5 Ways To Prevent LPG Gas Explosion At Home

5 ways To Prevent LPG Gas Explosion At Home

5 Ways To Prevent LPG Gas Explosion At Home

Every now and then we hear about fire accidents due to the LPG gas explosion. Believe it or not, gas explosions are more common than you think this is why it is better to be safe than sorry. LPG gas is extensively used in homes for cooking, so to keep yourself and your family safe from fire accidents due to LPG gas explosions, we have put 5 ways in this article that helps in preventing uncalled fire accidents.

Preventative Measures

Keep The Stove and Cylinder Off When Not In Use

One of the things that most households take for granted is switching off the cylinder knob when not in use. To prevent uncalled fire accidents, turn off the knob after use. The kitchen is not the place you spend most of your time, keeping the knobs off will ensure your gas won’t leak while it remains unattended.

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Check The Appliances Regularly

Keeping track of the wear and tear of the appliances is the right way to prevent accidents. Make sure the appliances like the burner, stove, and gas pipe are in good condition. If you spot damage or corrosion in the burner, then ask for assistance from your gas agency for replacement.

Check The Cylinder During Delivery

During delivery make sure the seal is not broken. Ask the delivery person to weigh your cylinder and check the valve to ensure the cylinder is safe to use.

To ensure, the cylinder is safe to keep for months and use in your home, check the due date of testing. While checking the due date, please take a look at the inner side of the cylinder. The date is generally marked on the inner side of the cylinder stay plate. The due date is marked by alphabets each representing a quarter, viz; A-March, B-June, C-September, D-December. The year is written along with it. So, if the date of testing is B-25, this means the due date of testing is June 2025.

Regular Check-Up From LPG Gas Agency

To prevent major accidents it is good to call professionals from your LPG gas agency to guide you with an accurate report of your gas. In case your pipelines are not in the best of condition, they assist you with new appliances and safety training to prevent explosions in dire times.

Take Preventive measures During Gas Leak

If you hear a hissing sound or the olfactory senses are sensing a foul smell, then it is evident the LPG gas is leaking. If the gas leak has already started then instead of panicking here are the measures you can take.

  • Open the doors and windows of your home, so the gas can go out. It will give you ample time to call the professionals from the gas agency.
  • Do not switch on lights or fans.
  • Avoid lighting cigarettes or any appliances near the burner.
  • Do not turn on burners when the gas is leaking.


Using LPG Gas is a part of life, starting from heating water to cooking favorite meals, LPG gas is the combustion source for healthy eating. It is important to keep an eye on the precautionary measures to protect yourself and your loved ones if gas leakage happens.

To prevent gas explosion, you can call SHIVGAS’s customer service. We provide professionals who help in providing the right assistance and prevent fire accidents due to gas leakage.

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