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How is Humble LPG GAS Changing the Lives Of Rural People in India?

According to reports from 2021, 64.61% of the country falls under rural India. The majority of the population lives in rural areas, so it is important to consider growth in areas where LPG awareness is still low.

As rural areas are growing with small industries such as handloom, textile, pottery, and agriculture, it is important to use energy that is sustainable and easily accessible. As the business in rural areas is gaining momentum, LPG gas is becoming a reliable energy source to sustain production. Private gas cylinder price is cost-efficient which is why it is better to procure a cylinder from a nearby LPG gas agency dealership.

The utilization of LPG is low in rural areas, mostly due to the logistical difficulty of refilling cylinders. Refilling the cylinders used to be a challenge itself, starting from picking and dropping cylinders in bulk to shop and collecting new ones is time-consuming and expensive.

Our vision is to create awareness in rural areas to make customer journeys hassle-free with LPG gas, so it can help in building change in the lives of rural people in India.

Benefits of LPG Gas

  • High Calorific Value
  • Environment friendly
  • Does not produce shoot or particulate matter
  • Cost-friendly

Benefit Of LPG on Rural Women

According to a survey conducted by NITI Aayog, women in rural areas can save up to 1.5 hours a day, just by shifting from coal or wood to LPG gas. It allows them time for education, self-employment, and participation in other community activities.

Apart from that, it has been reported around four million people die prematurely because of pollution from fire sources such as coal or wood. The impact is much larger on women as they are in close contact with firewood, hence they are susceptible to heart disease, lung cancer, and tuberculosis.

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Women in rural areas are benefitted from LPG gas, as it not only saves time to collect firewood and coal but also protects the, from the hazardous ill-effect of traditional fuels.

Benefits of LPG in Agriculture

The primary source of income in any rural area is agriculture. The application of traditional fossil fuels such as diesel, or coal can harm crops and people utilizing them. Shifting from traditional fossil fuels to LPG gas host of benefits. Some of the applications of LPG in rural areas are:

  • Crop Drying and Crop Protecting
  • Hot Water System for dairy farmers
  • Heating greenhouse sustainably
  • The faster weed removal system

Benefits of  LPG in industries

As mentioned in an earlier section of the blog, LPG in rural areas is not limited to the household application but is also enormously utilized for industrial purposes. Some of the industries in rural where LPG is more effective than other fuels are:

  • Brick industry
  • Glass industry
  • Leather Industry
  • Textile industry
  • Concrete industry

How SHIVGAS is lending a Helping Hand In Changing Rural Lives?

As we understand the need for LPG in rural areas, it is important to understand the cause behind the hindrance in the shift from wood or coal to LPG.

Why do people in rural areas prefer coal/wood/kerosene?

The reason behind the application of traditional solid fossil fuel or wood in small industries in rural areas is convenience in collecting the materials. Coal or wood is readily available from the nearby market, whereas a lot of villages still don't have nearby LPG gas agencies or refilling centers.

To curb the issue, SHIVGAS is offering an LPG gas agency dealership that allows users to easily avail cylinders in need. It decreases the delivery time and helps in reducing downtime due to the unavailability of cylinders.


At SHIVGAS, you can get LPG for domestic, commercial, and industrial needs. The size of the cylinder varies for each requirement, hence it allows the consumer of all sectors to get the benefit of LPG gas. You can contact our experts to get an LPG gas agency dealership by mailing info@shivgas.com or calling us at 033-4006-6002.

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