Gas Agency | Safety Tips For Installation

Safety Tips for Installation of LPG Cylinder

In a world where convenience takes centre stage, one essential resource stands out for its ubiquity and importance- liquified petroleum gas (LPG). From cooking sumptuous meals to fulfilling commercial and industrial fuel requirements, LPG is an indispensable part of life. However, LPG cylinders and pipelines are flammable if leakage happens due to improper installation, so, […]

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How Do Gas Agencies Handle Supply Chain Challenges for Private Gas Companies?

LPG is widely accepted as an effective and sustainable energy solution, particularly in remote areas of the country. As the need for LPG gas is increasing, a well-polished supply chain makes a difference in timely delivery, and meeting the needs of the growing demand. In the realm of private gas companies, managing the supply chain […]

Private Gas Agency in Your Local Area

Tips for Finding the Right Private Gas Agency in Your Local Area

When it comes to gas supply for our homes or businesses, it is essential to find a reputable private gas agency. With numerous options available, finding the one that’s right for you is a daunting task. Well, we all begin the search with the “best private gas agency near me”, but that’s not all to […]

Prevent LPG Gas Explosions

Do's And Don't Of Using LPG Gas In The Catering Industry

Safety is an important aspect of the kitchen. In the kitchen, every piece of equipment needs to be thought about from a safety perspective. This is why, private gas companies, like SHIVGAS, give utmost importance to safety, so the consumer can have the best service. The understanding of dos and don’ts help in taking safety […]