How is SHIVGAS Evolving as a Leading LPG gas company in India?

Liquefied Petroleum Gas, often known as LPG, is a flexible fuel that may heat, light, and power a variety of machines. Hundreds of thousands of commercial companies all over the world have been fueled by LPG. LPG is a highly efficient energy source that is both safe and cost-effective for fuel and maintenance. In comparison to traditional fuels, the end product has a higher level of consistency and quality. All of this, when paired with SHIVGAS, a private gas company in India's fast and dependable services, is a worthwhile improvement.

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Let's Understand How SHIVGAS Adds Value

A One-Stop-Shop

When you choose SHIVVGAS services, it takes care of everything from system design to engineering and annual maintenance over other private gas companies. Once our team of specialists has a good understanding of your needs, you can sit back and rest while they handle everything.

Every time, you can count on high-quality service

SHIVGAS utilizes LPG that is devoid of heavy hydrocarbons and other contaminants. As a result, the end product quality improves, and the combustion system's maintenance costs decrease. SHIVGAS caters to consumers, with our 24x7 customer service, so you can count on us, any time of the day. 


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Continuity of supplies

SHIVGAS guarantees a continuous supply of LPG with access to n number of terminals and filling units. A specialized fleet of tankers and delivery vehicles and the finest in-house inventory management systems are also available.



SHIVGAS strongly emphasizes safety, which is ingrained in its operation and set of morals. It tries to persuade consumers and other partners of the importance of safety and the precautions that must be followed.

Customer Centricity Distinguishes Us From The Competition:

  • After the installation, our managers keep strong contact with the clients, assuring seamless supply and quickly addressing difficulties!
  • Our experts provide comprehensive technical support and respond to concerns within 24 hours.
  • Instant response via an online login method demonstrates our commitment to providing exceptional customer service.
  • Our dedication to safety is demonstrated by safety training, audits, mock exercises, safety interlocks, and SMS warnings in the system.

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SHIVGAS stands apart from the competition because we think that good service equals good business. With our effective after-sales support, our customer connections do not end with completing a transaction but continue throughout the whole length of our product's use. As shown in a recent poll, more than 45 percent of unsatisfied consumers said they were disappointed with after-sales support due they did not receive the value guaranteed by the firm.

SHIVGAS has changed the Indian LPG market and has progressed to become a major LPG player in client sectors such as Industrial, Commercial, Domestic, and Auto LPG.

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