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LPG Gas Emergencies

Facing LPG Emergency: Practical Tips That You Must Incorporate

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) has emerged as the most indispensable source of energy for almost all businesses, households and industries across the globe. Renowned for its safe usage, cost-effectiveness and eco-sensitivity, LPG is now everyone’s go-to choice for ensuring continuous and reliable performance. A preference for all, LPG, due to its precise temperature control, supplies […]

LPG Expenses

Reduce Your Expenses By Understanding LPG Saving Tricks in The Hotel Industry

Hospitality is a dynamic industry that hardly seems to have scope for rest, thought and wise decision-making. Operating in this fast-paced environment can take a toll on your business goals if you don’t spare yourself the thought to realise the importance of cutting down on avoidable expenses. Thus, to stay successful for a long time […]

#1 Gas Agency | Shivgas

Why Does Liquefied Petroleum Gas Freeze?

A widely used source for energy, LPG is known for both its efficiency and versatility. Renowned due to its precise temperature control, LPG supplies heat evenly and immediately for all industrial and household purposes better than petrol or any other fuel oil.  However, despite being an unadulterated fuel that has no scope for spilling, contamination […]