How LPG Is Benefitting The Biscuit Baking Industry?

Biscuit baking is an industry that depends completely on LPG for the manufacturing process. So, if you are in the biscuit industry, this blog is an apt read for you!

Life before biscuit was without crunch, it is the delicacy that people of every age group love! The process that is involved in biscuit manufacturing is:

  • Premixing
  • Mixing
  • Molding
  • Baking at 200 degrees Celsius.
  • Sandwiching/cooling
  • Packing

The process is simple, kneading the dough, giving it a proper shape, and then transferring the batches of biscuits to large ovens, where each batch is baked to perfection. Then these batches are transferred to big refrigerators where the temperature is set at perfection for cooling the batches so it retains shape, lastly, seals are packed and dispatched.

LPG is used to power the ovens and refrigerators. Considering the current situation, all companies choose to run their ovens on LPG gas.

So, why this is needed?

Does Not Produce Smoke

If coal-run ovens are opted for instead of LPG fuel ovens, it would lead to the production of heavy smoke inside the factory leading to suffocation and respiratory problem in employees.

LPG is a clean-burning fuel and does not emit any toxic gas while burning, making it a safer environment for employees to work in and ensuring perfection in work.

Creates Homogenous Texture In Biscuit

The LPG ovens provide heat which gradually transfers to the raw dough from the surface, and travels to the center as it transforms the dough and batter into baked biscuits or cookies. It helps in temperature control so that the final product can have a perfect homogenous texture.

If LPG is not utilized there is a chance, that some of them would have a light crust, while some of them will be burnt.

Environment Friendly

LPG gas does not produce soot or particulate matter and has lower carbon emissions. This does not impact the environment in a harmful way and lowers carbon emissions into the air. Unlike diesel or petrol, it does not emit greenhouse gases and as butane and propane are clean-burning fuel it releases a very low amount of carbon dioxide into the air.

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Features of LPG in the Biscuit Industry

  • User-friendly controls
  • Cost-effective operation
  • Reliable and safe to use.

The benefit of LPG Gas

  • It keeps the environment clean.
  • LPG is an easy-to-transport and reliable fuel source for small and large-scale biscuit industries.
  • It helps in fast heating that improves the quality of the bread and leads to good preservation.


Biscuit-making factory depends a lot on good energy resources, starting from making the dough mixes to baking biscuits in the oven, LPG is useful in every part of biscuit making.

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