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Private Gas Agencies in West Bengal

How To Choose the Right Private LPG supplier for Food and Beverage Industry?

Whether you run a restaurant, café, or street food stall, LPG plays a major role in catering to all cooking needs. Clean burning, high calorific value, and affordable price make it the fuel of choice in the F&B industry.

With the growth in the F&B business, consumers need to be careful when selecting an LPG gas agency as a supplier. We are here to offer you a few parameters that you can check while searching for a “private gas agency near me in West Bengal”.

Appropriate Storage Solution

Be it a café or restaurant, it is important to have a proper storage solution for LPG. When selecting any private gas agency you must know about the storage process. The factors that impact the installation process are flow rate, safety, and peak load.

An LPG supplier who has trained staff and is committed to providing a seamless experience from installation to after-sales service is the one you must choose.

Regular Check-Up For Maintenance

We know in restaurants and cafés, that safety is of utmost importance. Keeping track of your service calendar is part of our effort to prevent untoward incidents. Regular check-ups assure the good maintenance of various equipment and storage solutions inside the kitchen and ensure smooth workflow without any inconvenience.

We understand the need for regular check-ups about the health of the kitchen and its LPG connection, so you can go for optimum efficiency and output.

Timely and uninterrupted supply

For running a successful F&B business, unremitting supply is essential. SHIVGAS is known to have hundreds of suppliers and LPG gas dealerships in West Bengal that make a chain of movement in the state. We provide VOT and LOT cylinder and power burners, which are perfect for large kitchens.

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We make sure your business runs smoothly so your focus remains on profit, not on the delay of cylinder and stoppage in work. So, next time you are searching for a “private gas agency near me in West Bengal”, for quick delivery of gas, make sure to head over to SHIVGAS’s website.

Safety Training

If you are part of the F&B industry, you must learn a safety guide to act during dire times. We provide safety training from time to time that helps the staff to learn the necessary guidelines to eliminate potential hazards.

We help in spreading awareness on do's and don'ts and conduct regular safety training and audits to ensure our consumer is working in a safe and healthy environment.

Distribution and Availability

When selecting any gas agency it is important to check the availability. It assures you even in a situation of cylinder scarcity the supplier can guarantee delivery. To learn about the availability of cylinders and smooth delivery, you can ask about the containers in the fleet, the distance of the nearest gas agency, and storage facilities.

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When you are getting a new connection from the private gas agency you must ask about the time scale, it is a time period of agreement signing to the installation of the cylinder. It can vary from a few days to months.

We at SHIVGAS ensure the waiting list of any new consumer is not long enough and with a smooth onboarding process.

Environmental Factors

If you are starting a new venture in an F&B business and hold high values for contributing to the environment, the gas agency of your choice must value the same. Check whether their production and bottling centers minimize the impact on the environment.


SHIVGAS is the gas agency you need to upgrade the hotel's kitchen. It is one of the leading “private gas agencies in West Bengal” and helps in fueling the F&B industry of India. To learn about our services, and how to get an LPG gas agency dealership or new connection call us at 033-4006-6002 or mail us at info@shivgas.com.

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