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Role Of LPG Gas In The Healthcare Sector

The Healthcare sector is just like any other commercial sector, where hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry use LPG gas for a range of applications. High calorific value and ease of installation are some of the several benefits of LPG gas that make it the right choice for rigorous application. One can procure LPG gas from the nearest gas agency, but before you take it, here is the complete guide that discusses the benefits and role of LPG in the healthcare sector.

How LPG Benefits the Chain of Operation in the Healthcare Sector?

LPG in Hospitals

Hospitals are open 24x7 which means patients, employees and visitors are constantly occupying the space. To make it comfortable and appropriate to keep thousands of people and medical equipment running, the need to a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning(HVAC) system that helps in maintaining the airflow and temperature. To run the HVAC system LPG is used, as it reduces heavy electricity bills and sudden shutdown due to load shedding.

Some of the Other LPG Gas Uses in Hospitals are:

  1. Bio-Medical Waste: Hospitals generate heavy amounts of harmful bio-medical waste, which must be disposed of safely. For this, incinerators are used, in order to achieve high temperatures in these incinerators, it is beneficial to use LPG gas that helps in complete combustion and does not emit any harmful emissions.
  2. Laundry: Hospitals use high amounts of sheets, blankets, and other clothes which must be clean and hygienic to be used for patients and doctors. Several hospitals make use of hot boilers, which are fired by LPG gas. Steam is generated from these boilers, which help in heating the water, and dryer, and also help in ironing clothes.
  3. Cooking: Hospitals provide three times for patients, making it important to own a kitchen that has either LOT or VOT gas installation based on the requirement in the hospital.

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LPG in Pharmaceuticals

In the pharmaceutical industry, there is a requirement for sterilization, purification, and drying, which requires direct and indirect heating. It is provided by clean steam which is generated from gas-powered boilers.

Application of LPG Gas in Pharmaceuticals

Production of clean steam and pure steam

The pharmaceutical industry requires both clean steam and pure steam which is generated through gas boilers.

  • Clean stem- It does not contain dissolved materials that help in sterilization.
  • Pure Steam- Pure steam is useful for the process of injectable drugs. Pure steam is used when the production process requires sterility in a continuous process.

Production Atomization

The steam bikers which are manufactured and run by gas are useful for the atomization of the liquid. In this, an application like film coating, and preparation of fine powder is done.

Production Humidification

The tablets then go aqueous coating, which requires temperature control to manage the humidity, so they neither dry too fast nor too slow. It also helps in pharmaceutical printing, where it prevents water-based ink from drying out too quickly.

Production Drying

Drying is one of the last steps of manufacturing medicines. It is done in order to remove moisture, from tablets, and vaccines, in order to remove the chances of corrosion and decrease the longevity of the medicines.

Production Sterilization

Sterilization is done to ensure that medicine is free of contamination before packaging. The steam generated from the LPG cylinder is into an autoclave or high-speed vacuum sterilizer, in which treatment is exposed at a required temperature.


The Healthcare system is getting robust, and as India is developing as one of the biggest healthcare countries, it is important to use equipment that is economical and easy to transport. SHIVGAS is a leading private gas agency that is powering innovation and efficiency in the healthcare system.


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