LPG Safety

Rules for LPG Gas Installation - Aus

What Are the Rules You Must Know Before LPG Gas Installed?

India is the second largest consumer of LPG gas, from households to industries LPG is ubiquitous in every sector. Ministry of Commerce and Industries, and OISD-162 for restricted circulation only safety in installation and maintenance of LPG cylinder manifold has some guidelines regarding safety tips and installation process to prevent the hazardous incident. According to

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LPG Safety Tips

LPG Safety Tips- Do’s and Don’ts of LPG Cylinder

Today, LPG safety is of utmost importance as LPG fuel has gained dominance in households, industrial and commercial sectors. It comes with a range of benefits like high calorific value, affordability, and environmental friendliness. LPG is colorless and odorless fuel during extraction, this makes it difficult to track during leakage. To avoid uncalled accidents Ethyl

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5 ways To Prevent LPG Gas Explosion At Home

5 Ways To Prevent LPG Gas Explosion At Home

Every now and then we hear about fire accidents due to the LPG gas explosion. Believe it or not, gas explosions are more common than you think this is why it is better to be safe than sorry. LPG gas is extensively used in homes for cooking, so to keep yourself and your family safe

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The Advantage Of Using Domestic LPG For Your Home - SHIVGAS

6 Advantages Of Using LPG For Your Home

Today, domestic LPG is the basic thing for every home needs. It’s possible to live without an Internet connection, but it is nearly impossible to live without an LPG cylinder. Being an affordable and excellent cooking solution, you can find LPG cylinders in every home. Besides this, there are a bunch of other benefits that

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LPG Safety Tips, LPG Leakage , LPG Safety

LPG Safety Tips – How to Handle an LPG Leak?

LPG ( Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is one of the main utilities every business and home needs. However, the innocent-looking LPG cylinder can pose a high threat to human health and damage your high property. Regardless of which LPG gas providers you’re choosing for your home or business, it’s important to know a few safety tips

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Industrial Gas Cylinder Safety

10 Tips to stay safe when handling Industrial Gas Cylinders

Restaurants, medical facilities, and industrial settings, such as construction, warehouses, and workshops, all use compressed gas cylinders sourced from public or private gas companies in India. Industrial gas cylinders should be handled, stored, and transported safely in accordance with recognized industry good practices to reduce the likelihood of serious injuries or even fatalities. As one

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Private LPG Gas Cylinder | Private Gas Company Near Me - SHIVGAS

Must-Know Safety and Maintenance Tips When Buying Domestic LPG Cylinders

It’s pretty common today to see LPG being used in almost every industry, household, and so on for obvious reasons, such as its affordability, utility, ecological friendliness, and it’s less perilous compared to other fuel options. However, it is not uncommon for us to see several cases of LPG cylinder explosions that have caused irreparable

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