LPG, Powering India's Agriculture Sector - SHIVGAS

LPG, Powering India’s Agriculture Sector!

The use of LPG gas in the agricultural sector is not new, and it is certainly increasing. LPG gas is beneficial in keeping the farms operating and reducing the operation cost of farms. The LPG gas agency and gas agency dealership ensure to provide low-cost commercial gas cylinders. India is an agrarian economy with a

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Role Of LPG In the Metal Industry - SHIVGAS

Role Of LPG In the Metal Industry

The metal industry is one of the most energy-consuming industries. The rise of metal melting is increasing for the lighter metal casing which is useful in automotive, appliances, and aircraft. There is no surprise that metal melting industries are looking for an efficient fuel source to reduce cost and increase productivity. You can source LPG

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LPG An Efficient Versatile Energy Source for Hotels and Restaurants

LPG Is An Efficient Versatile Energy Source for Hotels and Restaurants

Before opening a hotel or restaurant one always searches for an LPG gas agency or ‘private LPG gas agency near me’. Hotel or Restaurants solely depends on the hospitability of consumers by providing quick customized services. Yes, we agree there are other factors too such as aesthetics, quality service, and operational efficiency, but if the

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5 Main Industrial Uses Of LPG

5 Main Industrial Uses Of LPG

There are multiple uses of LPG gas in the industrial sector. It is a clean fuel with a high calorific value and is, therefore, one of the most versatile energy sources. Industrial LPG plays a significant role in many industrial applications, such as powering ovens, furnaces, and heating tools. Besides being a ubiquitous part of

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LPG Safety Tips

LPG Safety Tips- Do’s and Don’ts of LPG Cylinder

Today, LPG safety is of utmost importance as LPG fuel has gained dominance in households, industrial and commercial sectors. It comes with a range of benefits like high calorific value, affordability, and environmental friendliness. LPG is colorless and odorless fuel during extraction, this makes it difficult to track during leakage. To avoid uncalled accidents Ethyl

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