• Do’s And Don’t Of Using LPG Gas In The Catering Industry

    Safety is an important aspect of the kitchen. In the kitchen, every piece of equipment needs to be thought about from a safety perspective. This is why, private gas companies, like SHIVGAS, give utmost importance to safety, so the consumer can have the best service.

    The understanding of dos and don’ts help in taking safety precaution in the catering business. If you want your venture to run smoothly, then a few wise words by our expert team on safety precautions will help you to conduct business without hassle.

    Do’s for Using LPG in the Catering Industry

    • The appliance valve should always be closed when not in use. An LPG cylinder is not used after a period, which is why it is important to turn off the main valve for safety reasons.
    • When you are not using a spark igniter, the lighter or matchstick must be lit before turning on the valve. As it avoids accumulation of LPG in the pipe that could result in flash flame.
    • Keeping the cooking area well-ventilated, so one can dispose of the products of combustion and get a sufficient supply of air for proper combustion. Some kitchens are equipped with exhaust, which must be turned on before cooking.
    • Do use the right utensil with a different type of burner. The burner flame should not exceed the base of a pan.
    • Check the joints and look for leaks only when the valve is turned off.
    • Everyone handling LPG gas must get basic training on basic product knowledge for the safe handling of LPG gas. SHIVGAS is one of the private gas companies that provide complete safety awareness to avoid bad practices which can result in accidents.
    • If you detect a gas smell that means the smell of either “rotten egg” then immediately put down all ignition sources.
    • In case of fire, use D.C.P type extinguishers, and dial Fire Brigade.
    • For leakage, you should call SHIVGAS, as we assist in avoiding the bursting of the cylinder.
    • Shout/raise alarms in case of unsafe circumstances.

    Don’ts for Using LPG in the Catering Industry

    • Don’t leave any cooking appliance unattended with the flame on.
    • Never store LPG at a pace with poor ventilation. LPG pipes should be kept in an upright position and they should be never stepped on that may cause damage and leaks because of undue force on them.
    • If you are handling cylinders in bulk for catering, then never travel on bare skin as it can cause cold burns. Rather, use proper protective equipment that includes gloves, long sleeves, and eye goggles to protect during cylinder transportation.
    • Don’t keep the cylinder storage area unhygienic. Never keep extra material in LPG shed.
    • Don’t allow the application of battery-operated equipment in the LPG shed.
    • Never forget to turn off the valve of the cylinder when not in use.
    • Don’t keep unconnected cylinder with connected cylinder
    • Don’t keep your cylinder exposed to rain, water, and sun.
    • Do not put hot water if the cylinder is sweating.

    Private Gas Companies, Private LPG Gas Agency

    Why you Should Opt for SHIVGAS for Catering Business

    SHIVGAS is one of the leading private gas companies that is catering to the growing need for cleaner energy sources. SHIVGAS provides both 17Kg and 21 Kg cylinder which is available in LOT type, VOT type, and in bulk, which make it convenient for catering business to the stock cylinder before they start work in big events.

    Our team ensures all the SHIVGAS franchises are well-trained and equipped to provide assistance and guidance in the situation of cylinder leaking. We provide safety training exercises to ensure there is no unfortunate accident due to a lack of training among workers. Our 24×7 support system makes us the leader in private gas companies in India.

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  • How SHIVGAS is Fuelling India’s Increasing Dependency on LPG Gas?

    Today, LPG gas is in use almost in every household. The cost, safety, and clean fuel have become a reliable energy source for cooking, running the heater, and even other appliances.

    According to data received from LPG Gas Company in India, the demand for LPG is projected to rise 34% up to 2025. This shows in the coming years India will become 2nd largest LPG consumer in the world.

    (Data Source – India becomes world’s 2nd largest LPG consumer after government’s Ujjawla push)

    Now every household depends on LPG gas, and they can’t imagine their life without it. As the numbers are predicted, according to the Indian Government in the coming years every household in India will have a new LPG connection.

    Govt. run oil companies predominantly have a monopoly in providing domestic LPG gas. However, with the inclusion of Private gas companies, the consumer is shifting towards private gas agencies in India.

    Taking a new connection from SHIVGAS comes with perks that outrun the benefits offered by Govt. run companies.

    Know How SHIVGAS is Fuelling the Increasing Dependency on LPG Gas –


    24/7 Customer Service

    SHIVGAS goes the extra mile to provide 24/7 customer service in any situation. We provide safety training to the consumer during the gas leak and help the consumer to handle the situation with conscious decision-making.

    SHIVGAS is a reliable LPG gas company in India that offers a quick solution to consumers. Be it address change, or changing your phone number, to the requirement of assistance in a gas leak. It is an LPG gas company that delivers to the consumer through and through in any dire circumstance.


    Gas Connection Within A Day

    We all know that getting a new connection is a tiresome process, but with a private gas agency you can fill out the contact form, and within 24 hours of depositing security money, you will get a new connection.


    Hassle-free New Connection Process

    SHIVGAS provides a gas connection with minimum documents. If you are tired of producing different photocopies of identity proof, then consult SHIVGAS, as we give you a new connection by producing any government-mandated identity proof.


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    On-time Delivery

    SHIVGAS has a hassle-free process for booking a new cylinder. The cylinders are delivered within a day without any delay. This is because of its wide network of franchises.

    SHIVGAS acquires straight-run LPG which is unadulterated with hydrocarbons and other containment. It always strives to provide the best quality as per se to consumers. Each cylinder goes through stringent testing to assure safety and quality in bottled LPG gas.


    Online Application

    Private LPG gas company in India offers a hassle-free process for new connections and gas dealerships. It streamlines the hectic procedure of submitting all documents. To get a dealership of LPG gas company you can check the eligibility criteria on the site and submit the documents online. If you are eligible for this, you can avail of the services within 24-48 hours of submitting your application approval.


    Affordable Gas Cost

    Commercial gas cylinder prices vary from one state to another. But, it ensures uniformity in the cost of the commercial cylinder for hotels or industries. It has a cylinder capacity of 33 Kg for commercial cylinders and for domestic it comes in sizes of 5 kilos and 14.2 kilos.



    To fuel the burning need for LPG in India requires a proper supply solution. SHIVGAS is one of the best LPG gas companies in India that have numerous transport trucks and delivery vehicles in its fleet.

    With a well-connected franchise in different locations of India, be it rural, urban, or semi-urban cities, it delivers quality service to the consumer. To be part of SHIVGAS, connect with us by filling out this contact form.

  • 6 Advantages Of Using LPG For Your Home

    Today, domestic LPG is the basic thing for every home needs. It’s possible to live without an Internet connection, but it is nearly impossible to live without an LPG cylinder. Being an affordable and excellent cooking solution, you can find LPG cylinders in every home. Besides this, there are a bunch of other benefits that come with opting for domestic LPG. But before we unwind the plethora of benefits related to LPG connection, you need to pay close attention to the safety measures too. Please choose the right LPG dealer so that you can rest assured that your health and property are safe from the damages related to it.

    Here are a few benefits related to choosing SHIVGAS for domestic LPG

    Easy To Handle

    The instant-on and off knobs attached will help you to easily handle the flames while cooking. Meaning, you can easily increase or decrease the intensity of blue flames as per your cooking requirements. With the help of a twisting knob, you can alter the intensity of the visible blue flame in domestic LPG.

    Cook Faster

    Another great benefit associated with domestic LPG is that you can cook faster and better with it. This energy-rich fuel is known to have a high calorific or heating value. Additionally, LPG is known to be a more competitive option than natural gas or coal, making it highly efficient for cooking.

    Low Heat Emission

    Domestic LPG stoves are known to emit little or no heat, keeping the overall temperature of the kitchen unaffected. As compared to other cooking devices, LPG is a great option to generate clean power. Lower carbon emissions, zero spills, and less sulfur content present in the LPG gas make it a safer and cleaner option for homes.

    Eco-friendly Option

    In comparison to other cooking devices, domestic LPG is known to be a more environmentally friendly solution. Due to the least greenhouse gas emissions, LPG is a great way to minimize the emissions of carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur emissions to the atmosphere. It can highly lessen environmental pollution and can give humans a great environment to live in. What’s more, LPG is a way to reduce approximately 70% of greenhouse gas emissions.

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    Clean & Safe

    LPG is a safe and convenient option. You don’t have to free up extra space in your kitchen to store it. Just a little space would be sufficient to safely store your domestic LPG. Additionally, it leaves no signs of ash, soot, or smoke, giving your kitchen a healthy atmosphere. Without any hassle or inconvenience, LPG can give you a perfect cooking experience.

    Less Maintenance

    Domestic LPG requires zero to no maintenance. Thus you can save some great bucks by avoiding heavy maintenance costs. Although it is an economical fuel yet, you need to take precautions while storing and using it. First of all, you need to call a trusted dealer and get your hands on the right LPG. Secondly, you need to go for periodic tests and measures to ensure that the cylinder is safe and secure for your home.

    Final Thoughts

    There is no doubt that domestic LPG is increasing in popularity, yet you need to be keener while choosing the LPG supplier. Thorough research beforehand will help to avoid future mishaps. SHIVGAS is the pioneer in the LPG gas supplying industry. If you’re looking to get your hands on the safe LPG gas supply, you’re free to contact them. Being an authorized private gas agency, they will ensure that the supply is adequately installed to avoid future risks associated with it.

  • Benefits Of New Gas Connection From SHIVGAS

    One of the most adaptable compounds is liquefied petroleum gas. It has a wide range of applications, from powering cars to cooking gas in residential and commercial settings. LPG is often found in gaseous conditions and is manufactured from a mixture of petroleum products such as butane and propane. For the most part, it’s kept in pressurized containers.

    SHIVGAS has always lived up to its reputation when it comes to LPG gas dealerships. We are devoted to being more than simply a gas supplier; we want to be your valued business partner. That is why we have a variety of services tailored to your needs in order to serve you better. We offer everything from LPG installation and supply to gadgets that help you manage your consumption and keep you safe.


    We have a well-versed team of specialists with broad industry expertise and experience to assist you through every stage since we think safety and sustainability should be the major emphasis of every business that utilizes LPG. We also believe in passing on our expertise and experience to you.

    SHIVGAS provides excellent-grade LPG free of contaminants, and heavy particles burn cleanly and leave no residue.



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    Service for LPG Installation

    SHIVGAS’s LPG installation services are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that your industrial facility runs smoothly. We have experts who are well-trained and experienced in the installation process taking care of all of the necessary precautions.

    Solutions for Energy Conservation

    SHIVGAS is a prominent LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) provider in India. Since its inception, it has expanded exponentially to become one of the most popular options for people seeking an LPG gas connection. SHIVGAS has delivered Liquid Petroleum Gas, a clean and efficient fuel, to millions of Indian consumers.

    SHIVGAS has a large network of distributors around the nation that helps meet the company’s high demand and provides a seamless distribution procedure for customers.

    If you need a gas connection for your home, SHIVGAS is one option. The SHIVGAS connection is open to everyone, and it participates in several government programs that give subsidized gas connections to individuals who qualify. Customers may register for this connection online, and they can also book cylinders and refills online, over the phone, or through mobile apps. The link is also portable, allowing it to be moved throughout a city or even outside.


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    Our customers are at the heart of all we do. Therefore, we always welcome comments from our consumers, and we provide a variety of options accessible to them for submitting their thoughts, ideas, and complaints.

    Because we place a high value on safety, we make sure that our clients are aware of the precautions that should be followed. The use of flame-retardant aprons and energy-efficient gadgets is advised for increased safety precautions.

  • 10 Tips to stay safe when handling Industrial Gas Cylinders

    Restaurants, medical facilities, and industrial settings, such as construction, warehouses, and workshops, all use compressed gas cylinders sourced from public or private gas companies in India.

    Industrial gas cylinders should be handled, stored, and transported safely in accordance with recognized industry good practices to reduce the likelihood of serious injuries or even fatalities.

    As one of the premier private gas companies in india, our employees undergo rigorous training to ensure they are handling, storing, and transporting cylinders correctly, so we thought it would be fair to inform our audiences about safety measures as well.

    Here are the 10 tips you should follow:

    1. Unload cylinders immediately upon arrival and transport them in a well-ventilated vehicle

    Gas cylinders should never be moved or stored in a closed vehicle. Among the private gas companies in India, ShivGas is equipped with a dry powder fire extinguisher, which we test regularly to ensure its functioning properly.

    2. All gases behave differently

    You must read the safety data sheets for each type of gas and ensure you’re familiar with its properties and hazards before handling the cylinder.


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    3. Keep the cylinders locked so that they don’t move or topple

    To prevent the rolling of cylinders, straps and chocks should be used to secure them. While on the move, be sure that the valve can’t be opened.

    Ensure that you always transport LPG (propane) and liquefied gas cylinders upright. You should always stand acetylene cylinders upright for at least 30 minutes before using them if you need to move them lying down.

    4. Get the training you need

    Gas cylinders require training before you are allowed to work with them so that you know what to do in an emergency and how to handle them regularly. If you feel you haven’t received adequate training or if you need to be refreshed, please consult your supervisor.

    Industrial LPG Gas Cylinder | 33 KG LPG | SHIVGAS

    5. Maintain a proper storage method for the cylinders

    Keeping them upright, in a well-ventilated area away from heat, and separating them according to the properties of their gas are the best practices. You must not store any flammable material in your cylinder store. Empty and full cylinders should be stored separately and rotated so that the oldest ones are used up first.

    6. Be aware of what you are handling

    If the contents of the cylinder cannot be determined by the cylinder label, do not rely on the cylinder colour for identification. In case of missing or unreadable labels, do not use the cylinder.


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    7. Inspect your cylinders for safety

    Be especially cautious of cylinders that show signs of impact, heat damage, or discoloration, and contact the supplier immediately.

    8. Wear the appropriate safety equipment

    Protective gear such as a hard hat, safety glasses, high visibility clothing, protective gloves, and safety shoes or boots are a must. Signage should be installed at all cylinder storage facilities warning about safety precautions as well as emergency procedures.

    9. Practice safe lifting and manual handling techniques

    A falling cylinder must never be caught – let it fall and move away from its direction of impact. Grasp the collar or neck of the cylinder firmly with both hands. It is never a good idea to lift cylinders by the valve handwheel or cylinder valve.

    10. Use a forklift truck or cylinder trolley to move cylinders

    If you are moving individual cylinders, use a cylinder trolley, and if you are moving MCPs (Manifold Cylinder Pallets), make sure they are transported by a forklift driven by a qualified operator.

    Final Words

    Even though the properties of different gases are unique, the hazards associated with handling and storing are similar, owing to the size of the metal cylinder and the volatile nature of the compressed gas.

    In the event of a cylinder tipping over, the pressurized valve can shear off, transforming the cylinder into a deadly torpedo with speeds of 170 mph, triggering a chain reaction that could spell doom.

    We hope the above Do’s and Don’ts will prevent you from sustaining traumatic incidents.