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How SHIVGAS Is Apt For The Paper Industry?

LPG is one of the most versatile fuels, which helps in a range of industrial operations. With LPG gas dealership, LPG industries are powering industrial equipment, and the same goes for the paper industry.

Paper production is an energy-extensive process. From pulp making to drying and steaming, the process requires precise temperature control that helps in preceding different stages of manufacturing. The high level of competition in the paper industry has brought modernization in the manufacturing process, generating heavy investments.

How is Paper Made?

The process of paper manufacturing defines the need for LPG gas in the industry. The process contains;

  1. Wet End
  2. Wet Press Section
  3. Dryer Section
  4. Calendar Section

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The Wet End

In this, the pulp is mixed with water and additional fillers, along with additives which are then pumped out on a belt. The orientation of the fiber on the belt dictates the direction of the fiber grain of the paper.

The Wet Press Section

In this, the pulp moves from the mesh belt to the flat belt. In this, the high-pressure rollers press out the pulp so the liquid is also passed into the next process.

Dryer Section

The application of LPG is crucial in this process, as the drying of the paper defines the quality of the paper. Once the pulp enters the dryer section, it has already started to take the shape of the paper. It is the second most energy extensive process in a paper mill.

The process used steam generation earlier, which was generated with the help of LPG, but recently, a lot of companies have started including LPG Infrared technology, which is not only environment free, but also cost-effective.

Calendar Section

It is the last section, as the manufactured paper comes out of two rollers attached in close proximity, which gives its shine and glossy finish to the paper.

How SHIVGAS is Benefitting Paper Industry?

SHIVGAS as a brand is collectively uplifting the industrial sector by providing a range of operational benefits. LPG is regarded as an efficient and reliable energy source, in which, the fuel can be utilized in these four areas inside the paper industry.

  1. Drying
  2. Ignition and Thawing
  3. Steam generation
  4. Water heating

However, LPG is mostly utilized for drying the coated papers, as the after phase of paper processing. It includes dying, printing efficacy, and other processes which have to be taken exceedingly quickly.

So, the advantages SHIVGAS provides as a leading LPG gas company in India are:

24X7 Customer Support

Be it any industry, a little malfunction in the installation or burner can cause havoc if not taken properly precaution at right time. This is why, we have 24x7 service, so no matter what time of the day it is, we take steps to resolve any issue regarding the supply of LPG to modern equipment.

An Appropriate Amount of Supply

SHIVGAS has built a channel of supply all over the country, which makes them the reliable brand in the market for the appropriate supply of LPG gas. We have a reliable infrastructure for the bottling of cylinders, and an efficient LPG gas agency dealership chain to create effective supply chains.

Conversion Assistance from Other Fuels

You can either call us or mail us if you want to convert to LPG from other fuels. Our team of experts will get in touch and verify the documents of the paper mill and support the installation process.

SHIVGAS provides bulk cylinders for industrial processes and provides 33kg industrial cylinders. To know about the cost and more knowledge about LPG gas dealership, contact us at 033-4006-6002 or mail us at info@shivgas.com

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