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Is It Better To Switch From Diesel To LPG?

We cannot stop the use of fossil fuels, but we can shift to cleaner fuels, that is LPG Gas for the automobile. The forerunners are petrol/diesel in the auto industry, however, LPG is becoming the next big thing for the automobile industry as most auto companies or governments are inclining towards cleaner energy. LPG has lesser emissions than diesel vehicles, it produces 96% less NOx than diesel and 68% less NOx than petrol.

LPG Gas is extensively used for domestic fuel purposes, but the introduction of LPG vehicles can make a significant impact on the environment. Being a cleaner fuel, LPG does not produce particulate matter or soot in the air. LPG is recognized as better fuel all over the world and it is used by millions of people worldwide.

A study published in The Lancet Planetary Health has some shocking findings on India's air quality Index. There is evidence of the adverse effect of air pollution on health. Around 77% of India's population is exposed to particulate matter air pollution. While the figures do paint a grim picture, change is the need of the hour, and immediate action is required for bringing improvement in the air quality standards. 

Why LPG is Better than Diesel

Less carbon emission

One of the advantages of using LPG gas, it emits lesser harmful chemicals. LPG gas generates less amount of CO2, NOx, and sulfur into the air. It does not contribute much to air pollution. Moreover, LPG is non-toxic and free of tetra-ethyl lead additives.

UN international panel has recognized LPG as efficient energy and a better alternative to petrol. It is not only a better alternative to petrol, but also it is even better than CNG.

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No adulteration

One of the biggest drawbacks of using petrol in vehicles is adulteration. Diesel is usually adulterated with kerosene which makes it more toxic during combustion and reduces its octane rating, the rating that measures how likely petroleum can self-ignite.

If you ask could LPG be adulterated? It is almost impossible. It is transported across India in sealed cylinders directly from the filing plants, this ensures there are zero scopes of adulteration.

Fuel Cost

The rate of fuel is soaring high. Recently, the price of fuel has gone up to 100rupees per liter. To keep the vehicle and finance on track, LPG is a better alternative. In terms of the cost of fuel, LPG costs little more than half the price of petrol and diesel. This means you can go more miles per gallon. The average price of Auto LPG per year is less than the price of petrol.

Comparison in Performance

LPG is good for automobiles. It is a cleaner burner fuel and produces little residue and does not cause any harm to the fuel tank and does not damage the engine. It has a high octane value, it ignites faster implying no knocking for pre-ignition. LPG vehicle ignites faster even when the engine is completely cold.

Lowers Maintenance Cost

LPG gas is a cleaner fuel and does not leave any residue in the fuel tank, this reduces the need for servicing. LPG do not leave acid or carbon deposit in the engine. Moreover, LPG is corrosion-free fuel this is why it does not damage the engine, reducing the need for maintenance of the engine.

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Diesel has a harmful effect on the environment, however, with Auto LPG it can be replaced. In this article we mentioned, why it is better to switch from diesel to LPG, now it's your turn to take the step and bring change together for a healthier environment.

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