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Do's And Don't Of Using LPG Gas In The Catering Industry

Safety is an important aspect of the kitchen. In the kitchen, every piece of equipment needs to be thought about from a safety perspective. This is why, private gas companies, like SHIVGAS, give utmost importance to safety, so the consumer can have the best service.

The understanding of dos and don'ts help in taking safety precaution in the catering business. If you want your venture to run smoothly, then a few wise words by our expert team on safety precautions will help you to conduct business without hassle.

Do's for Using LPG in the Catering Industry

  • The appliance valve should always be closed when not in use. An LPG cylinder is not used after a period, which is why it is important to turn off the main valve for safety reasons.
  • When you are not using a spark igniter, the lighter or matchstick must be lit before turning on the valve. As it avoids accumulation of LPG in the pipe that could result in flash flame.
  • Keeping the cooking area well-ventilated, so one can dispose of the products of combustion and get a sufficient supply of air for proper combustion. Some kitchens are equipped with exhaust, which must be turned on before cooking.
  • Do use the right utensil with a different type of burner. The burner flame should not exceed the base of a pan.
  • Check the joints and look for leaks only when the valve is turned off.
  • Everyone handling LPG gas must get basic training on basic product knowledge for the safe handling of LPG gas. SHIVGAS is one of the private gas companies that provide complete safety awareness to avoid bad practices which can result in accidents.
  • If you detect a gas smell that means the smell of either "rotten egg" then immediately put down all ignition sources.
  • In case of fire, use D.C.P type extinguishers, and dial Fire Brigade.
  • For leakage, you should call SHIVGAS, as we assist in avoiding the bursting of the cylinder.
  • Shout/raise alarms in case of unsafe circumstances.

Don'ts for Using LPG in the Catering Industry

  • Don't leave any cooking appliance unattended with the flame on.
  • Never store LPG at a pace with poor ventilation. LPG pipes should be kept in an upright position and they should be never stepped on that may cause damage and leaks because of undue force on them.
  • If you are handling cylinders in bulk for catering, then never travel on bare skin as it can cause cold burns. Rather, use proper protective equipment that includes gloves, long sleeves, and eye goggles to protect during cylinder transportation.
  • Don't keep the cylinder storage area unhygienic. Never keep extra material in LPG shed.
  • Don't allow the application of battery-operated equipment in the LPG shed.
  • Never forget to turn off the valve of the cylinder when not in use.
  • Don't keep unconnected cylinder with connected cylinder
  • Don't keep your cylinder exposed to rain, water, and sun.
  • Do not put hot water if the cylinder is sweating.
Using LPG in the Catering Industry

Why you Should Opt for SHIVGAS for Catering Business

SHIVGAS is one of the leading private gas companies that is catering to the growing need for cleaner energy sources. SHIVGAS provides both 17Kg and 21 Kg cylinder which is available in LOT type, VOT type, and in bulk, which make it convenient for catering business to the stock cylinder before they start work in big events.

Our team ensures all the SHIVGAS franchises are well-trained and equipped to provide assistance and guidance in the situation of cylinder leaking. We provide safety training exercises to ensure there is no unfortunate accident due to a lack of training among workers. Our 24x7 support system makes us the leader in private gas companies in India.

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