Prevent LPG Gas Explosions

Do's And Don't Of Using LPG Gas In The Catering Industry

Safety is an important aspect of the kitchen. In the kitchen, every piece of equipment needs to be thought about from a safety perspective. This is why, private gas companies, like SHIVGAS, give utmost importance to safety, so the consumer can have the best service. The understanding of dos and don’ts help in taking safety […]

LPG Gas Companies in India | SHIVGAS

How SHIVGAS is Fuelling India's Increasing Dependency on LPG Gas?

Today, LPG gas is in use almost in every household. The cost, safety, and clean fuel have become a reliable energy source for cooking, running the heater, and even other appliances. According to data received from LPG Gas Company in India, the demand for LPG is projected to rise 34% up to 2025. This shows […]

Advantages of Using LPG for Your Home | SHIVGAS

6 Advantages Of Using LPG For Your Home

Today, domestic LPG is the basic thing for every home needs. It’s possible to live without an Internet connection, but it is nearly impossible to live without an LPG cylinder. Being an affordable and excellent cooking solution, you can find LPG cylinders in every home. Besides this, there are a bunch of other benefits that […]

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Benefits Of New Gas Connection From SHIVGAS

One of the most adaptable compounds is liquefied petroleum gas. It has a wide range of applications, from powering cars to cooking gas in residential and commercial settings. LPG is often found in gaseous conditions and is manufactured from a mixture of petroleum products such as butane and propane. For the most part, it’s kept […]

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10 Tips to stay safe when handling Industrial Gas Cylinders

Restaurants, medical facilities, and industrial settings, such as construction, warehouses, and workshops, all use compressed gas cylinders sourced from public or private gas companies in India. Industrial gas cylinders should be handled, stored, and transported safely in accordance with recognized industry good practices to reduce the likelihood of serious injuries or even fatalities. As one […]