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Things To Consider Before Choosing An LPG Supplier For Industrial Fuel Requirements

LPG is gaining attraction in the industrial sector due to its many benefits. One of the reasons is clean burning and high calorific value. In industry, no one can afford stoppage of productivity due to lack of fuel, which is why it is important to choose the appropriate LPG gas agency.

For the supply of industrial fuel, the selection of a gas agency depends on several factors. We will discuss some of them in today's blog.

The Validity of the Company or a Brand

It is important to learn about the company you are choosing before choosing a gas agency in a city such as Kolkata. It is the primary criteria for selecting a supplier. A professional approach relies on delivering on time, maintaining appropriate quality, and keeping all promises and commitments.

This is why, before choosing any company understand its market value and the legacy of the brand. Delve deeper to learn about their origin and from when they are in business. It will help you to understand the validity of the brand and cement the association with the supplier with mutual trust towards one another.

The Infrastructure Of The Company

It is not enough to learn about the company's background, as it is important to analyze its infrastructure. The LPG cylinder goes through rigorous testing before qualifying as eligible to use in Industries. This is why it is important to understand if the company will meet the expectations and safety measures for your industry.

Also, analyzing the basic infrastructure of the company will help you analyze whether or not it will meet the expectation of the supply requirement or not!

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Supply Chain Management

Owning a lot of bottling plants and filling plants is not enough to ensure a holistic supply of gas. The connecting point from bottling point to consumer is an important point to ponder upon. More connecting points help in uninterrupted supply on a timely basis to the consumer.

An organization or logistics company with experienced supply chain management will help in connecting the bridge of both ends and help in meeting the demand of both the consumer and the vendor. To eliminate any problem regarding the unorganized movement of the supply chain, the company must have enough vehicles on the fleet with efficient supplies.

Technical Expertise

When you are choosing an LPG gas agency, it is a must to pick a gas company that has sound technical expertise. Every industry has different storage requirements and connecting procedures, technical assistance helps in better sorting of LPG and reduces the chances of leakage due to poor connection of gas with equipment.

Technical expertise aids in customizing solutions which helps in leveraging the benefit of maximizing the profit while using LPG gas.

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When you are picking an LPG gas supplier, it is important to pick a company that values safety from anything. LPG is a fuel that needs utmost care while handling. By showcasing its commitment to fuel safety, the company demonstrates its value to consumers.

You must pick an LPG gas agency that provides clean and well-shaped cylinders. Moreover, the company must provide basic safety training to staff and be available on a need basis.


SHIVGAS is one of the leading private LPG gas agencies in West Bengal. This company complies with all the points highlighted in the article and has over 30 years of experience in the LPG and oil industries.


Assurance of uninterrupted gas supply and easy connection process, we work for customer satisfaction. Hundreds of trucks on the fleet and numerous bottling plants and filling plants ensure the safety of the cylinder reaching the industry.


If you also want to be a part of the SHIVGAS gas agency and get an LPG gas dealership in Kolkata, then contact SHIVGAS today. Call on 033-4006-6002 or mail at info@shivgas.com

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