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LPG, Powering India's Agriculture Sector!

The use of LPG gas in the agricultural sector is not new, and it is certainly increasing. LPG gas is beneficial in keeping the farms operating and reducing the operation cost of farms. The LPG gas agency and gas agency dealership ensure to provide low-cost commercial gas cylinders.

India is an agrarian economy with a 54.6 workforce is engaged in agricultural and allied activities. The dependency on agriculture will increase in the coming years, this is why the inclusion of clean, energy-efficient fuel is important.

Traditionally, fuels like wood, and kerosene were popular for farm uses, but it has ill effects on health and the environment. The use of LPG in agriculture helps in promoting sustainable development, benefiting from cost reduction, and lower emission of greenhouse gases.

From temperature control in sheltering houses for keeping cattle and sheep healthy to hot water, the use of LPG gas in the agricultural field and off-side field is imperative.

Here are some of the ways to utilize LPG in the agricultural industry.

Protecting and drying grain

You cannot fight rain or humidity, but you can control it to ensure healthy crop yield LPG helps dry the moisture of the grain to preserve the grain for a longer period in storage. The LPG dryers have a range of temperature settings, these dryers are fully automated and have long lasting life.

The dryers are mostly used for drying out moisture in wheat, maize, rice, potatoes, onions, and barley. It increases the efficiency in storage and the dryers use 90% of the LPG for an operation that ensures the reduction of residual wastage.

Useful In Dairy Farms

A reliable hot water system in the dairy farm is essential. Be it cleaning the milking equipment, washing the animals, or washing any other equipment, the hot water system is efficient in ensuring hygienic dairy farms. The LPG hot water system reduces the overall cost by 25%. Moreover, LPG is useful in cooking food for wet forage which is the combination of barley, corn, oats, wheat, molasses, and hay.

Heating Nurseries and greenhouses

Whether you are operating a greenhouse of a small shed or a big factory, the plants need the right temperature inside the greenhouse for flourishing. LPG heaters help in creating the right temperature inside the greenhouse that includes the right humidity for perspiration. If you want you can adjust the different temperatures day and night.

It helps in effective temperature control and the production of CO2 for crops to grow and flourish in a healthy environment. These are energy-efficient, safe, and cost-effective. You May Like: LPG In Cars- Need Of The Hour For A Cleaner Environment Weed removal system

Spraying chemicals over weeds for removal is a thing of the past. LPG flame weed removal is faster and more efficient in removing weeds.

Spraying chemicals over weeds was time taking solution, moreover, it caused substantial damage to the plants. The LPG flame burning can kill the weeds in 3 days. In this direct flame or infrared burner is directed at the weeds to kill plants in the water.

This is particularly useful for vegetable crop owners and in grapevines. It targets the weeds ensuring the plants are protected and unharmed.


It's 2022, which means we have more access to better technology and sustainable solution, ensuring there is no need to depend on ineffective traditional methods. LPG help in promoting all aspects of farming for better crop yield, crop removal, and storage. It ensures farming and related fields have high efficiency and lower production cost.

SHIVGAS provides an online order booking process for supply confirmation. Be it farmland in a remote corner of the village or large hydroponic farming or greenhouse farm areas, SHIVGAS assures on-time delivery and reliability in supply. We are expanding this supply network with an LPG gas agency dealership in Kolkata, West Bengal, and aim to diversify the network all over India.


For more information please contact us at 033-4006-6002 or mail at infor@shivgas.com.

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