5 Main Industrial Uses Of LPG

There are multiple uses of LPG gas in the industrial sector. It is a clean fuel with a high calorific value and is, therefore, one of the most versatile energy sources. Industrial LPG plays a significant role in many industrial applications, such as powering ovens, furnaces, and heating tools.

Besides being a ubiquitous part of every household, LPG is being used in commercial cooking and industrial applications. The textile industry, powder coating industry, metal melting, and a few other industries are adopting LPG instead of fossil fuel to enhance productivity and reduce carbon footprint.

Let's take a look at all those industries which are moving ahead with industrial LPG gas.  

1. Galvanizing

Galvanizing means coating iron or steel with a protective layer of Zinc to prevent rusting. This uses a hot Zinc bath, in which the metals are dipped. The role of LPG in galvanization to pre-heat. As the preheating time is important for zinc bath, LPG helps in reducing the pre-heating time making sure there is no lag in productivity.


2. Metal Melting

Metal melting is a complex process that requires a lot of heat. When we say a lot, we are talking about over a thousand degrees. For this, most industries use Fuel oil, High-Speed Diesel, and Light Diesel oil, however, these contain Green House Gas. These oils have heavy impurities and play a critical role in degrading air quality.

To combat this, LPG is a smart fuel that overcomes all the challenges in the metal melting industry. It can save up to 10-25 percent of electricity requirements in these industries. Moreover, LPG provides uniform heat ensuring the prolonged life of metal. 

SHIVGAS the leading private gas agency supplies industrial LPG which does not contain any impurities. It is free from pollutants and makes fuel budget-friendly.

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3. Steam Generation

Steam Generation is important for drying seeds or using them as boilers. While some of the small industries are dependent on wood for steam generation, it is known to be expensive in long run. Needless to mention, wood is not a clean source of energy and is neither sustainable. 

Industrial LPG saves energy, and cost and increases the efficiency of the work by 95%. By installing an LPG cylinder in a steam generator, you will be able to reduce maintenance and operation costs.


4. Powder Coating

The powder coating industry requires precise heating. This means the fuel source should possess a high calorific value and be able to heat uniformly. Powder coating traditionally involved HSD, FO, coal, and other conventional fuels. As a result, these fuels produced pollution and made powder coatings less reliable.

Adopting industrial LPG helps in:

  1. Precise temperature control
  2. Better finishing and higher productivity
  3. Saving fuel cost in comparison to other fuels 
  4. It emits less CO2 during combustion.

5. Printing

The paper goes through several rotatory processes in the printing industry, and each time the ink needs to be dried as quickly as possible. LPG in the printing industry helps in drying ink, which quickly jetted on papers. LPG helps in drying ink on glassine, cellphone, aluminum foil, and paper.



LPG is an exceptional fuel that caters to an array of applications. Industrial LPG can provide more heat transfer with better control. Do you know what makes LPG even better? SHIVGAS.

SHIVGAS has the expertise of over 30 years in delivering efficient fueling solutions to consumers. SHIVGAS's new connection is hassle-free and low documentation process. 

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