LPG in HoReCa: Profitise Commercial Business With SHIVGAS LPG

The HoReCa sector is a booming industry that heavily depends on gas for running more than one function. The sector uses LPG as a source of energy for various purposes. Starting with the preparation of food in commercial kitchens to heating water in hotels and motels – the function of LPG is omnipresent in this industry. But why is LPG preferred more than any other fuel.

Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a reliable and efficient energy source that helps ensure smooth operations in commercial places. So much so, that the demand for gas agency dealerships is growing by leaps and bounds. Take a quick look at the advantages of LPG in HoReCa.

Benefits of Using LPG in HoReCa

Energy Efficient

Since commercial places spend a considerable amount of budget on fuel, efficiency is key. Fuel efficiency is a major issue in commercial applications and LPG perfectly fits the demand. A highly efficient energy source, LPG can be used for cooking, heating, and other applications, leading to lower energy costs and more output when compared to other fuels.

Convenient to Store

Due to high flammability, storing and transporting fuel like diesel can be an issue. However, Liquified Petroleum Gas can be stored in compact and portable cylinders, making it easy to store and transport. This can be especially useful in the HoReCa sector, where safe space is often an issue.

Reliable Supply

Hotels, restaurants, and cafes need an unlimited supply of fuel for unhindered services. Naturally, since LPG is widely available and can be delivered quickly, it ensures a reliable supply of energy even in difficult locations.


LPG can be used for a wide range of applications, including cooking, heating, and refrigeration. It can even be used as fuel for vehicles and generators, making it a versatile energy source.


LPG is a safe and stable fuel when stored, transported, and used properly. It has a low risk of explosion and fire, making it a safe choice for commercial kitchens and other facilities.

Applications of LPG in the HoReCa Sector

Gas Agency Dealership

The applications of LPG in the hospitality, restaurant, and cafe sector is innumerable. It is common for restaurants to use LPG for cooking and heating. Apart from that, LPG is also used for cooling and refrigeration. Besides, LPG also plays a part in the manufacturing of beverages.

This means the use of LPG ranges from baking ovens, deep fryers, and vacuum cleaners to water heaters and power and electricity generators. The precision control and the low emissions that LPG gives over other fuels make it a fuel of choice in the hospitality sector.


The purpose of this blog is to educate the importance of using Liquified Petroleum Gas in HoReCa business operations and how it can lead to increased profits. The use of LPG in the commercial sector can provide an efficient, and reliable source of energy, helping businesses to run smoothly and safely – all with low investment yet great profit margins. After all, no other fuel will serve as many purposes!

Now that you know the rising demand for LPG gas in the hotel, restaurant, and cafe sectors, you may be wondering how to get started with a Gas Agency Dealership. Well, thankfully it’s easy! Having 30 years of fuel expertise, Shivgas is one of India’s best private LPG gas agencies in India.

The unmatched quality, availability, and unparallel customer support— all combined makes Shivgas a fantastic agency to source LPG gas. Besides, Shivgas offers a strong network of services to keep customers satisfied and meet market requirements. With opportunities for distributorship/dealerships with minimal investment, get ready to set your foot in the growing industry.

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