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Benefits of LPG as Refrigerant

As the earth is becoming warmer and warmer every day, the need for refrigeration through AC or refrigerators is increasing. According to reports, domestic refrigerators consume approximately 17,500 metrics of traditional refrigerants such as Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) and Hydrofluorocarbon(HFC), which heavily contributes to the depletion of the ozone layer. As there are very limited places across the globe, where electricity is not present, it becomes important to consider LPG as the refrigerant.

Apart from domestic purposes, refrigeration is extensively used for commercial and industrial purposes, like storage in warehouses, or pharmaceutical factories to temperature control. LPG gas private gas agencies are escalating this change by providing LPG in numerous-size containers, that are easy to store and connect with the domestic, commercial, or industrial manifold.

To understand how LPG is beneficial as a refrigerant, continue reading!

Properties of Liquified Petroleum Gas

  1. Odourless(LPG is odorless, and Ethyl Meracepan is added for leak detection)
  2. Colourless
  3. Highly Flammable
  4. Nontoxic
  5. A good mixture, contains a mix of Propane (C3H8), Butane(C4H10), which does not lead to toxic gas emission
  6. Boiling Point: LPG’s boiling point ranges from -42 degree celsius to 0 degree celsius, the boiling point depends on the mixed percentage of butane and propane.

Benefits Of LPG as Refrigerant

Improves Efficiency

When compared to traditional refrigerants, it increases efficiency by 10-20%. When LPG is stored in a high-pressure cylinder at 12.41 bar, with a high-pressure regulator, and then LPG is released to a system, the pressure drops almost instantly, whereas refrigerant takes a much longer time. The pressure drop happens in the evaporator, which makes it suitable as a refrigerant in the refrigerator.

Environment Safe

The ozone layer depletion or the ozone depletion potential (ODP) is 0 for LPG, and Global Warming Potential is 8, which is significantly negligible if compared to other gasses. Besides lower emission of CO2 levels, it does not produce soot or particulate matter in the air.

Cost Advantage

A part of eco-friendliness also adds to the cost advantage. LPG is affordable and does not have residual fuel, hence decreasing the overall expense of using it as a refrigerant for domestic and commercial purposes. The possess of installing and constructing the storage is cost-efficient as you need just a few pieces of equipment, to power the refrigerator with refrigerant.

Running Cost is Zero

The one-time cost is for set-up and after that all you need to refill the cylinder. This makes running costs zero, as there is no everyday electricity cost for running a refrigerator.

Sound Free Operation

A refrigerant has a constant vibrating sound that makes it annoying to users, especially in large factories or warehouses. The constant vibrating sound is unpleasant and the loud sound makes it difficult for employees to work at the constant vibrating sound. LPG has a sound-free operation, enabling users to work in silence in warehouses or factories where the need for refrigeration is optimal.


As the need for refrigeration is increasing day by day, the swift shift is undertaken by private gas agencies who help in the installation and provide commercial, industrial and domestic LPG gas.

It is important to note that the cooling effect of LPG varies depending on the load, and pressure. Connecting with a professional will help you select appropriate equipment sizes, and the weight of the cylinder to run the operation smoothly.

Connect with us, to build a greener tomorrow, by taking initiative and actionable steps that help in reducing pollution and the harmful effect of toxic gases in nature.

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