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Is Keeping An LPG Cylinder In A Horizontal Position Safe?

Are you aware many people in two-tier cities and in villages keep the LPG cylinder in a horizontal position when it is about to get empty? Albeit it has no returning profit, this raises a concern on safety protocols, is it safe to keep the cylinder in a horizontal position?

The gas in the LPG cylinder is liquefied at -10 degrees and compressed inside the bottles. The mixture of methane and butane does not fill the top of the cylinder as some space is left for the formation of vapor inside the cylinder under ambient temperature.

It is hardly noticed that people use LPG cylinders in a horizontal position or are kept in that position in an LPG gas agency and there is a reason for that. Firstly, when the cylinder is laid down and operated it has severe safety hazards, as the liquid due to gravity settles in the lower position of the cylinder, and on the above vapor, formation takes place. When this cylinder is laid down there is not enough space for vapor formation leading to a risk of leakage.

The cylinders are made only for operation in the gas phase, which comes out when the cylinder is kept in an upright position. Using the cylinder in a horizontal position leads to liquid leakage which has its consequences.

Consequences of liquid withdrawal

If the liquid escapes from the valve to the pipeline instead of vapor can lead to the transition of a liquid to a gaseous state in the pipeline or in the consumer's burner equipment which involves an abrupt and drastic change in volume.

The volume expansion from liquid to gas is 1 to 260. This sudden expansion results in an increase in pressure which is not handled by the equipment as they respond with a process preventing overpressure. This can lead to the destruction of equipment or can cause explosion or fire accidents.

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When the cylinder is laid down it leads to leakage to the pipes without the formation of vapor, this accumulates in the pipe, so if there is any defect in the pipe or regulators the gas can spill out and can lead to fire accidents.

Now coming to our very first point using of LPG cylinder in a horizontal position when it becomes empty, is it safe to use like that? No, it is not safe to use even the empty cylinder in a horizontal position as there is no guarantee that liquid will come from the pipes in vapor form as it can spill out in a liquid state too.


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