• How is Humble LPG GAS Changing the Lives Of Rural People in India?

    According to reports from 2021, 64.61% of the country falls under rural India. The majority of the population lives in rural areas, so it is important to consider growth in areas where LPG awareness is still low.

    As rural areas are growing with small industries such as handloom, textile, pottery, and agriculture, it is important to use energy that is sustainable and easily accessible. As the business in rural areas is gaining momentum, LPG gas is becoming a reliable energy source to sustain production. Private gas cylinder price is cost-efficient which is why it is better to procure a cylinder from a nearby LPG gas agency dealership.

    The utilization of LPG is low in rural areas, mostly due to the logistical difficulty of refilling cylinders. Refilling the cylinders used to be a challenge itself, starting from picking and dropping cylinders in bulk to shop and collecting new ones is time-consuming and expensive.

    Our vision is to create awareness in rural areas to make customer journeys hassle-free with LPG gas, so it can help in building change in the lives of rural people in India.

    Benefits of LPG Gas

    • High Calorific Value
    • Environment friendly
    • Does not produce shoot or particulate matter
    • Cost-friendly

    Benefit Of LPG on Rural Women

    According to a survey conducted by NITI Aayog, women in rural areas can save up to 1.5 hours a day, just by shifting from coal or wood to LPG gas. It allows them time for education, self-employment, and participation in other community activities.

    Apart from that, it has been reported around four million people die prematurely because of pollution from fire sources such as coal or wood. The impact is much larger on women as they are in close contact with firewood, hence they are susceptible to heart disease, lung cancer, and tuberculosis.

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    Women in rural areas are benefitted from LPG gas, as it not only saves time to collect firewood and coal but also protects the, from the hazardous ill-effect of traditional fuels.

    Benefits of LPG in Agriculture

    The primary source of income in any rural area is agriculture. The application of traditional fossil fuels such as diesel, or coal can harm crops and people utilizing them. Shifting from traditional fossil fuels to LPG gas host of benefits. Some of the applications of LPG in rural areas are:

    • Crop Drying and Crop Protecting
    • Hot Water System for dairy farmers
    • Heating greenhouse sustainably
    • The faster weed removal system

    Benefits of  LPG in industries

    As mentioned in an earlier section of the blog, LPG in rural areas is not limited to the household application but is also enormously utilized for industrial purposes. Some of the industries in rural where LPG is more effective than other fuels are:

    • Brick industry
    • Glass industry
    • Leather Industry
    • Textile industry
    • Concrete industry

    How SHIVGAS is lending a Helping Hand In Changing Rural Lives?

    As we understand the need for LPG in rural areas, it is important to understand the cause behind the hindrance in the shift from wood or coal to LPG.

    Why do people in rural areas prefer coal/wood/kerosene?

    The reason behind the application of traditional solid fossil fuel or wood in small industries in rural areas is convenience in collecting the materials. Coal or wood is readily available from the nearby market, whereas a lot of villages still don’t have nearby LPG gas agencies or refilling centers.

    To curb the issue, SHIVGAS is offering an LPG gas agency dealership that allows users to easily avail cylinders in need. It decreases the delivery time and helps in reducing downtime due to the unavailability of cylinders.


    At SHIVGAS, you can get LPG for domestic, commercial, and industrial needs. The size of the cylinder varies for each requirement, hence it allows the consumer of all sectors to get the benefit of LPG gas. You can contact our experts to get an LPG gas agency dealership by mailing info@shivgas.com or calling us at 033-4006-6002.

  • Why Rural India Should Inch Towards Cooking LPG Gas?

    According to reports, 40% of the poor rural global population rely on traditional fuels for cooking which has pernicious social, economic, environmental, and health outcomes. In the 2014-2015 ACCESS survey, it is found that the use of Cooking LPG Gas remains poor.

    Most households rely on biomass, coal, dung, and wood to address daily cooking needs. Cooking with solid fossil fuels have serious health hazards, while tuberculosis and pulmonary respiratory diseases remain the most common health risk to women and children. There is enough evidence to prove clean fuels, as opposed to coal or wood-burning cookstoves in rural areas, are necessary to bring down air pollution at the standard recommended level by WHO.

    So, how’s the scenario?

    According to National Family Health Index Survey, West Bengal has 97% of LPG gas connections all over the state. However, this falls to around 40% in terms of usage. The reason behind this disparity is a lack of awareness, a lower number of dealerships that brings a gap in distribution, and a cost hike in subsidy.

    How We Help In Increasing The Use Of LPG in Rural Areas

    Effective Distribution

    LPG stacking is the primary obstacle in rural areas. This happens because the distribution network is not effective. People can’t get LPG gas on time as the amount of LPG is low and the cost of home delivery is high. To vanquish these factors SHIVGAS has an easy application process for LPG gas dealerships. It helps in the improved network, so people do not have to depend on stacking the cylinders.


    Lack of awareness impacts the use of LPG gas. Factors like who is cooking head, cultural and religious beliefs obstruct the use of LPG gas in rural areas. To counter that, SHIVGAS provides complete safety training and helps in spreading awareness among people about why it is important to use LPG.

    Cost Of Cylinder

    The hike in the price of the cylinder has negatively impacted the use of LPG in rural areas. The poor people come under the Ujjwala scheme, however, the middle class is hoping in between coal and LPG. That said, we at SHIVGAS provide a cost-efficient price on the domestic and commercial cylinders.

    Why LPG Adoption Is Important in Rural Areas?

    The burden of disease due to smoke has socio-economic and environmental effects. To decrease the risk of air pollution it is important to transition to cleaner fuels like LPG gas. The subsidy options like Ujjwala, by the Government of India, and the decrease in the cost of LPG subsidy for the poor have a positive impact on the adoption of LPG gas in rural areas.

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    Advantages of LPG gas

    Pollution Free

    Domestic LPG gas is not harmful to the environment. It is a cleaner fuel and does not emit greenhouse gases. While using LPG no smoke production reduces health issues like respiratory diseases and tuberculosis.

    No compromise on performance

    LPG has a high calorific value, this reduces the cost of using gas. Lowers the cooking time and helps in effective cooking.

    Healthier alternative 

    LPG gas does not emit soot, smoke, or particulate matter while burning. This has zero impact on health, it does not promote respiratory issues, which makes it a better alternative to coal or wood.


    Since solid fossil fuels and HAP affects one-third population, it is high time to focus on a single solution to bring HAP below the WHO standard for air pollution. SHIVGAS is helping in providing Domestic and commercial LPG gas cylinders at the best price to every corner of rural India to improve the socio-economic stature of people in rural India.

  • How To Tackle The Issue Of Household LPG Cylinder Sweating

    At times you have seen tiny droplets on the outer surface of the cylinder that makes it look like sweating. LPG cylinder sweating especially happens in restaurants or hotels. You might have been bewildered about how this happens as there is no water source connected to the cylinder.

    Let us explain to you what is phenomenon is!

    LPG Cylinder Sweating Phenomenon

    The formation of droplets on the cylinder is called LPG cylinder sweating. As you know, LPG cylinders have compressed liquefied petroleum gas. The liquid is filled up to 80% of the cylinder’s capacity while 20% remains vacant. The liquid inside the gas transforms to vapor inside the cylinder naturally under ambient conditions.

    The converted vapor passes go to the burner. The rate of vaporization in the cylinder is 0.6kg/hr which is very low. When the requirement of gas in the burner increases, the conversion rate of vapor is not able to sustain the requirement.

    Therefore, the LPG cylinder draws heat from the surroundings to convert the liquid into vapor which leads to a drop in temperature in the surrounding areas. This cooling effect leads to condensation hence you can see tiny water droplets forming on the surface of the cylinder. In the extreme condition when there is more than 6 burner connected to one LPG cylinder it leads to the formation of ice on the surface of the cylinder.

    How To Tackle This Issue?

    As we have explained the phenomenon, you must have understood this happens due to the improper design of domestic LPG cylinders. This happens because the VOT cylinder is not designed for heavy use.

    To tackle this recurring issue in restaurant/hotel/small industries you must opt for LOT cylinders. LOT stands for liquid off-take cylinder.


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    The liquid off-take cylinder does not convert liquid into vapor inside the cylinder instead it passes the liquid LPG through the liquid off-take valve which is connected to a vaporizer. The burner is connected to the vaporizer. So, instead of passing the naturally converted vapor through the valve, it passes the liquid to a vaporizer that converts the liquid into vapor, and then it transfers to the burner. This eliminates the risk of LPG cylinder sweating.

    What To Do If Cylinder Sweats

    If your cylinder is sweating here are a few precautionary steps you can take:

    • Use the cylinder in regular intervals.
    • Blow-dry from the bottom or at the bottom level.
    • Increase the number of cylinder manifolds.
    • Lay separate high-pressure lines
    • Increase the air circulation in the kitchen cabin.


    What Not To Do If Cylinder Sweats

    Cylinder sweating is not a safety hazard however you must not take a wrong decision that can lead to accidents.

    • Pouring of hot water on the cylinder.
    • Heating the cylinder with flames.
    • Keeping it in a closed cabinet.



    To eliminate the risk of LPG cylinder sweating, you must opt for commercial gas in a hotel/restaurant. Consult SHIVGAS for commercial gas or LOT cylinder to avoid the risk of sweating on cylinders.

  • 10 Best Ways to Save LPG Gas While Cooking

    How to save LPG gas? If you are concerned with the recent spike in the price of LPG gas then read along as we are here to help you.

    The government has put a number on how many subsidized cylinders you can get in a year, which means if you exceed the number, the price can put a burn in your pocket. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of care” goes the cliche, so it’s good to adopt some preventive measures for conserving your domestic LPG so it does not take a toll on your monthly expenses.

    10 Ways To Save LPG Gas While Cooking

    • Lookout For Leakage

    Checking the cylinder at regular intervals is the best way to make sure that there is no amount of gas wasted in any way. Small leaks sometimes get unnoticed but this adds up in your financial budget. To prevent this you should turn off the regulator knob when not in use.

    • Wipe Utensils Before Use

    Want to save LPG gas in your home? then, wipe the utensils before you put them on a gas stove. Sometimes utensils have some water droplet that consumes more gas for evaporating. Wiping the utensil before use stops apparent wastage of gas.

    • Do Not Overcook

    A large number of cooks do multitask while cooking, which leads to overcooking of food. Keep checking your food, or take note of the time for the dish to be cooked to avoid overcooking.

    • Use Pan That Completely Covers The Stovetop

    Instead of a round or oval-shaped utensil use flat-bottom pans. Using flat bottom keeps the flame intact on the surface hence reducing the wastage of gas.

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    •  Reduce The Heat As Much As Possible

    Some cooks have a habit of cooking on high flame all the time. Instead, trying to reduce the heat as much as possible can save a significant amount of gas. For instance, if water starts boiling at 100°C then heating the pan in high flame after that will not make the pan hotter rather it will waste the gas.

    • Use Water Moderately

    Most people do not measure the amount of water needed to cook. When it becomes too soupy they waste gas to evaporate the unrequited amount of water. Adding a little amount of water at a time can save time and gas consumption.

    • Keep All Raw Materials Collected Before Cooking

    Keeping all raw materials stacked in the cooking space can save a lot of gas consumption. Instead hunting for spices while keeping the burner on the flame can lead to LPG gas wastage. It is useful to keep all raw materials stored in one place before you start to cook.

    •  Keep The Stove Burner Clean

    During full combustion, the burner emits bright blue color while the sign of incomplete combustion is a yellow or orange flame. An uncleaned burner can lead to partial combustion hence it requires more gas to heat the pan. Open the burner and clean it thoroughly for proper combustion.

    • Store Boiled Water In Thermos Flask

    Instead of boiling the water again and again you can boil it once and keep it thermos flask. Use a water filter or purifier instead of boiling water for drinking or cooking purposes.

    • Use A Pressure Cooker

    A pressurized cooker cooks food in lesser time than open vessels. Instead of cooking openly use a pressure cooker for speed cooking. Pressure cookers use only 50-70% of the energy as conventional cooking on open vessels.


    Hope this article will help you save on LPG gas consumption at home. If you want a reasonable price for LPG gas then contact SHIVGAS,  we offer cost-effective prices for LPG gas cylinders.

  • Moving To New Address? Here’s How To Transfer Your LPG Connection

    Are you planning to move to a new address and worried about how to transfer the LPG Connection? Then, this article is for you.

    If  You Are Shifting In Same Locality

    If you are moving out of your house and shifting to the same neighborhood then you don’t have to change your distributor. In this case, you need to submit “new address proof” to ensure the delivery does not get misplaced.

    This is an offline process so you have to submit an application along with supporting documents like Aadhar with new address proof. You can either write an application to the distributor or download the application form and fill out the necessary detail and attach supporting documents.

    If You Are Shifting Out Of Town/ New Distributor’s Area

    If you are moving into a different locality or new city in India then here are four simple steps you need to follow.

    Step 1: Visit The Distributor’s Office

    To transfer the connection, visit your LPG distributor office in which you are registered at. Submit the gas cylinder and regulator to get the remaining credit from the distributor.

    Step 2: Collect e-Customer Transfer Advice (e-CTA)

    After submitting the cylinder and regulator they will provide you with e-Customer Transfer Advice(e-CTA). The e-CTA is an authorization code that is provided. This helps in the production of a Subscription Voucher(SV). It is applicable if you are moving to the same city. In case of moving to a new city, the distributor will provide you a Termination Voucher(TV).

    Step 3: Visit New Distributor’s Office

    Visit the new distributor’s office which provides gas at your new locality. Submit address proof, identity proof, SV (in case of the same city), and TV (if shifted to a new city) to the news agency.

    Step 4: Submit the Money Mentioned In the Transfer Voucher

    For the new connection, deposit the amount mentioned in the transfer voucher (TV). Collect your new subscription voucher from a new private gas agency and get the LPG connection issued in your name.


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    Documents Required For Transfer Of LPG Connection

    • Proof of identity (Aadhar/voted ID)
    • Proof of address
    • Gas book
    • Gas regulator
    • Gas connection voucher


    How To Become Eligible For Subsidy Transfer?

    While changing address you may come across subsidy transfer. In case you already have a subsidy and linked your Aadhar card with a gas connection and the bank then you can opt out of this part. However, if you don’t have a subsidized connection and want to have one then here is the process for subsidy transfer.

    • Direct benefit transfer for people who have Aadhar card linked with LPG account.
    • If you don’t have an Aadhar card then log in to mylpg [dot]in
    • Select your LPG distributor and service provider
    • Click on the DBT link to join the service provider portal
    • Click on the option that says “if you don’t have an Aadhar Number click here to join DBTL”
    • Submit details in ‘Form 4’ to the LPG distributor or ‘Form 3’ to
    • You can also access the PAHAL form instead of Form 3 or Form 4. The PAHAL form is for both Aadhar and Non-Aadhar consumers.



    SHIVGAS provides a clean and efficient LPG connection. If you are looking for easy transfer while changing address then opts for SHIVGAS. You can contact them and they will help you with an easy LPG connection from one address to another.


  • 6 Advantages Of Using LPG For Your Home

    Today, domestic LPG is the basic thing for every home needs. It’s possible to live without an Internet connection, but it is nearly impossible to live without an LPG cylinder. Being an affordable and excellent cooking solution, you can find LPG cylinders in every home. Besides this, there are a bunch of other benefits that come with opting for domestic LPG. But before we unwind the plethora of benefits related to LPG connection, you need to pay close attention to the safety measures too. Please choose the right LPG dealer so that you can rest assured that your health and property are safe from the damages related to it.

    Here are a few benefits related to choosing SHIVGAS for domestic LPG

    Easy To Handle

    The instant-on and off knobs attached will help you to easily handle the flames while cooking. Meaning, you can easily increase or decrease the intensity of blue flames as per your cooking requirements. With the help of a twisting knob, you can alter the intensity of the visible blue flame in domestic LPG.

    Cook Faster

    Another great benefit associated with domestic LPG is that you can cook faster and better with it. This energy-rich fuel is known to have a high calorific or heating value. Additionally, LPG is known to be a more competitive option than natural gas or coal, making it highly efficient for cooking.

    Low Heat Emission

    Domestic LPG stoves are known to emit little or no heat, keeping the overall temperature of the kitchen unaffected. As compared to other cooking devices, LPG is a great option to generate clean power. Lower carbon emissions, zero spills, and less sulfur content present in the LPG gas make it a safer and cleaner option for homes.

    Eco-friendly Option

    In comparison to other cooking devices, domestic LPG is known to be a more environmentally friendly solution. Due to the least greenhouse gas emissions, LPG is a great way to minimize the emissions of carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur emissions to the atmosphere. It can highly lessen environmental pollution and can give humans a great environment to live in. What’s more, LPG is a way to reduce approximately 70% of greenhouse gas emissions.

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    Clean & Safe

    LPG is a safe and convenient option. You don’t have to free up extra space in your kitchen to store it. Just a little space would be sufficient to safely store your domestic LPG. Additionally, it leaves no signs of ash, soot, or smoke, giving your kitchen a healthy atmosphere. Without any hassle or inconvenience, LPG can give you a perfect cooking experience.

    Less Maintenance

    Domestic LPG requires zero to no maintenance. Thus you can save some great bucks by avoiding heavy maintenance costs. Although it is an economical fuel yet, you need to take precautions while storing and using it. First of all, you need to call a trusted dealer and get your hands on the right LPG. Secondly, you need to go for periodic tests and measures to ensure that the cylinder is safe and secure for your home.

    Final Thoughts

    There is no doubt that domestic LPG is increasing in popularity, yet you need to be keener while choosing the LPG supplier. Thorough research beforehand will help to avoid future mishaps. SHIVGAS is the pioneer in the LPG gas supplying industry. If you’re looking to get your hands on the safe LPG gas supply, you’re free to contact them. Being an authorized private gas agency, they will ensure that the supply is adequately installed to avoid future risks associated with it.