5 Commercial Uses Of LPG You Must Know

LPG stands for Liquified Petroleum Gas. It has numerous industrial as well as domestic use. Being a cleaner fuel, it does not cause much damage to the environment like traditional fuels.

Why LPG is a Good Option for Commercial Use?


LPG has a high calorific value, compared to traditional fuels. It does not take time in pre-ignition and burns efficiently.


LPG is sealed and delivered to any location in India with ease. Moreover, there is a very minimal scope of spillage or adulteration in LPG. This makes it easy to transport from one location to another.

Cleaner Energy

LPG gas emits a scarce amount of NOx or SOX toxic gases in the air. It has a very minimal discharge of CO2 as LPG gas mostly consists of propane and butane. This ensures it does not become the cause of air pollution when used for commercial purposes.

5 Commercial Use of LPG Gas


LPG is popularly used in hotels/restaurants as the main fuel for cooking. The cost of LPG is lower than traditional fuel like coal, wood, or kerosene this is why it is considered an ignition fuel. Moreover, LPG gas does not emit any smoke that making it easier to cook in the kitchen. One commercial cylinder can fuel up to 3-4 burners and provide the same heat in each burner, this decreases the cooking time and increases efficiency in cloud kitchens, hotels, or restaurants.


LPG gas is used in industries for heating purposes. It is used in petrochemical industries, powder coating industries, and other manufacturing plants. LPG is commonly used in metal melting as it burns at 1980 degrees Celsius. The gas is used in furnaces to melt metals like aluminum, bronze, brass, silver, and other metals. It is even used in jewelry-making furnaces to melt gold.

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Auto LPG

LPG has gained massive popularity in the automobile industry. The cleaner fuel is a good alternative to diesel in an auto-rickshaw. Being a cleaner fuel, it does not produce particulate matter or soot in the air. LPG does not cause any harm to the fuel tank and does not damage the engine. It has a high octane value, it ignites faster implying no knocking for pre-ignition.

Agriculture Drying

Commercial LPG is used in the agricultural sector of India. The most common use of LPG in the agriculture sector is for crop drying. The crop crying equipment like corn dryers, hay dryers, or peanut dryers consists of LPG gas.


Warehouses widely use commercial LPG gas to power forklifts. LPG gas is the most reliable gas for forklift operation inside a warehouse. This is also used for space heaters inside the warehouse. It does not produce smoke or toxic gas inside the warehouse, this is why it can be used inside warehouses.


LPG is one of the most trustworthy fuels in various industries due to its flawless industrial applications. Apart from being used as a residential fuel for heating and cooking, LPG has a variety of industrial and commercial applications. LPG gas is used in most industries since it is clean, safe, and efficient. The use of commercial gas reduces the dependency on traditional fuel and takes India to a cleaner future.

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