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What Is The Role Of LPG Gas In Shaping The Energy Transition?

LPG gas or liquefied petroleum gas is set to increase in usage in upcoming years as it will be “the bridging fuel” along with natural gas to create a sustainable global energy system. The energy resource on which we are dependent is transient, as it comes from finite and non-renewable resources. This is why, the gas agency across the world is equipping itself to sustain the growth in demand of LPG in commercial as well as industrial sectors.

Empathy towards the environment and understanding the tapestry of energy needs are crucial for the energy transition. LPG Gas is emerging as an alternative that would appear to play a part in the low-carbon energy system of the future.

LPG is one of the clean fuels that acts on the pressing issue of air pollution. Because LPG reduces PM and NO, it is a suitable alternative fuel for domestic heating, transportation, and industrial applications. We at SHIVGAS are proud to be a private gas agency that is part of this transition.

Why Is LPG Gas A Wise Choice In The Energy Transition From Solid Fossil Fuel?

LPG is a fuel type consisting of liquid hydrocarbon. As a result of its butane and propane composition, it has a wide range of uses and can supply energy in many forms. The advantage that LPG provides that are in favor of economic, environmental, and social needs is well discussed in the below section;

Sectors in Which LPG Gas Which Are In Forefront of Transition


In the realm of air pollution, vehicular pollutants pose a threat to both quality and length of life. Since the logistics industry is going to increase along with infrastructure, cities and towns will experience higher pollution levels.

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In the transportation sector diesel is known to be the leading cause behind the emission of NOx. To reduce the emission of NOx it is important to look for cleaner alternatives. A lot of countries are pursuing electric alternatives, however, this is not the solution for heavy or medium-sized vehicles. This is why it is better to shift to LPG which offers low emissions of NOx and GHG and is suited for all types and sizes of vehicles.

2. Industrial Application

Another sector that needs decarbonization and energy transition is industries. In India, still, 70% of industrial applications use coal as a primary energy source. The fact that such a high number of industries are still relying on coal allows energy transition to LPG gas in the industries.

3. Agriculture

LPG is one of the prominent fuels in use in the agricultural sector. It helps in improving the quality of produce in farms through weed flaming and crop drying. Also, it is useful for heating water and powering farm equipment such as water pumps on dairy and poultry farms.

Why Do You Need Energy Transition?

The urgent and primary need for this sustainable change is the impending effect on the environment. As climate and energy changes are inextricably linked, it is important to notice the energy transition to LPG is the wise solution for reducing the ill effects of the heavy pollutant and particulate matter emissions.


We at SHIVGAS understand the need of the hour, and our products such as industrial LPG, commercial LPG, and domestic LPG cylinders of numerous sizes help create the change. We are offering private gas agency franchisees to increase the distribution network and create minimal dependence on solid fossil fuels in upcoming future years.

As a gas agency, SHIVGAS is on the forefront of the transition, by providing clean and unadulterated LPG for industrial, commercial and domestic needs.

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