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Why LPG Gas Is The Right Choice In The Plastic, Rubber, And Chemical Industries?

When LPG was discovered around 100 and ten years ago by Dr. Walter Snelling, he hardly had any idea, how the fuel will revitalize the choice of fuel for a range of applications. As LPG comes with a power pack of high calorific value, it finds it’s application in industrial, domestic, and commercial needs. The fuel is tailor-made for over 90% of industrial applications by leading private gas companies. That said, it is evident, LPG is the fuel that is powering the most energy extensive industries, like plastic, rubber, and chemical. Industries are connecting with LPG gas dealership to get a continuous supply of cylinders without hassle.

But Why And How It Is Becoming The Right Choice For Industries? Continue reading to know!

Application Of LPG Gas In Industries?


1. Drying

Be it the plastic industry, or the rubber industry, drying is the process that is involved in different stages of manufacturing. For producing heat with the help of LPG, the industries use equipment, through which the product undergoes the manufacturing stage.

The equipment that is powered by LPG for drying are:

  • Desiccant Humidifier- The humidifier helps in producing cool air, removes excess moisture, and allows precise control of humidity levels.
  • Industrial Ovens- Industrial ovens are used in diverse applications, mostly in the foundry, paint baking, burnout, and as dryers.
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2. Useful As A “Blowing Agent” For Plastic Manufacturing

EPF, or expanded polystyrene foam is a plastic material that has special properties due to the form of bonding in the polyethylene compound. The product is composed of individual cells, which have low-density polystyrene and can be used for a range of plastic products.

To manufacture this, a special “blowing” agent is used, which uses LPG for fueling the blowing agent.

3. Furnace And Machinery Heating

Rubber, chemical, and plastic industries require a heavy amount of heating for breaking the carbon bonds or manufacturing different grades of polyethylene. To start a chemical reaction, there is a heavy amount of heat required fulfilled by blast furnaces and machines that help in heating. This is done by LPG Gas, as the calorific value of LPG is way higher than any other traditional fuel ( coal, wood).

Etching presses, rubber rollers, and furnace burners are some of the equipment which is installed with LPG gas connections for receiving a continuous supply of LPG at high heat.

4. Melting

The melt phase typically gives the polymer its final shape. In this the polymer in molded into different shapes, which help in making plastic toys and other plastic or rubber products such as pipes.

As LPG gas fuel ignites quickly and does not require manual reloading when the furnace burns, it is more effective in the melting process. LPG can produce high-temperature, so, no matter the few hundreds or thousands of heat required for the melting process, LPG is able to produce it.

5. Steam Generation

Steam generation is one of the most important processes for rubber or plastic processing. In this, the autoclaves, heat feed mixers, and curing presses are powered with the help of LPG. For drying or steam generation, LPG is utilized, which helps in muffling the electrical resistance in induction heaters.


As LPG gas is highly energy efficient and said to have a lesser impact on the atmosphere, it becomes the prominent choice in rubber, plastic, and chemical industries. The cost of LPG is affordable, along with the process of conversion to LPG from traditional fuel is cost-effective.

LPG helps in higher productivity, better-finished product quality, and lower maintenance, it becomes the desirable choice among industries of all spectrums. As the demand is increasing, so the supply chain is expanding, so to extend our chain of supply even to the remotest corner, we are offering an LPG gas dealership opportunity, to create a robust network of supply.

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