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Important Criteria You Should Match To Get An LPG Gas Dealership

Do you want a start your own LPG gas dealership, then this is the right time. Indian LPG market is growing exponentially, with the decreasing dependence on solid fossil fuel, be it domestic or industrial usage, there is a shift towards LPG gases.

According to reports, India is 2nd largest consumer of LPG gas after China. The compound annual growth of the LPG is growing, and this is the business that gives you assured return in long term.

So, if you are living in an area with gas agencies that are far from your house, then it is time to solve the need for the growing demand for LPG cylinders with the proper setup of SHIVGAS's franchise.

If you want to be a part of this demanding industry, then here are the important eligibility criteria that you must look out for to get into an LPG gas dealership.

Important Criteria of LPG gas Agency are:

To get the dealership from a reputable gas agency, here are some of the suggestive and mandatory eligibility criteria you need to meet.

  • Individuals must be a resident of India or Indian citizens.
  • The applicant must have qualified 10th standard from a recognized board or equivalent degree from a recognized board. (This criterion is non-mandatory for people belonging to the family of Freedom Fighters)

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  • The candidate should not be less than 21 years and above 60 years on the date of application.
  • The Candidate should not own multiple businesses and should be free to devote full time and energy to the business.
  • The candidate should be eligible to fulfill multiple dealership or distributor norms.
  • The candidate should own a plot for the construction of an LPG godown or should have 20-25 lakh rupees in a bank account.

Facilities For Operation of LPG dealership

After checking to list the above eligibility criteria, here are some of the facilities that you must own for setting up the agency.

  • Godown for storage of the cylinders- For operating the LPG distributorship it is important to have storage space licensed by the Chief Controller of Explosive.
  • The area should have space for a showroom which is easily accessible to the public through a suitable approach road.
  • Starting from delivery person to delivery vehicles all should be maintained by the LPG distributors.
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SHIVGAS provides complete assistance in the LPG distributorship's journey. We provide support in selling, branding, marketing, and running a business. So, start your entrepreneurial journey with us today. For the LPG gas agency, the dealership gives us a call on 033-4006-6002 and gets in touch with our experts.

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