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LPG- The Fuel That Powers Metal Pre-Heating

Pre-heating is a crucial step in metal soldering or welding as it slows down the rate of cooling in the finished weld, lowers the amount of hydrogen in the metal reduces the risk of cracking. When artificial heat is added to the metal by an external source, it adds up an extra step in metal welding, saving money and time in the long term. The process reduces the chances of potential error of cracking or failure of the welding that requires rework.

In the preheating process, it is predominant to select the right fuel, as it requires precise heating temperature and continuous energy supply. This is why LPG fuel is the preferred fuel for carrying out the procedure of pre-heating. You can take supplies from the nearest LPG gas agency either bulk cylinders or industrial cylinders.

Why Is Preheating Important?

Preheating is important before welding, as it plays a role in decreasing the temperature difference between the welding arc and the core material. That can imply benefits to the welder.

It Leads To Decrement In Shrinkage Stress

Preheating helps in loosening the stresses of the metal which can lead to cracking or distortion. As hot materials expand and cold one's contract, the difference in temperature between a molten weld pool and a relatively cool base can result in internal stresses, where a molten weld tries to normalize the temperature gap in the material leading to a high risk of cracking or distortion.

Helps In Getting Finesse In The Finished Product

When the metal is pre-heating before shouldering or welding, it helps in decreasing the cooling rate which helps in slowing down the hardness rate of the metal. As the metal takes longer to cool in the heat-affected zone (HAZ), that makes the metal ductile and less brittle. This is specifically advantageous for materials that are susceptible to high levels of hardness, such as reinforced carbon steel, cast iron, and high-carbon-equivalency steel.

Advantages Of LPG In The Pre-Heating Industry

The pre-heating is done in an open furnace or through an open flame torch. The furnace is powered by LPG for its flexibility in temperature control and to make the process economical. Apart from these features, there are other benefits too.

Here are some of the important, that make it beneficial for metal pre-heating.

  • Stable Supply Of Heat

LPG has a higher calorific value and has clean burning than traditional fossil fuel. For an open flame torch, there is a requirement for a continuous supply of energy, it helps in pacing up the work and heats the metal enough to be welded with welding mold.

  • Economical Choice

LPG Gas is readily available from any gas agency, and the cost of industrial LPG is lesser, as the government promotes the application of LPG for industrial purposes. The lower cost makes it an economical choice, and appropriate to use for a range of applications in metal melting, and metal pre-heating.

  • Do Not Produce Toxic Fumes

As LPG does not produce toxic fumes of sulfur, carbon, or lead, it makes sure there is no scaling in the metal and prevents overheating, making it appropriate to fit with the mold. This also creates a safe environment for workers are they are not exposed to carcinogenic gases in the industry.


The lightweight and durable high-strength steel are gaining popularity among consumers, which is driving the demand for pre-heating before welding. This help in reversing any hydrogen embrittlement effect that can lead to cracking in the steel.

As metal pre-heating is one of the crucial steps of manufacturing high-strength steel products, we assure you, the products are made cost-effectively and have the right finish. LPG provides high-temperature for metal-preheating. We are a one-stop solution for all LPG needs, and our gas agency provides a smooth transition from traditional fossil to LPG gas by the installation of right burners, and nozzles, which are designed for reliable LPG flames.

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