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LPG In Industries: Difference Between LPG and HSD

Industries have a wide range of applications for gases that include construction, heating, and other carrying out other production functions. Industries operate on certain key considerations including efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability. Today, Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) is chosen over High-Speed Diesel (HSD) for many of the advantages they are able to cater to.

With the increasing demand, there is also a rise in LPG gas agency dealerships. So, what is making the industries commit to the transition? Let’s find out.

LPG and HSD as Industry Fuels

Before moving on to the differences, let’s take a brief look at LPG and HSD. A flammable hydrocarbon gas, Liquified Petroleum Gas is produced under high pressure and is widely used as a fuel for heating, cooking, and automobiles. LPG has found its way into industrial uses too.

High-Speed Diesel (HSD) is a type of diesel that is commonly used in diesel engines for transportation and industrial applications. HSD is designed for high-power engines for heavy-duty performances since they ignite faster and produce more power.

Key Differences: LPG vs HSD

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Primarily used for heating in industries, using HSD as the fuel can be on the pricier side. However, Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) is often cheaper than other fuels. For industries, this can indeed cut costs and save a lot of budget on energy.


The major drawback that industries encounter while using HSD is that the fuel has a limited scope of use. Diesel is primarily used for transportation, power generation, and some industrial machinery. However, LPG can serve multiple functions including heating, cooking, drying, and refrigeration – making it more versatile than others.

Ease Of Transportation And Storage

High-Speed Diesel is a highly flammable fuel and possesses the risk of catching fire if not stored the right way. This means, with HSD storage and transportation, there is always a risk of fire or explosion, resulting in significant damage to property and industrial workers. However, LPG can be stored in compact tanks and is much easier to transport.

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Fuel Efficiency

Fuels have different calorific values, i.e., every fuel releases a particular amount of energy while being heated. LPG clearly has the upper hand with a higher calorific value than HSD. This means that the same amount of LPG can yield more output than HSD.

Environmental Impact

LPG is a cleaner burning fuel than industrial gas alternatives like diesel. Diesel produces a significant amount of ground ozone gases. As a result, diesel is not suitable not only for the environment but also for the human respiratory system. LPG emits much lower levels of harmful pollutants and greenhouse gases, which makes them a better choice for industrial use.

Safe from Pilferage

Fuel pilferage is not unheard of while diesel is being used. However, with LPG in industries, the chances of fuel pilferage are next to zero. This is because LPG transforms into gas when it comes at room temperature (since it's turned liquid under compression). Also, LPG is a safe fuel to use in industrial settings because of its well-established handling and storage regulations.

Making the Choice

In conclusion, LPG's cost-effectiveness, versatility, environmental impact, ease of transportation and storage, fuel efficiency, and safety make it a great energy source for the industrial vertical. That is why LPG gas agency dealership is also emerging as a profitable venture for many.

With simple steps and investment, starting an agency dealership for LPG is easier than ever. Shivgas, India’s favourite private gas company, offers distributorship of commercial and industrial LPG connections. Join hands with Shivgas and be a part of India’s transition to LPG.

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