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Indian Auto LPG: An alternative to diesel and Petrol

As concerns over smog and dense pollution reappear with the approaching winter, the government is encouraging Auto LPG. As a part to improve the air quality, the shift from petrol or diesel to Auto LPG to curb air pollution.

The transport sector is responsible for 14% of CO2 emissions, out of which 60% is greenhouse gas. The fuel combustion in India from 181MT in 1971 has risen to 2,066MT in 2015, which is a 1041% increase.

LPG stands as a viable alternative that has the capability of cleaning the high pollution emission in the transport sector. When LPG is used in the motor combustion of a vehicle, it is known as Auto LPG. LPG consists of propane and butane, and it is extracted as a by-product during oil refining. Currently all over the world, LPG powers over 27 million vehicles.

It has several benefits over conventional fuel such as petrol or diesel. In India, only a handful of companies manufacture Auto LPG, however, the vehicle can be easily converted into an LPG variant with a few tweaks in the engine.

So, let’s discuss why Auto LPG is better

Let’s face it, the need for sustainable fuel is the need of the hour. As LPG gas has zero global warming potential, it is a cost-effective transition. Here are a few benefits that make Auto LPG the right choice over diesel or petrol.

Lower Harmful Impact on the Environment

We all are aware that LPG has environmental benefits. But are you aware that LPG in combustion engines can reduce global warming?

Yes, that’s right! LPG is the only fuel that has been assigned global warming potential (GWP) zero by the UN international panel for climate change. The reports of tests conducted to compare the level of emission of toxic gases between petrol and LPG shows, LPG contributed 52% lesser carbon monoxide, while 47% less hydrocarbon than petrol.


As the prices of petrol and diesel are shooting high, a lot of consumers are looking for cheaper alternative fuels today. LPG gas from SHIVGAS is half the cost of petrol and diesel, in terms of cost it is around 40% cheaper than petrol.

It Is Better For Your Engine

Do you know LPG can enhance the engine’s life? Yeah, that’s the truth. Petrol/diesel is a liquid fuel, which can lead to oxidation and eventually rusting of parts. It mainly occurs due to the presence of sulfur in the oil.

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Another reason that makes LPG the better choice for a vehicle, is the clean combustion if compared to its counterparts. As the engine is protected from potential damage it ought to last longer and help in reducing the frequency of serving of the engine.

Things To Consider During Conversion To LPG Gas

Even though you are aware of all the advantages of LPG gas, you must take care of a few things before switching to auto LPG.

LPG Conversion Kit

Vehicles in India are not manufactured with LPG engines, which is why an LPG conversion kit is important. Installing of LPG kit is important, and the products which are available off the market for installation can have questionable safety. It is advisable to reach out professional to get assistance with installation.

Boot Space

The LPG fuel tank is placed in the boot. So, while transitioning from liquid fuel to LPG, you need enough space in the boot to keep the LPG tank. The bigger the tank, the longer it runs. So, the best is to choose the right size, you need to select the right balance in size and space of the tank and the boot.


As the government’s scheme and initiative are supporting LPG autos and cars, the transition will be widely visible in the upcoming years. To meet the needs of growing demand, SHIVGAS is offering private LPG gas agency dealerships, to provide cylinders in bulk.

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