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3 Gas Stove Problems And Ideas To Fix It

Whether you are using the built-in stove top, or store-bought gas stop, it is one of the most essential appliances in a kitchen, and any issue with a gas stove can cause panic, why not you will be unable to cook, or worse it can lead to leakage of gas. So, it is important to know what common gas stove issues you may encounter while using a cooktop connected to an LPG gas cylinder, and when to contact the nearest gas agency to fix it.

Common Problems While Using Gas Stoves

1. The Gas Burner Won’t Light

One of the common issues that most household face is gas burners don’t light even when the knob is on, and there is gas in the cylinder. Normally, you will be able to hear a clicking sound and smell gas coming out, which lights up the cookstove.

So, if you hear a clicking sound and no gas coming out, then most probably there is an issue with gas flow, but if you can smell gas but no clicking is there, then the issue is associated with the lighter or the ignition equipment.

Solution: Turn the appliance off and then remove the burner cap, and check whether the burner has too many clogged pores. If yes, then wash it off with a scrubber to remove food debris. If the problem still persists, then try to light it with a different lighter or match stick. If this doesn’t help, then the issue related to the gas pipeline. For this, give a call to your gas agency for servicing, so we can look at it and able to fix it.

2. Low Flame

Low flame is one of the most common gas stove issues that many domestic and commercial users face. This begins with slow heating which can give a lot of headaches, as it leads to slow cooking, hence increasing cooking time and causing a waste of money and time. The common reason behind slow burning is clogged holes in the burner.

Solution: This can be resolved quickly at home. All you need is to turn off the flame and remove the burner top. Dip it in the soapy water for 30 minutes and then wash it off. If the dirt and debris are still there, then use vinegar and baking soda for a good cleaning. However, sometimes an accumulation of food spills and contact water can lead to rusting of burners, so cleaning won’t have an impact on the flame. In this situation, you can call for servicing, and if required our customer assistant will provide you new burner top.

3. Noisy Burner Flame

The flames on the burners can become noisy when there is excessive airflow in the burner, or too much gas is coming out of the burner.

Solution: Adjust the air shutter or fix the burner top and then access the problem. If still persists then leave it to the pros, as mishandling can lead to a severe gas explosion, and cause huge damage.


While using LPG for domestic or commercial use in the hotel industry, gas burner plays a key role in providing the right flame to power different applications of LPG. If the gas stove is clogged or not working properly, it can lead to leakage and cause unwarned accidents.

So, instead of putting yourself at risk, you must look for "a private gas agency near me" or contact your gas agency who can come and provide proper servicing, and also help in changing pipes, or the burner if required. So, if your gas stove is showing any of the problems mentioned above, wait no more and reach out to nearest distributor today.

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