to LPG.

    Why do people in rural areas prefer coal/wood/kerosene?

    The reason behind the application of traditional solid fossil fuel or wood in small industries in rural areas is convenience in collecting the materials. Coal or wood is readily available from the nearby market, whereas a lot of villages still don’t have nearby LPG gas agencies or refilling centers.

    To curb the issue, SHIVGAS is offering an LPG gas agency dealership that allows users to easily avail cylinders in need. It decreases the delivery time and helps in reducing downtime due to the unavailability of cylinders.


    At SHIVGAS, you can get LPG for domestic, commercial, and industrial needs. The size of the cylinder varies for each requirement, hence it allows the consumer of all sectors to get the benefit of LPG gas. You can contact our experts to get an LPG gas agency dealership by mailing info@shivgas.com or calling us at 033-4006-6002.

  • Benefits of LPG in the Laundry Industry

    Running a laundry business requires a lot of fuel-generated equipment for fast and quick work in the laundry industry. If you are running a laundry business, then this blog is for you, to shift to private gas agencies for regular LPG supply instead of depending on electricity run by diesel generators.

    Washing machines, steam generators, and dryers are electricity-dependent equipment. These require a continuous supply of fuel to run efficiently. This will shoot up the electricity bills high, and increase the load on conventional solid fossil fuels. As we are entering into depletion of solid fossil fuel, it is better to look for alternatives, and as we have mentioned above, there is no better option currently than liquefied petroleum gas.

    In this blog, let’s discuss why LPG is the need of the hour for the laundry industry.

    Reliable Electricity Source

    The laundry industry largely depends on electricity, which is why it is evident to get a cost-effective and reliable source of generating electricity. Instead of connecting the equipment to a generator run through a diesel engine, it’s best to opt for LPG-powered appliances.

    Readily Available

    The increase in LPG private gas agencies has ensured you can get LPG anywhere anytime. We at SHIVGAS, provide hassle-free quick delivery within hours of booking that ensure there is no downtime in productivity.

    SHIVGAS is increasing its distributor base by providing LPG gas dealerships to young and enthusiastic minds, so it will be readily available in the market for different commercial applications.

    Cleaner Environment

    The emission of greenhouse gases is one of the major reasons behind global warming. Shifting to a sustainable energy source such as LPG gas assures minimal amount of toxic gas such as NOx or SOx is saturated in the air, causing ozone layer depletion or heating of the earth.

    Increase in the pace of productivity

    Like any industry, the profit of the laundry industry is time-bound. LPG has a high calorific value which means it produces heat faster than any other gas. This is why the equipment run by LPG takes 50% lesser time. The quality of drying sheets by LPG dryers is also far superior.


    As has been mentioned earlier, the use of LPG is inexpensive than other gases. It has no residual and has a high calorific value which results in little wastage of fuel. It does not cost as much as electricity bills, hence the choice becomes affordable for many.

    Application of LPG in the Laundry Industry

    The benefit of LPG cylinder is benefitted by professionals when applied with the right equipment. Here are a few types of equipment that are run by LPG that can ensure your sustainable and cost-effective business.

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    Water Heaters

    LPG for propane water heaters is becoming popular in the laundry business, for numerous reasons. These water heaters are versatile and convenient to use. It is beneficial for both domestic and commercial applications. Moreover, this can heat twice the amount of water in an hour than an electric model.

    LPG Tumble Dryers

    Tumble dryers are useful for drying washed clothes, They are available in a range of sizes and you can opt for different laundry business sizes. LPG tumble dryers protect the clothes from over-drying and developing wrinkles as it does not produce static electricity.

    LPG Iron

    LPG irons are one of the major engineering development from engineers in India. These irons are ideal for removing wrinkles, and smoothening the fabric without any electricity. These have easy turn-on/off, and temperature control options.


    If you are running a laundry business and want a reliable source of LPG suppliers, then trust us. SHIVGAS is one of the leading private gas agencies in West Bengal and East India. If you are starting a new business then contact our experts to get guidance on LPG installation.

  • LPG In Cars- Need Of the Hour for a Cleaner Environment

    With the elevation in the petrol and diesel rates, several consumers are looking for alternatives like LPG in cars to reduce their fuel expenses. If you’re one of them and want to shift your car to a good alternative, we have the perfect solution for you. Auto LPG is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to help you with outstanding results. You can save on your expenses by buying LPG from a reputable private LPG gas company in India. Globally, LPG is the third most widely used automobile fuel. The reason is quite clear and simple – firstly it is economical, and secondly, it is good for the environment. Here we’ve curated a list of benefits associated with opting for LPG fuels for cars. Check out!


    Good Choice For Environment

    As we know, using LPG at home contributes highly to the environment. The same goes for when you use LPG in cars. Using LPG as a replacement for engine fuel will help you to give a high contribution to a safe environment. The reason is the lower combustion of carbon and other harmful particles.

    Additionally, it won’t emit harmful sulfur into the environment, thus, making it a great choice for every driver. If you’re looking to switch to an environment-friendly fuel, feel free to contact a reputable and reliable private LPG gas company in India. SHIVGAS is the top name that comes to mind when choosing the right private gas agency. Contact us to get professional help.

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    High Reduction In Fuel Cost

    Another important benefit of choosing LPG as your car fuel is highly reduction of excessive fuel expenses. There is no surprise that people are looking for alternative fueling options. The high prices of petrol and diesel have made people sit at home and their cars in their backyard. The work never stops, which is why you need to keep your vehicle running. This is where LPG in cars sounds like the perfect solution for those looking to reduce their fuel expenses.

    When compared, the LPG fuels are almost half the price of petrol and diesel. At the same time, if we compare them on the running costs, LPG fuel wins the game. It is almost 40 % cheap when compared to petrol. To grab the maximum benefits, you need to choose the best private LPG gas company in India. Invest your time before you invest your money to get the desired results.



    Good For Your Car Engine

    Surprised? Don’t be! Being a clean fuel, LPG is highly known to keep your car’s engine healthy and safe. As it does not produce any residual or harmful particles when burnt, LPG is a great choice for car engines. Once you’ve switched to LPG fuel, you will watch out for the plethora of perks associated with it.

    Aside from keeping your engine healthy, it will help you to increase the life of engine components. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about the pre-ignition as it is high octane fuel with high calorific value. Get little to no noise driving experience with LPG fuel purchased from India’s right private LPG gas company. Keeping the benefits above in mind and heading to a cleaner environment, switching your car fuel to LPG fuel is important.