Prevent LPG Gas Explosions

How To Prevent LPG Gas Explosions In Industries

LPG explosion is not new, from domestic to kitchen uses, LPG explosion can cause unfortunate accidents and havoc among users. But, as the age-old proverb goes, “prevention is better than cure’, this blog is dedicated to a few prevention tips that one must follow to avoid LPG gas explosion. Gas explosions are risky in commercial and industrial spaces, as soon as one smells a gas leak, panic starts to kick in, as the slightest of flame can cause an explosion. As an LPG gas agency, we recommend you some preventative measures to help prevent gas explosions.

Tips For Prevention

The Setting Of The LPG Gas Leak Detector

The LPG leak detector is a device mounted on the wall that is fitted close to the floor level limit at the alarm set at a 20% lower explosive limit. It helps in detecting gas leakage within minutes of leakage and alerts the user within 5 minutes of leakage, much before it can cause damage. This helps in preventing unfortunate accidents within an industry.

Flame Proof Equipments In LPG Storage Yard

A small spark is all it takes to ignite LPG. For this reason, it is important to remove any equipment or cables that can catch fire. The cable can catch fire and spread to electrical panels, which can cause major mishaps.

Avoid keeping foreign material with Industrial LPG manifold

Storing an LPG cylinder is as important as handling it rightly in industries. So, to store each and every item properly, it is important, that everyday scraped items such as iron, empty packages, and chemical containers, must not be kept in LPG cylinders. It can lead to blockage in the path, which can cause obstacles in case of an emergency.

Regular CheckUp of Manifold For Leakage

To quality test the manifold of leakage, it is important to check the pipes by passing 17Kg/cm2, to measure whether or not the manifold can withstand the pressure. If it can, then there is absolutely no leakage, while, if there is then the pipe must be changed without delay. It is best to take help from your gas agency to conduct the testing once a year.

No Use Of The Mobile Phones In The LPG Storage Area

Mobiles are hazardous, especially in areas with high explosion rates. The phones can heat up and ignite a spark, which can cause dangerous explosions. So, to avoid such situations, it is important to keep these little pocket devils out of LPG manifold area.

Isolate Main Electric Line From the Outside

The area where you are handling LPG gas, should not contain any open wires, or electrical lines. It is advisable to isolate the electrical lines outside, to reduce the chances of sparks, or avoid accidents due to gas leaks.

Periodic Inspection

Inspections are an important part of keeping the manifold safe for employees and people involved in a factory. Regular maintenance of the manifold, the pipelines, and the equipment attached to it has more benefits than fixing after leakage. You can take an appointment with an LPG gas agency, for a thorough inspection from professionals.


In the above-mentioned blog, we have listed out some of the benefits which are crucial for making industries safe that use LPG gas in the industrial manifold. SHIVGAS provides annual and monthly checkups, that ensure higher safety for using LPG in industries.

If you use LPG in your industry, you should be aware that some LPG cylinders may contain residual fuel, so do not take them out of the manifold until and unless there is no gas coming out, and after that, give the empty cylinder to the gas provider, to create a safe environment for using LPG in industries and prevent unintended explosions.

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