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How To Tackle The Increasing Pollution Through LPG Gas?

It is no secret rising levels of pollution are a grave challenge that the world is facing. According to reports of 2019, around 90% of the global population breathes air that is considered unhealthy by 2005 guidelines. One of the steps which a lot of countries have already taken is shifting to LPG gas for commercial needs.

Currently, India is the second most polluted country in all over the world. With 55.8% particulate pollution µg/m3. The increasing air pollution is shortening the average life expectancy of Indians by 6.3 years.

Off all the lots available as an alternative fuel to traditional fossil fuels such as petrol, diesel, or kerosene, LPG is considered the reliable solution for tackling the increasing level of pollution.

Why LPG Gas is the right choice For Air Pollution?

The UN International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has declared global warming potential (GWP) zero to LPG. LPG generates a low level of CO2. The GWP of CO2 is 1, while methane has 25, which is not produced during the burning of LPG.

Why LPG Gas is the right choice For Air Pollution - Gas Agency

LPG produces a minimal amount of PM2.5 in the form of NOx or SOx. Indian air is polluted mostly by PM2.5, which is the reason behind the heavy level of pollution in the air. India is now transitioning from diesel and petrol to LPG. The fact you must know is LPG is a cleaner fuel than CNG too.

Most of the pollutants are produced from commercial and industrial usage of energy sources. This is why, to curb the rising level of particulate matter in the air, replace coal in industries, hotels, and restaurants with LPG.

Application of LPG

LPG is a multipurpose fuel that is used worldwide as an alternative fuel for a range of applications. The versatility of its application makes it an apt fuel to curb the growing pollution. Some of the applications of LPG are:


In India, for residential purposes, LPG is the best alternative to wood, coal, and kerosene. It has a high calorific value, which makes it suitable for cooking, water heating, and steam generation for drying.

Cooking from traditional fuel results in the accumulation of soot, and produce a heavy amount of smoke which is difficult to control in enclosed areas.

Commercial Application

LPG offers a continuous supply of heat which is maintained at the desired temperature. Hotels, catering businesses, and restaurants are some of the areas where commercial use of LPG is quite prominent. LPG gas is easy to maintain and use, which makes it one of the right choices for commercial application. Commercial uses of LPG gas are:

  • Hotel/Restaurant

The hotel and restaurant industry is booming, so most commercial food businesses are transitioning from coal, wood, or kerosene to LPG. Earlier there was a high dependency on coal due to its easy accessibility and low cost.

But with an increase of private gas agency dealerships and easy-to-access cylinders in bulk, the transition from coal to LPG has led to a decrease in heavy smoke production from this industry.

  • Auto LPG

Vehicular pollution is the leading cause behind the excess production of particulate matter and pollutants in the air. To curb this, Auto LPG is the initiative taken by the government. In this, an LPG cylinder can be added to an auto-rickshaw or even car, by adding LPG installing kit.

Industrial application of LPG

To tackle the increasing pollution, the heavy production of smoke and harmful toxic gas must be reduced. For the growth of any country, it is important to largely focus on industries, but that impacts the environment heavily. This is why, SHIVGAS offers 33kg LPG cylinders and cylinders in bulk, which you can buy from any private gas agency dealership.

Some of the industries where LPG gas plays a crucial role:

  • Metal melting industry
  • Agriculture industry
  • Baking Industry
  • Steam generation industry


SHIVGAS is ensuring a cleaner tomorrow by increasing the number of private gas companies dealership in India. Vow for a better and cleaner tomorrow with SHIVGAS and ensure a greener tomorrow.

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